Codecademy Announces Teams+ and Expands B2B Technical Training Offerings

Codecademy | October 22, 2021

Codecademy, the leading online learning platform for technical skills, today announced the launch of Teams+, its newest B2B offering that helps organizations optimize their technical training programs for better onboarding, upskilling, and retention of talent. Utilizing Codecademy's library of technical content and interactive learning features, Teams+ allows companies to customize and curate Codecademy curriculum to meet the specific needs of their employees, resulting in a robust, tailored training experience.

The release of Teams+ comes at a time when employee turnover is at a record high, with technical training offering a potential solution. According to a recent survey of over 100 tech leaders, Codecademy found that:

  • 67% of respondents reported a decrease in retention in the past year
  • 79% of respondents report that the decrease in retention is hurting team morale
  • Of the 73% of organizations developing plans to combat turnover, 59% are incorporating technical training into their retention strategies

"Employees are retained when they are properly onboarded, given the opportunities to learn and grow from within, and eventually promoted -- all of which can be accomplished through technical training. Organizations need to invest in training programs that address the entire employee lifecycle, otherwise they will fall behind when it comes to attracting and retaining talent, as well as keeping their teams' skills up to date."

Jonathan Naymark, General Manager of Codecademy for Business

Teams+ empowers organizations to develop a custom technical training program that meets the multifaceted needs of their employees, no matter where they are in their careers. Leveraging Codecademy's interactive learning platform and extensive catalog of technical courses, Teams+ introduces a suite of new features including:

  • Customizable curriculum. Organizations can build their own custom curriculum by picking and choosing from Codecademy's ready-to-use courses and skill paths, as well as developing their own quizzes, articles, and assessments, to reflect what's most relevant to their teams.
  • Management of multiple training programs. Managers can group learners by team, department, level, or subject area, and assign course content that meets their specific learning goals. Team members can also collaborate on coding projects in real-time via private, shareable workspaces.
  • Ability to track ROI on training. Organizations gain full visibility into how individuals and groups are progressing and performing with their assigned content, helping them keep track of how well they are hitting their training goals.

Teams+ signifies the growth of Codecademy's B2B footprint since Codecademy for Business launched in 2019. Codecademy for Business has doubled its revenue in 2021, and has been used by over 850 customers including IBM, The Guardian, Tucows, The Motley Fool, Paradox, Mixpanel, and the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation.

"Codecademy has helped us move away from reinventing the wheel. We've built custom curriculum around their existing modules for onboarding and upskilling and have even recently opened it up to more employees as a professional development opportunity," said Sean Lassiter, Senior Learning Manager at the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation.

About Codecademy
Codecademy is the leading online learning platform for technical skills, empowering over 50 million people worldwide to lead inspiring careers in technology. Codecademy's innovative, scalable approach to coding education makes it possible for anyone to master the skills needed to succeed in today's tech-powered society. In addition to helping individuals, Codecademy for Business supports companies like IBM, Dailymotion, and Reverb as they train and upskill their teams for the future. Codecademy has also worked with The White House and government partners in the UK, Brazil, and Argentina to make technology education accessible for all. Headquartered in New York City, Codecademy has raised $82.5M from investors including Owl Ventures, Prosus, Union Square Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, Index Ventures, and Y Combinator.


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Catherine Hershey Schools for Early Learning to Expand into Lancaster County

Milton Hershey School | November 14, 2022

Catherine Hershey Schools for Early Learning (CHS) announced yesterday at an event at Eden Resort & Suites in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, that it will open three Early Childhood Education Centers (ECECs) in Lancaster County to serve children from birth to age 5 from economically disadvantaged and at-risk backgrounds. The cost-free Centers will be located in Lancaster City, New Danville, and Elizabethtown. At yesterday's event, Lancaster County community leaders and child advocates heard from CHS and Milton Hershey School (MHS) leadership about their approach to providing accessible early childhood education. CHS intends to support and work collaboratively with existing Lancaster County organizations to serve local children and families. City of Lancaster Mayor Danene Sorace also spoke, explaining how the addition of the CHS Centers will positively impact the broader Lancaster County community. The three CHS Centers in Lancaster County are part of a $350 million initiative to initially develop six ECECs in the state as subsidiaries of MHS. Each will offer a non-residential, year-round core early learning program with a curriculum designed to enhance children's educational, social, and emotional development. It also will provide children with nutritious meals, transportation, and other needed supplies, along with integrated support services to families of enrolled children. All of this will be provided with all costs covered to qualifying families. Yesterday's announcement was suitably made during Founders Week at MHS, which celebrates the anniversary of Milton and Catherine Hershey establishing the school 113 years ago. The Hersheys' legacy is deeply rooted in Lancaster County, making this expansion especially meaningful. Milton Hershey spent his childhood in Bart Township and, as an adult, opened the Lancaster Caramel Company. Lancaster County is also where Milton and Catherine Hershey spent the early years of their marriage and invested in the Lancaster community through their support of St. Joseph's Hospital, Franklin & Marshall College, and Catherine's service as an inaugural member of the Lancaster Charity Society. The Lancaster County CHS Centers are expected to begin opening in 2026. ABOUT CATHERINE HERSHEY SCHOOLS FOR EARLY LEARNING  Catherine Hershey Schools for Early Learning will provide a cost-free educational, social, and cognitive program to children from birth to age 5 from economically disadvantaged and at-risk backgrounds through the development of initially six Early Childhood Education Centers. The Centers are subsidiaries of Milton Hershey School and will be staffed and operated independently of the Milton Hershey School core model. For more information, visit  ABOUT MILTON HERSHEY SCHOOL  Milton Hershey School is one of the world's best private schools, where qualifying students in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade live on campus and receive an exceptional educational experience—with all costs covered.

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Snapology Celebrates National STEM Day as Leader in Education Space

Snapology | November 08, 2022

Snapology, the No. 1 children's STEM/STEAM franchise and part of the world's first Youth Enrichment franchise platform company Unleashed Brands, is celebrating National STEM Day (Nov. 8) after making tremendous strides in STEAM educational enrichment opportunities, franchise offerings, and helping millions of kids across the country develop foundational STEAM skills. The company is consistently seeing significant growth through franchise signings that will continue into 2023 as demand increases for STEAM-based learning programs nationwide. Since its acquisition and joining Unleashed Brands in July of 2021, the brand has been able to elevate its franchise offerings by launching a reimagined Discovery Center, developing a new business model with "Snapology-in-Urban Air," as well as continuing to offer mobile Snapology programs that allow franchisees to reach more families in the community. For franchisees, these redesigned business models offer a variety of revenue opportunities and the freedom to operate year-round. Year to date, the brand has opened 11 classrooms inside Urban Air Adventure Parks, seven community-based locations and two Discovery Center with one of the revamped Discovery Centers being the first-of-its-kind joint location with sister brand The Little Gym International. Snapology has also invested in perfecting the customer experience by offering new membership programs and gamifying education through their "Passport" program, which aims to encourage children to take classes to earn stamps and degrees to win swag and other prizes. This program entices children to continue their Snapology classes by creating incentives for children to learn fundamental STEAM skills, develop critical social skills and create recurring revenue for franchisees. Since the Unleashed Brands acquisition, Snapology has doubled franchise signings over the past year. In 2023, there are plans to open 15 new Discovery Center locations throughout the country, including debuts in New Braunfels and Cedar Park, TX, Lexington, SC, North Tampa, FL, Rogers, AR, Harrisonburg, VA, Troy, MI, San Diego, CA, and Lehi, UT. "We're incredibly grateful for our company's growth and success which reflects on the progress being made to revolutionize the way kids learn about STEAM, This year, National STEM Day is extra special to our team as we reflect on our success but more importantly, the impact Snapology has made to inspire the next generation of STEAM leaders." Laura Coe, Brand President & CEO for Snapology. The key to success has been the brand's understanding and commitment to play an active role in inspiring the next generation of scientists, engineers and mathematicians through excitement in STEAM concepts at an early age. Snapology encourages social skills and teamwork by teaching science, technology, engineering, art, math, and literacy concepts in a fun way. The brand uses a research-based curriculum, designed to be inclusive to all learning abilities with a hands-on teaching approach that uses LEGO® Bricks and other building toys, along with coding, video game design and robotics that encourage the perfect mix of play, academic enrichment, and social development. About Snapology Founded in 2010, Snapology is the #1 children's enrichment franchise in the country, giving children the opportunity to learn through play with more than 80 enriching, interactive STEAM and STEM programs. With over 180 locations in the U.S. and Internationally, Snapology is quickly growing and impacting children throughout the world with its balance of educational enrichment, social development, and fun. For more information about Snapology including franchise opportunities, visit About Unleashed Brands Unleashed Brands, currently includes portfolio brands Urban Air, Snapology, The Little Gym, XP League, Class 101 and Premier Martial Arts and was founded to curate and grow a portfolio of the most innovative and profitable brands that help kids learn, play, and grow. Over the last 10 years, the team at Unleashed Brands has built a proven platform and know-how for scaling businesses focused on serving families. Its mission is to impact the lives of every kid by providing fun, engaging, and inspiring experiences that help them become who they are destined to be.

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Spark Education Group Partners with Everest Education to Bring World-Class Online Learning to Vietnam

Spark Education | November 22, 2022

Spark Education Group (Spark Education), a world leader and innovator in interactive live small-class learning, announced a joint venture with Everest Education (Everest), a leading provider of premium offline and online education services in Vietnam, to bring world-class online learning to Vietnam. Since 2018, Spark Education's portfolio of brands have enrolled over half a million students in its programs. The company is backed by top investors including Sequoia, KKR, IDG Capital, GGV Capital, TrustBridge, Carlyle, and more. Everest helps students in Vietnam to gain entrance and succeed in international academic environments, offering Math and English enrichment courses, test prep, college admissions consulting, and private tutoring to students from Grade 1 to Grade 12. This collaboration merges Everest's online business with Spark Education's proprietary technology platform and courseware, localized for the Vietnamese market. The joint venture localizes VISPARK (, and launches with its math program based on Singapore Math concepts taught in Vietnamese. This partnership leverages the competitive strengths of both Spark Education and Everest to bring an innovative learning experience to the Vietnamese market, improving the learning experience of local students.Don Le, CEO of Everest Education, shares his vision for the partnership, "Spark Education has invested over $100M into research and development of the VISPARK curriculum, including high-quality animations, interactive courseware, and a proven technology system that has served more than 500,000 students worldwide. We believe that Spark Education's R&D budget is more than the total amount invested by the entire Vietnamese edtech market. By partnering with Spark Education, Everest gains access to the most engaging learning platform with a track record of scaling successfully." "We are proud to enter into this partnership with Everest Education, who has already established a strong reputation among Vietnamese families for amazing international learning outcomes through their learning centers and online small classes. They will help us localize our global offering for the unique needs of Vietnamese students, and we look forward to empowering K12 students throughout the country together." Wilson Li, CSO & CFO of Spark Education Group About Spark Education Group Founded in 2017, Spark Education Group is headquartered in Singapore. Its portfolio of education brands aims to combine research-based pedagogy with technology to improve the learning experience and outcomes for students. It was recently awarded "Best Interactive Learning Experience" at EdTech Asia in 2022.

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