upGrad Inc. Announces Partnership with University of Maryland for Data Science and Business Analytics Program

upGrad | December 06, 2021

The nine-month fully online program, which begins in January 2022, brings together qualified faculty and industry leaders who are known in the fields of data science and business analytics and includes industry-driven assignments and a capstone project. Additionally, 100+ hours of live sessions and robust mentor and student support is provided to help learners experience a seamless learning journey and build a rewarding career.

The program’s academic director, Dr. Kislaya Prasad, says the launch is especially timely, “We live in the age of data. The storied companies of our times - such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix - are all powered by data science.”

“It's not just Tech,” says Prasad, a research professor who also is academic director of Maryland Smith’s Center for Global Business. “All industries are realizing the value in data-driven decision making. So, it is not surprising that data skills have become critical for advancement in corporate careers.”

“Data is the new global currency and fluency in data analytics creates exponential opportunities for career enhancement,” said Karan Raturi, General Manager, North America, upGrad. “There has never been a better time to reinvent and recharge your career. As professionals return to an office or re-evaluate their work-life goals, upGrad, in partnership with University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business, is offering professionals an opportunity to expand their skill sets and find or create new opportunities to build meaningful and progressive careers.”

Program instructors include respected and accomplished professors, Dr. P.K. Kannan and Dr. Anil K. Gupta. Kannan - the Dean’s Chair in Marketing Science, “is one of the world’s foremost marketing professors with special expertise in quantitative and Digital Marketing,” says Prasad.

Gupta is among the program instructors. Ranked by Thinkers50 as one of the world's most influential management thinkers, he has been named by The Economist, as one of the world's "superstars” for research on emerging markets. He is also the recipient of the 2017 Outstanding Educator Award from the Academy of Management's International Management Division on the topic of globalization. Among other distinctions, he is a member of CNBC Disrupters 50 Advisory Council and holds the Michael D. Dingman Chair in Strategy, Globalization, and Entrepreneurship at University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business.

Maryland Smith continues to rank among the top business school programs in the country, according to the latest ratings from U.S. News & World Report. The school is ranked No. 23 nationally and No.13 among public university business programs.

The progressive leadership of the University is as equally aligned and driven as upGrad to bring together a world-class education and globally recognised programs at an affordable cost to learners around the world.

upGrad has enrolled learners from more than 100 countries, and last year, doubled its U.S. enrollment with 25% of its learners now coming from the U.S., it’s second largest market. The education technology leader is doubling its U.S. team to continue supporting brand and operations expansion in the U.S.

“Our blended learning approach will help expand our learners' academic and professional exposure while also enabling them to substantially save on their education expenses. We are thrilled to have the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business join us, and with many more universities joining our network, we continue to empower learners across geographies. This is among many new university partnerships that will be announced in due course.”

Ronnie Screwvala, Chairperson & Co-Founder, upGrad

About upGrad
upGrad - started in 2015 is a pioneer in the online education revolution, focused on powering career success for a global workforce of over 1.3 billion. It is one of the few Integrated LifeLongLearning Tech Companies in the world - spanning the college learner to the working professional from the age group of 18-60 years and across Undergrad courses, Campus & Job Linked Programs, Studying Abroad, short form to executive programs to Degrees, Masters and Doctoral - with a learner base of over 2 million across 100 countries and over 300 University partners and a robust enterprise business with a client base of 1000 companies worldwide.

upGrad’s Global Learning Engine rests on four pillars - (a) its large repository of original & owned content and IP, (b) its own best-in-class proprietary tech platform, (c) its high touch human led delivery service backed by coaches & mentors, and (d) an 85% course completion track record, backed by a further 80% career outcomes guaranteed performance.

Already termed Asia’s higher EdTech leader it has offices in the UK, U.S., Middle East, India, Singapore & Vietnam, and with presence in many more countries.

About the University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business
The Robert H. Smith School of Business is an internationally recognized leader in management education and research. One of 12 colleges and schools at the University of Maryland, College Park, the Smith School offers undergraduate, full-time and part-time MBA, executive MBA, online MBA, specialty master's, PhD and executive education programs, as well as outreach services to the corporate community. The school offers its degree, custom and certification programs in learning locations in North America and Asia.


Every student both struggles and excels in his or her own way. By designing multi-tiered instructional frameworks with competency and equity in mind, K–12 educators can provide students with differentiated instruction—including remediation, acceleration, and other academic supports—at exactly the right time, and in the right measures, to meet individual learning goals. The goal of this paper is to provide a helpful guide for educational leaders who are developing curricula programs that provide MTSS in the K–12 classroom to serve increasingly diverse and special populations of students, close performance gaps, and propel achievement for all.


Every student both struggles and excels in his or her own way. By designing multi-tiered instructional frameworks with competency and equity in mind, K–12 educators can provide students with differentiated instruction—including remediation, acceleration, and other academic supports—at exactly the right time, and in the right measures, to meet individual learning goals. The goal of this paper is to provide a helpful guide for educational leaders who are developing curricula programs that provide MTSS in the K–12 classroom to serve increasingly diverse and special populations of students, close performance gaps, and propel achievement for all.

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Learning Pool Introduces Global AI-Based Skills Solution

Learning Pool | October 17, 2022

Learning Pool, the award-winning learning technologies company, has announced the launch of a major new product ahead of its 14th annual Learning Pool Live user conference.The release will leverage the know-how of People-Analytix, a Switzerland-based pioneer in AI-powered skills technology that was recently acquired by Learning Pool. The shift to put skills at the center of Learning Pool's technology offering is a wider reflection of the most profound change we've seen in learning technologies in recent times. "Every global enterprise is struggling to attract and retain skilled employees, and the widening skills gaps that are stopping businesses from growing at the pace they desire are apparent in every boardroom conversation,Learning Pool's acquisition of People-Analytix, and the subsequent advancements it will bring to our platform, means that we can now give customers the power to automatically address skills gaps as they appear. It is a tremendously exciting technology and a fundamental component in our wider mission to support talent development in creating extraordinary performers." Ben Betts, Learning Pool CEO Learning Pool notes that analysts and market commentators are keen to point out that the pivot to skills is not a temporary fad but rather a fundamental shift in the way we think about talent and development.According to Gartner, "Skills are fast becoming the main talent-related currency in terms of hiring, workforce planning and optimization, career development, talent marketplaces and learning." The World Economic Forum predicts that, by 2025, as many as 50% of all workers will need reskilling.[2] To address this global issue, skills development can no longer be satisfied by being simply reactive. Fosway research shows that skills are a critical strategic priority for organizations. However, only 20% of learning professionals say they are very effective at upskilling and reskilling," Fiona Leteney, senior analyst at Fosway Group, said. Both organizational agility and resilience are dependent on developing the right skills at pace, Learning Pool's acquisition of People-Analytix significantly strengthens its skills capabilities to address those needs. The latest release will form a key part of the Learning Pool platform; customers will use it to assess the current skills within their organization, plan for the future and close the gap through Learning Pool's platform and content libraries all in a single solution. Our latest release is powered by the incredible AI that People-Analytix and their partners have been developing over the better part of the past decade," Betts said. "The work the team have done has been lauded as one of the smartest 'skill cloud' executions available in the market today, and that's been backed up with real-world success stories. Taking a highly user-centric approach that is unique in the marketplace, the product announcement includes: A unique personal skills profile. From the outset, each user will have a unique and personal skills profile, fully capable of recommending the next best step for their development, based on up-to-date market data summarized into a seamless and automated experience. A market-leading skills ontology, providing a categorization of skills that creates a common language, defining the aspects of a specific job rather than relying on blanket terms and descriptions. Other providers in the industry use more limited methods of taxonomy, essentially hardcoding a hierarchy of jobs or competencies into their products, putting additional pressure on learning and development teams while inevitably becoming an outdated, poor reflection of how people do their jobs. External employment marketplace data updated daily to help both workers and administrators understand the skills that are in highest demand/shortest supply and to keep pace with the rapidly changing demands of global workplaces. A range of new learning experience types, including gig projects, internal mobility, mentorships and social learning opportunities, to broaden the methods by which employees can enhance their skill profiles. Updated and personalized learning recommendations, giving learners the best resources, social interactions and learning experiences to improve the most in-demand skills. Users can reskill or upskill using different pathways and different methods of learning. A comprehensive skills gap analysis tool, allowing managers to view the current skills within their team, plus the potential for staff members to upskill to fill new or emerging needs. In addition to benefiting from People-Analytix technology, Learning Pool will be strengthening its ranks of skills and data experts, led by Christoph Küffer, co-founder and CEO of People-Analytix, who joins the Learning Pool management team. We are excited to take our shared passion for innovation and customer centricity forward to build the future of enterprise learning, Küffer said. Current skills solutions in the market use relatively basic taxonomy not reflecting the current market developments. At the heart of our solution is a unique AI-powered ontology built over 10 years with human guidance. This sets us apart and is why it has the power to revolutionize how organizations manage their approach. Reporting around skills and skills progress can be used for organizational planning and developing and measuring learning and development strategies, making a powerful impact on business goals. Participants at Learning Pool Live will be able to share in the announcement, get hands-on with the technology and speak to the wider team. Last-minute tickets are available to join industry pioneers and hundreds of peers for a day of innovation, idea sharing and best practice. About Learning Pool Learning Pool creates learning experiences that deliver extraordinary outcomes for workplaces investing in the performance and skills of their people. Global organizations across dozens of industries choose Learning Pool for its innovative learning platform, which combines integrated technology and adaptive content to produce actionable insight into every learner's performance readiness. The company's passion for learning and commitment to data-driven outcomes is why they stay.Learning Pool is used in more than 40 languages by learners around the world. Its solutions easily integrate with the most used enterprise technology stacks. And its world-class customer experience ensures that L&D, HR and compliance teams can move beyond discussing learning as a cost center to harnessing its unique ability to produce a highly skilled workforce, new competitive advantages and an organization prepared for whatever the future might bring. Wherever you find ambitious workplaces investing in their people, you'll find Learning Pool.

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GoReact expands into K-12 education market with video feedback platform for districts and teachers

GoReact | November 17, 2022

GoReact today announced its expansion into the K-12 education market and the availability of its video feedback platform for school districts across the U.S. The formal expansion comes after a limited pilot with select school districts, which used GoReact’s platform to support teacher growth and development. “Our platform has become a standard part of the higher education tech stack over the last decade, especially in new teacher development, and we’re thrilled to extend the benefits of our platform to K-12 districts nationwide,We all need to do more to support the incredible teachers shouldering ever-heavier burdens. GoReact empowers districts to better support teacher induction, growth and development.” Ken Meyers, GoReact’s founder and CEO. GoReact’s proprietary video feedback platform will help K-12 school districts offer teachers more support through: Supporting induction programs by enabling new teachers to increase practice, model instruction, and receive targeted and visual feedback. Fostering professional learning and development by tailoring feedback and empowering teachers to set measurable goals. Onboarding unlicensed tutors and teachers of record by expediting time to proficiency with video observation. Encouraging self-reflection by empowering teachers to watch videos of themselves teaching. Engaging in teams through PLC collaboration on practices prioritized by the school or district. Improving instructional leadership to maximize the educational impact of every minute spent in the classroom. I love GoReact for teacher observations,” said Ann Stark, Mentor Teacher at Foothill Consortium California Teacher Induction Program.Having our beginning teachers actually see themselves teaching and then getting to provide comments on their areas of strength or growth is very powerful. With entry into the K-12 sector, GoReact is planning a comprehensive product roadmap geared toward the unique and evolving needs of K-12 education. GoReact already provides data security safeguards, including compliance with FERPA and COPPA, for its best-in-class video feedback platform. GoReact also integrates with all LTI-compliant learning management systems. About GoReact GoReact is reshaping education by humanizing and accelerating skills-based learning. More than 800 colleges, universities, and K-12 districts worldwide use GoReact to facilitate scalable video observation, coaching and assessment for rapid skill development. With simple, interactive tools for collaborative learning and personalized feedback, GoReact helps all learners demonstrate skill competency with greater human connection and engagement.

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Edtech leader Otus adds CenterPoint Education Solutions’ High-Quality Assessments to Platform

Otus | November 10, 2022

Otus, a leader in K-12 student-growth edtech, today announced that CenterPoint Education Solutions’ Illustrative Math (IM) certified and EL Education aligned interim assessments, along with state standards assessments will now be available on the Otus integrated learning platform. With these assessments available on the Otus platform, educators and students will have instant access to high-quality assessments aligned with their curriculum or their state’s standards Since its launch in 2016, Otus has been used by educators to optimize learning and help accelerate student growth for over 1 million students nationwide. Otus provides educators with one place to gather, visualize and act on data to maximize student outcomes. The all-in-one platform saves educators time by integrating traditional and standards-based grading, assessments, progress monitoring, data-informed instruction, and more. “CenterPoint is excited to bring our aligned assessments to Otus; we hope more districts look toward incorporating assessments that are aligned with their curriculum and (state) standards, Aligned assessments allow educators to gauge both student understandings and misunderstandings paramount information to guide instructional planning. Otus’ learning platform gathers student-growth data and visualizations in one place, which models CenterPoint’s larger mission of monitoring student achievement around assessments.” LJ Sylvester, Vice President of Growth at CenterPoint. Interim assessments are administered throughout a school year and are key to supporting learning. They empower educators to measure student learning, identify where students are on their path to grade-level expectations, and provide data to drive instructional strategy. With Otus now hosting CenterPoint’s IM-certified, EL Education, and standards-aligned interim assessments, students and educators are provided with expanded access to high-quality curriculum-aligned assessments. Via Otus’ platform, CenterPoint’s assessments will make use of the existing assessment functionality, including technology-enhanced question types to heighten student engagement and real-time standards-aligned data reporting for teachers to inform instructional strategy. Otus is thrilled to add CenterPoint Education Solutions to its ever-growing network of partners and to be able to offer their top-notch, curriculum-aligned assessments to Otus users,” said Phil Collins, Ed.D., SVP of Client Success. “As Otus continues to expand its offerings of partner assessments available to users on the platform, we aim to provide high-quality, diverse options, and ultimately empower educators to make data-driven decisions that improve their schools. By integrating CenterPoint Education Solutions’ assessments into Otus, we are taking a huge step in that direction. Both the Illustrative Math and EL Education curricula are green rated by EdReports and have shown consistent results for student achievement. CenterPoint was the first organization to develop interim assessments aligned to these curricula to support the important work of teaching and learning at the ground level. The following grades and content areas are licensed for use on Otus’ platform: Illustrative Mathematics Aligned Interims Assessments: Grades 3-8, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry EL Education Aligned Interim Assessments: Grades K-8 Eureka Math Topic Items: Grades K-8 CenterPoint Standards Aligned Interim Assessments in ELA: Grades K-11 CenterPoint Standards Aligned Interim Assessments in Mathematics: Grades K-8, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry About Otus Otus significantly improves the way we support students by providing an all-in-one platform for educators to gather, visualize, and act on student data to ensure every child – no matter their learning level or background – is on a trajectory to achieve their true potential. Otus was created and built for teachers, by teachers. It saves educators time through the streamlined integration of assessment, performance tracking, and third-party data, while its gradebook and dashboard reports make it easy for teachers, administrators, and families to understand each student’s growth. Otus has delivered improved results for more than 1 million learners.

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