USRA Collaborates with the U.S. Space Force and Air Force Research Laboratory to Support Student Research

USRA | March 22, 2022

On March 21st, the Universities Space Research Association (USRA) announced that it has joined forces with the U.S. Space Force and the Air Force Research Laboratory to support scientific and technical research at seven selected universities. The partnership is called the University Consortium Research Opportunity (UCRO) and illustrates the significant partnership that connects academic research and government organization.

 "UCRO represents an incredibly unique opportunity for USRA to support the research efforts of an array of institutions, that will effectively advance the scientific and technical prowess of both USSF and AFRL. Importantly, these established partnerships will also engage a diverse group of students and postdoctoral fellows in research that contributes to an increased understanding and appreciation for STEM workforce opportunities within both agencies."

- Bernard Seery, Senior Vice President, USRA Technology Research and Development,

This workforce development program will leverage USRA’s proven record in STEM academics and administration.

"USRA's role administering UCRO will enable institutions to generate pertinent research critical to both USSF and AFRL. The research yielded will unquestionably support the mission of both agencies and will encourage interest in USSF and AFRL among the next generation of STEM professionals."

- Dr. Amanda Smith Hackler, USRA Director of Education

The principal investigators, their institutions, and proposals selected for this program include:
  • Dr. Michael Kinzel, University of Florida"Industrial-Aero Optimization for Agile Rocket Cargo Delivery"
  • Dr. Anthony Torres, Texas State University"Understanding the Effect of Vibration on the Crystallization of ZBLAN"
  • Dr. Anouck Girard, University of Michigan"Safe Learning in Space for Proximity and Rendezvous Operations"
  • Dr. Siamak Farhad, The University of Akron"On-Orbit and In-Situ Inspection and Repair of Spacecraft"
  • Dr. Marek Osiński, University of New Mexico"Designer Nanoparticles for Quantum Sensing of Location and Electric Field"
  • Dr. Brandon Jones, The University of Texas at Austin"Information Theoretic Detection and Tracking for Rapid IOD"
  • Dr. Miguel Velez-Reyes, The University of Texas at El Paso"Innovative Analysis of Spectra-Temporal Signatures Using Machine Learning for Ground-Based Remote Sensing of Unresolved Resident Space Objects"


This jointly delivered talk by Dr. Thomas Newpher and undergraduate Ben Thier highlights how they are striving to make education a team-based, data-driven practice. They delve into novel research they have conducted on team-based learning, course structure, and classroom dynamics.


This jointly delivered talk by Dr. Thomas Newpher and undergraduate Ben Thier highlights how they are striving to make education a team-based, data-driven practice. They delve into novel research they have conducted on team-based learning, course structure, and classroom dynamics.

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Gurobi Launches Expert-Led Training to Help Users Get the Most from Mathematical Optimization

Gurobi Optimization | July 27, 2022

Gurobi Optimization, LLC, creator of the world’s fastest mathematical optimization solver, announced the launch of Gurobi Compass, its new expert-led training program designed to make the power of optimization more accessible to all.Because Gurobi’s user base now extends far beyond Operations Research professionals, Gurobi Compass aims to help every role have a successful and seamless user experience—across product owners, project managers, software developers, and IT professionals. The program utilizes hands-on workshops, live instruction, and on-demand videos to teach students in the format that best suits their needs. Dr. Kostja Siefen, head of Gurobi’s Technical Account Management team, explains, Every product and every project team is unique. That's why training can never be a one-size-fits-all program. And indeed, Gurobi Compass offers highly customized training packages, which are compiled after a complimentary listen-and-learn session where clients can express their specific needs and challenges. The following are just a few examples of topics Gurobi Compass covers to help all members of a team successfully navigate Gurobi’s products: Integration and deployment: The program’s trainers can teach users about the wide variety of options available for integrating Gurobi software components into their optimization solutions. Users will explore APIs, client/server separation, and flexible cloud and container deployments. Modeling techniques: Gurobi Compass can help users translate business problems and dilemmas into proper mathematical representations, which Gurobi can then quickly and easily solve. This training draws on a range of techniques to help modelers develop high-performance model generators that are less error-prone and use fewer lines of code. Performance tuning: For those who already have a working knowledge of mathematical modeling, Gurobi Compass’s performance tuning module can help users discover new approaches to improving model performance, so they can get the most out of Gurobi’s technology in the least amount of time. Each of these training modules is customizable, but Gurobi can also go a step further by creating bespoke models on the specific topics that matter most to a team. “Our Gurobi Compass course was the perfect mix of optimization theory and hands-on exercises. Attendees are now more able to think about our day-to-day work through the lens of optimization. The Gurobi trainers were knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. We had a lot of fun!” -Members of Gambit Research tested out the program and said of the experience Each Gurobi Compass training module is designed for up to 150 participants, takes two to three hours to complete, and includes take-home exercises that allow users to immediately practice and apply what they’ve learned. Gurobi can even combine self-paced training on their learning platform with on-site, hands-on lessons for the most complete learning experience possible. To learn more about how Gurobi Compass can help your team get acquainted with the world’s most powerful solver, visit About Gurobi Optimization With Gurobi’s decision intelligence technology, you can make optimal business decisions in seconds. From workforce scheduling, portfolio management, and marketing optimization, to supply chain design, and everything in between, Gurobi identifies your optimal solution, out of trillions of possibilities. As the leader in decision intelligence, Gurobi delivers easy-to-integrate, full-featured software and best-in-class support, with an industry-leading 97% customer satisfaction rating. Founded in 2008, Gurobi has operations across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Over 2,500 global customers across 40+ industries run on Gurobi, including SAP, Air France, and the National Football League, as well as half of the Fortune 10 and 70% of top global tech companies

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Carnegie Mellon’s School of Computer Science Executive Education and TalentSprint to create global DevOps experts

TalentSprint | July 25, 2022

TalentSprint, a global edtech company and a market leader in transformational deeptech programs, today announced a multi-year and multi-program partnership with Carnegie Mellon University’s (CMU) School of Computer Science (SCS), Executive & Professional Education – World’s #1 Computer Science School. The Advanced Certificate Program in DevOps, first to be launched under this partnership, aims at fulfilling a growing need for new-age DevOps professionals in the APAC region. Most impacted by digital transformation, industries like BFSI, IT, Healthcare, Retail, Media and Entertainment are creating enormous opportunities for DevOps specialists globally. These market dynamics positions CMU’s well-researched Advanced Certificate Program in DevOps as a significant addition in the upskilling journey of the aspirants. “This partnership has further strengthened our presence in the United States. CMU’s School of Computer Science is iconic and this association is a validation of our success in path-breaking programs with leading institutes and global tech organizations in India and the US. Our first program with CMU aims at creating world-class DevOps specialists.” Santanu Paul, CEO of TalentSprint. Commenting on the launch, Ram Konduru, Director of Executive Education at the CMU-SCS said, “We were exploring international markets like India, Middle East and Southeast Asian markets that have a growing demand for tech professionals. We wanted to collaborate with a serious edtech company that could align with our core competencies and help us reach out to new geographies. We are happy to announce our association with TalentSprint and launch our first program in DevOps.” The Advanced Certificate Program in DevOps will help participants with in-depth knowledge of various new-age DevOps tools. The 6-month high-impact program, designed and taught by the expert faculty of CMU-SCS, who are globally renowned thought leaders in DevOps such as Professor Len Bass, and research scientists Hasan Yassar and Joseph Yankel. On successful completion, participants will receive CMU’s globally recognized certificate. The program will be delivered on TalentSprint’s digital platform Applications for this program are open.

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Liwa Education Selects Suite of PowerSchool Solutions for Its Private School System in United Arab Emirates

PowerSchool and Liwa Education | August 08, 2022

PowerSchool, the leading provider of cloud-based software for K-12 education in North America, today announced Liwa Education in the United Arab Emirates has selected PowerSchool Student Information System (SIS), PowerSchool Enrollment, PowerSchool Unified Classroom®, PowerSchool Unified Insights™, and PowerSchool Unified Talent™ solutions to support its ongoing growth in the Middle East. Once all the PowerSchool solutions are implemented, Liwa Education will be able to manage student information, course enrollment, personalized learning, advanced analytics, recruitment and talent operations through a unified interface. Further, Liwa Education’s new PowerSchool additions will help the organization simplify future reporting and analytics-based initiatives to better support student outcomes. “We love that the PowerSchool suite expertly integrates various PowerSchool solutions and data into a unified and accessible interface, Implementing PowerSchool’s products will give us the opportunity to modernize our e-learning platforms without compromising student outcomes. The comprehensive reporting features will provide great insights on all aspects of learning for our various stakeholders, and we look forward to utilizing PowerSchool to support our continued growth and expansion in the future.” -May Saqqa, Director of Marketing and Enrollment, Liwa Education Previously, Liwa Education utilized over ten different technology solutions to facilitate regular instruction, assessments, learning support, standards mastery, and other academic needs. While functional, key information was spread across the various solutions and was difficult to quickly access when needed. As Liwa Education expands its footprint in the UAE by opening additional K-12 schools and nurseries in the United Arab Emirates, it selected PowerSchool based on the company’s integrated solutions that were scalable for a variety of real-world education scenarios. As one of the leading education institutions in the Middle East, Liwa Education needed a trusted and unified suite of education technology solutions capable of managing all aspects of its administrative and learning operations, We’re proud to provide Liwa the solutions they need as they open their newest schools, plan for continued expansion, and continue offering a world-class education to students across the UAE,said Craig Greenseid, Chief Revenue Officer, PowerSchool. Liwa Education is an established educational leader, recognized in providing an accessible, high-quality, American curriculum education in the United Arab Emirates for the past three decades. Its schools and nurseries across Al Ain and Abu Dhabi offer a challenging American curriculum education, combining the essence of Emirati values with a rich set of core competencies that produces confident, resilient, and courageous young leaders. Initially founded as Liwa Private School in 1992, the institution has seen tremendous business growth and received numerous accolades for its program offerings in the region. Among the awards earned over the years, notable acknowledgements include receiving the “His Excellency Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashed Al Maktoum’s Award” for Distinguished Academic Performance and the “His Excellency Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award.” Liwa Education will begin offering classes featuring its American curriculum for the 2022-23 school year at the Liwa International School Al Qattara (LISQ) in Al Ain. About PowerSchool PowerSchool is the leading provider of cloud-based software for K-12 education in North America. Its mission is to power the education ecosystem with unified technology that helps educators and students realize their full potential, in their way. PowerSchool connects students, teachers, administrators, and parents, with the shared goal of improving student outcomes. From the office to the classroom to the home, it helps schools and districts efficiently manage state reporting and related compliance, special education, finance, human resources, talent, registration, attendance, funding, learning, instruction, grading, assessments and analytics in one unified platform. PowerSchool supports over 45 million students globally and more than 14,000 customers, including more than 90 of the top 100 districts by student enrollment in the United States, and sells solutions in more than 90 countries.

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