TUTRRD launches an app to bridge the gap between after school tuitions and virtual education

TUTRRD | November 20, 2021

TUTRRD, an online learning and teaching platform for K-12 that focuses on one on one interactive learning as launched their an app to bridge the gap between after school tuitions and virtual education. The platform aims at bridging the gap between after school tuitions and virtual education by enabling teachers to conduct classes at their convenience and generate additional income for themselves, thereby providing personalized, convenient, and affordable learning solutions to the students from across all boards. 

The announcement of the platform was done on Children's Day i.e. 14th November, 2021 through a webinar with the app going live on Android. The platform has on boarded over 500 teachers and aim to onboard around 5000 teachers by the end of this financial year in March 2022. The app is currently only available on Android Play Store.

"I strongly believe that teaching and learning should not be restricted to any geographical boundaries. When the educational system transitioned online, there was heavy reliance on technology to conduct classes. There was an increasing need to include the human element in this content-learning age. Moreover, the number of students were huge and personalization was becoming a challenge for the schools and colleges. That is how the idea of Tutrrd was born, where we focused on providing the personalized experience to learning that has been missing in the market."

Divya Tej Pereira, CEO & founder, TUTRRD

"It has always been my vision to empower teachers to connect with students and ensure they have the technology and skills to make learning an exciting and fulfilling experience. With the pandemic, many teachers lost their jobs or their salaries were reduced due to the economic halt. In such situations, it is important to assist teachers to step into their power and increase their income. We provide a platform for teachers to provide their expertise in the most convenient and engaging manner," added Mr Tej further.

The Tutrrd app provides a seamless user-experience, wherein students can book one-on-one personalized classes with the teachers based on their interest areas and educational needs. Dependency on private tuitions has proved to improve the performance of students at all levels of education. Therefore, the USP of the app is the personal touch that it provides to the students in their learning experience. The app has helped rethink the idea of private tuitions, wherein the students can get personalized attention with the help of expert teachers in order to enhance their academic performance with 100% live interactive and one-on-one tutoring. The primary focus of teaching is on core academics. However, with the personalization, the teachers can assist in the complete holistic development of students, thereby increasing their disposable income.

India's online tutoring market offers more than just internet-based tutoring sites; it also offers tuition services that use virtual worlds for teaching and providing personalized virtual attention to students. Growth of the online tutoring market has been attributed to several factors, including adoption of higher studies, COVID-19 outbreak, and improved accessibility to technology. By 2022, the market is predicted to reach USD 9 billion.

TUTRRD provides the most efficient and convenient way of learning for students by making education more accessible, affordable, and inclusive. Headquartered in Mumbai, TUTRRD is a platform that offers all Indian teachers an opportunity to conduct online classes and at the same time, help students to find expert teachers based on their subject specialization and book 100% live, interactive, and one-to-one tuition with them. Aimed at creating an integrated community, empowering and enabling educational professionals to highlight their individuality and unique teaching skills. By connecting students across all boards and highly qualified teachers through a single platform, TUTTRD prioritizes personal attention, thereby assisting teachers and students in their growth and development.


Organizations constantly endeavour to enhance the effectiveness of their training initiatives and technology only expedites these efforts. Mobile technology is one of them. Mobile learning or mLearning is being actively discussed and debated in most forums today. Many have started implementing mobile learning initiatives in their organizations.Download this whitepaper to get answers to these questions and also get new insights into how an organization should approach integrating mobile learning initiatives together with eLearning programs in their organization.


Organizations constantly endeavour to enhance the effectiveness of their training initiatives and technology only expedites these efforts. Mobile technology is one of them. Mobile learning or mLearning is being actively discussed and debated in most forums today. Many have started implementing mobile learning initiatives in their organizations.Download this whitepaper to get answers to these questions and also get new insights into how an organization should approach integrating mobile learning initiatives together with eLearning programs in their organization.

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The University of Arizona Global Campus (UAGC) Partners with the National Sheriffs' Association to Provide Tuition Benefits to its Members

Zovio | December 24, 2021

The University of Arizona Global Campus (UAGC) proudly announced today a new education partnership with the National Sheriffs' Association. The new partnership offers 35% off tuition for bachelor's and master's programs for qualifying members of the National Sheriffs' Association and their immediate family members. The program is open to its 22,000 members nationwide, and selection is subject to terms and conditions. "We are extremely pleased to welcome the National Sheriffs' Association to the UAGC family. There is no greater power than the power of education, and we take great pride in helping people strive to learn more. We look forward to watching sheriff department members from across the country discover new opportunities by choosing to continue their lifelong learning journey." University President Paul Pastorek Sheriffs' departments work to serve and protect citizens all around this country every day. The new partnership with UAGC provides a flexible online model and class format conducive to the scheduling demands that go along with working in this vital profession. Coursework can be completed from any location and students are afforded the opportunity to take classes that accommodate their lifestyle and schedule. Students can leverage their employer-sponsored tuition program to start or complete a degree through courses that, depending on the degree level, last five or six weeks which enable them to study at the times that work best for them. The program is managed by Zovio Employer Solutions (ZES), which is an important service provided by Zovio. Zovio Employer Solutions helps more than 1,300 companies and organizations across the country optimize usage of their corporate tuition assistance programs in partnership with the University of Arizona Global Campus. This includes full tuition grants and reduced tuition programs through the University of Arizona Global Campus. "Zovio has and will continue to work strategically with UAGC to explore new pathways to support student success," said Zovio's CEO Randy Hendricks. "In partnership with the University of Arizona Global Campus, Zovio Employer Solutions looks to educate and serve more students, including adult learners seeking to reskill and upskill. We look forward to serving the National Sheriffs' Association." About University of Arizona Global Campus The University of Arizona Global Campus ("Global Campus" or "UAGC") is an independent university that is operated in affiliation with the University of Arizona. Global Campus is designed to provide flexible opportunities for working students from diverse backgrounds who seek to gain knowledge and skills that will help them to achieve their life and career goals. Global Campus is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) and is one of the nation's most innovative online universities with approximately 35,000 students. UAGC offers more than 50 degrees at the associate, bachelor's, master's and doctoral levels. About Zovio Zovio is an education technology services company that partners with higher education institutions and employers to deliver innovative, personalized solutions to help learners and leaders achieve their aspirations. The Zovio network, including Fullstack Academy and TutorMe, leverages its core strengths to solve priority market needs through education technology services. Using proprietary advanced data analytics, Zovio identifies the most meaningful ways to enhance the learner experience and deliver strong outcomes for higher education institutions, employers, and learners. Zovio's purpose is to help everyone be in a class of their own.

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University of Phoenix College of Doctoral Studies Utilizes Scholar-Practitioner-LeaderSM Learning Model

University of Phoenix | December 21, 2021

The University of Phoenix College of Doctoral Studies offers practitioner doctorate degree programs in healthcare, education, and business, and supports a philosophy of lifelong career learning guided by its internally developed Scholar-Practitioner-LeaderSM learning model. The College has seen an approximately 10% increase in retention rates since January 2020. In the same time period, student sentiment scores with dissertation experience were 81% positive, mixed or neutral. “The College of Doctoral Studies uses the SPL model to guide our curriculum and student experience. We serve working adults who are already practitioners in their fields, and the SPL model empowers our students by helping them think critically about how they can contribute in their workplace and to their career path.” Hinrich Eylers, Ph.D., P.E., vice provost and dean of College of Doctoral Studies While a more traditional Ph.D. degree program focuses on development of new primary knowledge, the College’s practitioner doctorate focuses on the practical application of that knowledge in one’s career and community of practice. The Scholar-Practitioner-LeaderSM framework combines classical cognitive conceptions of doctoral scholarship – including high rigor of inquiry, academic study, and practical application – with the affective domains of learning. This learning model supports working adult students in the opportunity to develop a deeper awareness of who they are, how their learning is changing them, and to apply existing knowledge toward solving real-world problems in their field and community. “The doctoral program at the University of Phoenix caught my attention due to the rigor of the curriculum and the Scholar, Leader, Practitioner Model which guides the learning journey, as well as the highly engaging online learning solution allowing me to work and learn anywhere at any time,” shares Susanne Thompson, Ed.D., who completed her doctor of education with the University. “Doctoral level research is a challenging endeavor. The College [of Doctoral Studies] scaffolds this process to ensure alignment with the best practices in scientific research while also making the process clear to ensure students can master scientific research and apply these practices to their work environment.” Formerly known as School of Advanced Studies, the College of Doctoral Studies first developed the Scholar-Practitioner-LeaderSM model as part of its mission to develop a graduate mindset focused on career and community of practice. A successful graduate of College of Doctoral Studies programs and the Scholar-Practitioner-LeaderSM learning model is a scholar, a curious, reflective thinker; a practitioner in their field, capable of responding quickly to emerging opportunities and diagnosing and addressing immediate and local problems; and a leader, driving innovation and creating new products and processes, ultimately advancing their community of practice. “Success is all about consistent practice and grit, and that practice is something our SPL [learning model] embraces with dedication,” shares Gina Rhodes, DHA, MBA. Rhodes completed her Doctor of Health Administration (DHA) at University of Phoenix College of Doctoral Studies. “It has taken grit and tenacity to survive the challenges of doctoral studies while working in the healthcare industry and developing the personal and academic potential of five children. Now as an empty nester, I have been able to make a positive impact in my community by helping to restructure a free-health care clinic. I am also a lifelong learner currently completing a doctoral level course on Strategic Formula and Strategic Thinking in Business.” Additionally, the three College research centers extend the development available in the classroom by establishing an active, research-oriented forum for students and faculty, and provide an avenue for faculty and students to work collaboratively on practical, real world research. The three research centers are Center for Educational and Instructional Technology Research, Center for Leadership Studies and Educational Research, and Center for Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Research. About the College of Doctoral Studies University of Phoenix’s College of Doctoral Studies focuses on today’s challenging business and organizational needs, from addressing critical social issues to developing solutions to accelerate community building and industry growth. The College’s research program puts students in the center of an effective ecosystem of experts, resources and tools to help prepare them to be a leader in their organization, industry and community. Through this program, students and researchers work with organizations to conduct research that can be applied in the workplace in real time. About University of Phoenix University of Phoenix is continually innovating to help working adults enhance their careers in a rapidly changing world. Flexible schedules, relevant courses, interactive learning, and Career Services for Life® help students more effectively pursue career and personal aspirations while balancing their busy lives.

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Delaware Department of Education, DuPont and Discovery Education Partners to Support STEM, Career, and Technical Education Statewide

DuPont | November 23, 2021

The Delaware Department of Education (DDOE), DuPont and Discovery Education today announced a new, first-of-its-kind partnership that will increase student access to high-quality STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) instructional resources, as well as instructional materials and other supports to enhance career and technical education programs across the state. The three-year partnership program directly supports the Delaware Pathways initiative -- an innovative effort helping students develop the academic, technical, and employability skills needed for successful, in-demand jobs across Delaware. "Acquiring academic knowledge, technical skills, and meaningful work experience gives students the freedom to choose their life's path," said Delaware Secretary of Education Susan Bunting. "This new partnership provides Delaware students an even better opportunity to develop the skills needed for the careers of tomorrow. Thus, I look forward to supporting the progress of this exciting new collaboration." "Connecting what is being taught in the classroom to Delaware employers is critical," said Luke Rhine, Director, Career & Technical Education and STEM Initiatives at the Delaware Department of Education. "The resources provided through this partnership will support middle school and high school teachers as they build bridges between classrooms and careers for all students. We are thankful for partners like DuPont who share our goals related to STEM- and career-focused education." DuPont is committed to making a meaningful difference in the lives of people everywhere, inspiring and cultivating the next generation of problem solvers, innovative thinkers, and lifelong learners that fuel discovery. Through this partnership, DuPont is taking a leadership role helping to develop a stronger, more diverse, equitable and inclusive talent pipeline to fill critically needed STEM jobs across the U.S. This partnership also builds on the company's long-standing support of increasing access to STEM education programs that provide hands-on, inquiry-based learning in elementary to post-doctoral classrooms, and the professional learning needed for educators to make these efforts possible. "DuPont is proud to fully fund this new initiative benefiting the Delaware communities we call home. Together with the Delaware Department of Education and Discovery Education, we are creating not only more equitable learning environments in which all students have access to the resources and experiences they need to succeed in the classroom and beyond, but also a deeper, more diverse pool of talent that will drive economic prosperity across Delaware. We are excited to get started on this important work!" Jon Kemp, President, DuPont Electronics & Industrial Supporting this partnership is Discovery Education's K-12 daily learning platform. Facilitating engaging instruction in the classroom, remote environment, after school programs or wherever learning is taking place, Discovery Education connects students and teachers to a vast collection of high-quality, standards-aligned content, ready-to-use digital lessons, and more. These resources, sourced from trusted partners are made available to Delaware's educators and students through Schoology, which is the statewide learning management system, and are aligned to state and national standards to help educators bring the outside world into teaching and learning every day. As part of this new partnership, Delaware's educators will also receive ongoing professional learning designed to help them realize the return on this education technology investment and connect them to the broader Discovery Education Community. This global community of education professionals connects members in school systems and around the world through social media, virtual conferences, and in-person events, fostering valuable networking, idea sharing, and inspiration. DuPont's support of Delaware Pathways is part of its commitment as the newest member of the STEM Careers Coalition (SCC). The Coalition unites a range of industries around the common goals of empowering educators to teach STEM effectively in the classroom, fostering and promoting quality education, and building the next generation of STEM solution-seekers with an intentional focus on fostering and improving racial and gender equity. The STEM Careers Coalition seeks to prepare 10 million students for the future of work by 2025 through equitable access to digital content and experiences that engage students in instruction, build foundational STEM knowledge, and develop the critical skills students need for college and career success. "Discovery Education looks forward to collaborating closely with the Delaware Department of Education and DuPont on this exciting new initiative benefiting all middle school and high school students across the state," said Scott Kinney, Discovery Education's Chief Executive Officer. "Together, we are providing the resources that Delaware's teachers need to provide students personalized learning pathways to fulfill their educational goals and career aspirations." About DuPont DuPont is a global innovation leader with technology-based materials and solutions that help transform industries and everyday life. Our employees apply diverse science and expertise to help customers advance their best ideas and deliver essential innovations in key markets including electronics, transportation, construction, water, healthcare and worker safety. More information about the company, its businesses and solutions can be found at Investors can access information included on the Investor Relations section of the website at About Discovery Education Discovery Education is the worldwide edtech leader whose state-of-the-art digital platform supports learning wherever it takes place. Through its award-winning multimedia content, instructional supports, and innovative classroom tools, Discovery Education helps educators deliver equitable learning experiences engaging all students and supporting higher academic achievement on a global scale. Discovery Education serves approximately 4.5 million educators and 45 million students worldwide, and its resources are accessed in over 140 countries and territories. Inspired by the global media company Discovery, Inc., Discovery Education partners with districts, states, and trusted organizations to empower teachers with leading edtech solutions that support the success of all learners. About Delaware Pathways Delaware Pathways is an education to employment partnership, connecting young people and employers. The program currently serves more than 55 percent of all youth in grades 9 to 12 across the State of Delaware offering young people the opportunity to earn college credit, industry recognized credentials, and relevant work experiences through in-demand career pathways that connect k12, higher education, and the workforce. The initiative is also working to expand the state's registered apprenticeship system through youth apprenticeship models and is working with higher education partners to expand credential and degree opportunities for youth and adult learners. The program centers student identity and empowerment within the context of a high-quality education system, caring community partners, and dedicated employers.

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