Virtual Reality to Revolutionize Remote Education and Training

From The Future | August 20, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a new need for virtual learning. CEO of From the Future, Mike Christian, has written an educational eBook about the solutions and benefits that Virtual Reality can provide to students and educators. Christian goes into detail about the potential impact of immersive learning from the digitization of formal approaches to education, such as learning by doing, to gifting students and instructors with virtual superpowers.

How Virtual Reality Will Revolutionize Training and Education was written from a futurist's perspective.  Christian draws on decades of experience creating virtual worlds and developing VR applications for training, therapy, and rehabilitation to clearly communicate the potential of this new medium. You will not only learn how VR will enhance training and education but also how it might hold the key to developing heightened intelligence.

"It takes quite a while, and quite a lot of iterations to create a mental model when you are trying to learn," says author and CEO Mike Christian. "In virtual reality, all of that is done for you. Education that takes weeks could take days, education that takes days could take hours, or even minutes."

According to Pew Research Center, the amount of individuals that were working from home before the COVID-19 outbreak was approximately 20%. That metric is now at 70%, with 36% of them reporting that they are choosing to not return to their place of work. This ever evolving environment around employment is just one example of why this eBook has become an invaluable tool.

About From The Future
From the Future creates custom, next generation VR applications with unlimited possibilities for sales, training, education, therapy, and more. FTF is a leader in developing highly engaging and interactive virtual reality software, and has been creating virtual environments for decades. Their latest experience is the DRIVE (Distributed Real-time Interactive Virtual Environment) platform and the Hololab Training system designed to deliver revolutionary efficiency and effectiveness in learning.


Upgrade your learning experience! We've enhanced our digital grade book offering. Our brand new e-books, utilising Learning Platform technology powered by MatchMySound, are the ultimate practise tool, allowing you to master your instrument and prepare for your graded music exam like never before.


Upgrade your learning experience! We've enhanced our digital grade book offering. Our brand new e-books, utilising Learning Platform technology powered by MatchMySound, are the ultimate practise tool, allowing you to master your instrument and prepare for your graded music exam like never before.

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On February 14, 2023, edX, an online learning platform, announced its extension with Amazon Web Services AWS to launch its first Professional Certification program in Cloud Solutions Architecture on the edX platform. This program provides the knowledge and skills needed for a successful career in cloud architecture and prepares learners for the Associate exam of AWS Certified Solutions Architect. edX has been working with AWS since 2017, providing more than 30 AWS courses on its platform to about 300,000 learners worldwide, based on various topics ranging from DevOps to Building Modern Python Applications on AWS. They are accessible to all professionals worldwide to upgrade their skills and learn new professional skills for the cloud-based services on AWS. With this newly launched program on edX, learners can enhance their critical professional skills in the trending and growing field of cloud computing. President of Partnerships at edX, Andrew Hermalyn, said, "Cloud computing is an enduring and critical skill set that tech professionals across industries can use to secure and build meaningful careers." He added, "The new Professional Certificate program in Cloud Solutions Architecture on edX will give 48 million learners around the globe the opportunity to pursue a valuable, employer-recognized credential that can drive real career impact in an accessible and affordable format." (Source – Cision PR Newswire) Vice President of Training and Certification at AWS, Maureen Lonergan, said, "The scarcity of individuals with cloud skills is a major concern for our AWS Partners and customers, and hiring the necessary talent continues to pose a real challenge to the industry." She added, "Through our cloud training and education programs, we are preparing diverse learners for in-demand cloud roles around the world. With edX, we are reinventing how talent is cultivated, trained, and retained and building a pipeline of cloud talent for the future." (Source – Cision PR Newswire) About edX edX, an e-learning solutions provider, has been helping learners worldwide to enhance their skills and potential since 2012. Harvard and MIT universities came together to establish this platform. Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, it is a 2U company supporting about 48 million learners with their educational goals. It connects universities and companies for free and open courses, boot camps, professional certificates, credit-based micro-credentials, and graduate and undergraduate degrees. It offers purpose-driven online programs in various fields like healthcare, science, technology, social work, education, and sustainability.

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Enterprise Viewpoint Acknowledges Echo360 for E-learning Solution

Echo360 | February 27, 2023

Enterprise Viewpoint, a platform connecting entrepreneurs, business owners and businesses to the audience, has recently announced an acknowledgment for Echo360 as one of the most innovative e-learning solutions providers in 2023. It annually maintains a list of innovative learning solutions providers and acknowledges companies that transform learners with their e-learning services. In addition, an independent panel of experts from the education sector identifies companies that use technology for innovation and business value. The cover of its annual edition featured Echo360, available in digital and print formats. Through its services and customer engagement, Echo360 assisted various customers across industries, from travel companies like Delta Airlines to education enterprises like the University of Melbourne. Its innovative e-learning solution, "Echosystem" creates, animates, and analyzes learning outcomes for businesses and education. Its products, EchoEngage, EchoAuthor, EchoExam, and EchoVideo, along with its Echosystem solution, impact the learning processes of administrators, instructors and learners with strategy and responsiveness. Enterprise Viewpoint reviewers praised its innovative "e3" formula for Inspired Learning, emphasizing evidence, equity and evidence for the education program and product development. President and CEO of Echo360, Murad Velani said, "Echo360's recognition as one of a small number of companies making a large impact in the e-learning space establishes the company's leading position as a global learning leader." He added, "Our talented team and remarkable customers work collaboratively and tirelessly to create innovative learning experiences that unlock the inspired learning potential of students and employees around the world." (Source – Cision PR Newswire) About Echo360 Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, Echo360, a SaaS-based video platform for the education sector, provides interactive learning management, engaging content and learning assessment. It is helping over 2 million learners and instructors with their educational outcomes and empowered more than 1200 higher educational institutes in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and North America. Its cloud-based services provide a platform for learners and instructors worldwide to create, record and learn educational content on any device. In addition, they can exchange feedback, giving real-time insights for an inspired learning journey.

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Apogee Announce Acquiring Cumulus Technology Services Inc

Apogee, Inc. | January 02, 2023

Apogee, an industry leader in managed technology services for higher education, has recently announced the acquisition of Cumulus Technology Services Inc. Headquartered in Ventura, California, Cumulus Technology Services is a specialist in secure cloud services for higher education and an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Select Consulting Partner. This acquisition reaffirms Apogee's commitment to be the preferred managed technology partner for universities and colleges that strive to innovate and transform. The acquisition extends the managed networking and IT services capabilities of Apogee into the cloud, enabling the new potential for higher education IT innovation to enhance student experiences and promote institutional competitiveness. While the use of technology in attracting and retaining students and providing great blended learning and student life experiences is growing, IT teams in higher education confront increasing difficulty in acquiring and retaining IT expertise. Services and products that delegate IT operations, manage expenses, improve operational effectiveness, and foster innovation are in great demand. Improving the delivery of managed cloud services in higher education helps universities and educational institutions liberate time for innovation, as promised by Apogee. The following acquired services will be incorporated into Apogee's managed technology services portfolio: Secure Cloud Services increase Apogee's expertise in cloud, security, and data center management. Cumulus Technology Services' significant understanding of enterprise resource planning (ERP) cloud migration and containerization, Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS), Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS), and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) will enable Apogee to provide colleges and universities even improved performance, scalability, robustness, and security of their apps, infrastructure, and data. Cumulus Data Adapter (CDA) connects and synchronizes institutional ERP systems such as Ellucian Banner® with learning management systems (LMS) such as Canvas by Instructure using a secure, simple-to-deploy technology that significantly enhances IT administration efficiency and student life. As a managed service, CDA is an additional critical tool that addresses the major pain point of data synchronization between LMSs and ERPs, hence easing student data integration difficulties for IT and enhancing the student experience for class registration and attendance. Security Services bolster Apogee's security experience and expertise, allowing for the delivery of brawl-tested college security assessments, ransomware incident response readiness, and staffing and disaster recovery plans. About Apogee Apogee, a leading provider of managed IT services founded in 1999 in Austin, enables colleges and universities to innovate in order to improve the campus experience and foster student life. Apogee helps over one million students and administrators from over 350 colleges and universities across the United States. The company's extensive array of managed services includes Managed Campus networks and IT services, campus engagement, residential networks (ResNet), and video.

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