TUTRRD launches an app to bridge the gap between after school tuitions and virtual education

TUTRRD | November 20, 2021

TUTRRD, an online learning and teaching platform for K-12 that focuses on one on one interactive learning as launched their an app to bridge the gap between after school tuitions and virtual education. The platform aims at bridging the gap between after school tuitions and virtual education by enabling teachers to conduct classes at their convenience and generate additional income for themselves, thereby providing personalized, convenient, and affordable learning solutions to the students from across all boards. 

The announcement of the platform was done on Children's Day i.e. 14th November, 2021 through a webinar with the app going live on Android. The platform has on boarded over 500 teachers and aim to onboard around 5000 teachers by the end of this financial year in March 2022. The app is currently only available on Android Play Store.

"I strongly believe that teaching and learning should not be restricted to any geographical boundaries. When the educational system transitioned online, there was heavy reliance on technology to conduct classes. There was an increasing need to include the human element in this content-learning age. Moreover, the number of students were huge and personalization was becoming a challenge for the schools and colleges. That is how the idea of Tutrrd was born, where we focused on providing the personalized experience to learning that has been missing in the market."

Divya Tej Pereira, CEO & founder, TUTRRD

"It has always been my vision to empower teachers to connect with students and ensure they have the technology and skills to make learning an exciting and fulfilling experience. With the pandemic, many teachers lost their jobs or their salaries were reduced due to the economic halt. In such situations, it is important to assist teachers to step into their power and increase their income. We provide a platform for teachers to provide their expertise in the most convenient and engaging manner," added Mr Tej further.

The Tutrrd app provides a seamless user-experience, wherein students can book one-on-one personalized classes with the teachers based on their interest areas and educational needs. Dependency on private tuitions has proved to improve the performance of students at all levels of education. Therefore, the USP of the app is the personal touch that it provides to the students in their learning experience. The app has helped rethink the idea of private tuitions, wherein the students can get personalized attention with the help of expert teachers in order to enhance their academic performance with 100% live interactive and one-on-one tutoring. The primary focus of teaching is on core academics. However, with the personalization, the teachers can assist in the complete holistic development of students, thereby increasing their disposable income.

India's online tutoring market offers more than just internet-based tutoring sites; it also offers tuition services that use virtual worlds for teaching and providing personalized virtual attention to students. Growth of the online tutoring market has been attributed to several factors, including adoption of higher studies, COVID-19 outbreak, and improved accessibility to technology. By 2022, the market is predicted to reach USD 9 billion.

TUTRRD provides the most efficient and convenient way of learning for students by making education more accessible, affordable, and inclusive. Headquartered in Mumbai, TUTRRD is a platform that offers all Indian teachers an opportunity to conduct online classes and at the same time, help students to find expert teachers based on their subject specialization and book 100% live, interactive, and one-to-one tuition with them. Aimed at creating an integrated community, empowering and enabling educational professionals to highlight their individuality and unique teaching skills. By connecting students across all boards and highly qualified teachers through a single platform, TUTTRD prioritizes personal attention, thereby assisting teachers and students in their growth and development.


The pandemic-fueled expansion of online learning will certainly persist beyond the pandemic, and schools must ensure that the transition creates accessible, high-quality options for all students. Most recently, the surge in COVID-19 Omicron variant cases and persistent ambiguity around whether and how to close schools reinforces the fact that we have failed to build intentional on-ramps to virtual education. State and local leaders can employ evidence from past online learning efforts, emerging best practices, and data from the pandemic to understand how to build a path forward that capitalizes on the potential of online learning, while avoiding the pitfalls.


The pandemic-fueled expansion of online learning will certainly persist beyond the pandemic, and schools must ensure that the transition creates accessible, high-quality options for all students. Most recently, the surge in COVID-19 Omicron variant cases and persistent ambiguity around whether and how to close schools reinforces the fact that we have failed to build intentional on-ramps to virtual education. State and local leaders can employ evidence from past online learning efforts, emerging best practices, and data from the pandemic to understand how to build a path forward that capitalizes on the potential of online learning, while avoiding the pitfalls.

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Smartria® and Partner to Offer Investment Adviser Representative Continuing Education (IAR CE) Under New NASAA Model Rule

Smartria and | August 09, 2022

Smartria®, a powerful, easy-to-use cloud-based software solution designed to meet the specialized compliance management needs of investment advisors, compliance teams, operations teams, consultants, and attorneys, has announced a partnership with to provide online education content for CE credits through the Smartria platform to address the North American Securities Administrators Association’s (NASAA) Investment Adviser Representative Continuing Education (IAR CE) Model Rule. is home to the Nerd’s Eye View financial planning industry blog published by Michael Kitces, and a leading provider of advanced education for financial advisors. “Smartria is proud to partner with Michael Kitces and, the preeminent industry thought leader in advisor education, We were very deliberate in our selection—we wanted to work with a partner who shared our vision of software as a partnership and was committed to helping us deliver a solution that meets our clients’ needs at scale. Smartria’s partnership with is a natural fit as we continue to innovate our compliance platform with new and distinctive offerings.” -Mac Bartine, CEO of Smartria Under the partnership, investment advisers who activate Smartria’s new IAR CE feature will gain instant access directly from the Smartria dashboard to all of the Continuing Education content provided by the Members Section, including not only the Nerd’s Eye View blog content, but Kitces white papers and webinars as well, which can fulfill both their new IAR CE obligation, as well as crossover CE credit for CFP certification, CPA licensees, Enrolled Agents, and advisors with advanced designations from the Investments and Wealth Institute and the American College. Future integrations under the partnership will facilitate automated firm-wide tracking and reporting in Smartria of all an investment adviser’s Kitces-earned IAR CE credits for all of their team members, to ensure annual compliance as additional states pass the NASAA Model Rule and implement their own IAR CE obligations in the coming years. As financial advisors, we’re already subject to a myriad of overlapping rules and regulations, and overlapping Continuing Education obligations, and so as soon as the NASAA Model Rule was finalized last year, we began the process to qualify our educational content for IAR CE in addition to all of the other financial advisor licenses and designations we already covered, With CE demands continuing to rise, we’ve been developing our own systems to be able to better integrate with existing advisor platforms to facilitate multi-designation CE, and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Mac and the rapidly growing Smartria team to power their IAR CE solution, as our first CE integration partner,said Michael Kitces, Chief Financial Planning Nerd at NASAA’s Model Rule was announced on November 30, 2020. Under the rule, an investment adviser representative is required to complete 12 CE credits annually to maintain their IAR registration. The rule applies to all registered IARs of both state-registered and federal covered investment advisers. Compliance begins with existing IARs and newly registered IARs in states that have adopted the model rule as of Jan. 1, 2022, which currently include Maryland, Mississippi, and Vermont. About Smartria Smartria is a leading compliance software platform for RIAs, hybrid RIAs and RIA networks. The firm’s software excels at making the complex and often frustrating world of regulatory compliance simple to manage and easy to understand. Smartria’s unique roles for compliance consultants and distributed management of large corporations make its solution able to handle any compliance problem for any sized company. For more information, please visit About publishes the #1 financial planning industry blog, Nerd’s Eye View, and provides a wide range of advanced educational content for financial advisors through both nerdy long-from educational articles, research white papers, in-person and virtual live events, on-demand and livestream webinars, and online courses. The Members Section provides continuing education credits for a wide range of financial advisor licenses and advanced professional designations, including CFP certification designations from the Investments & Wealth Institute and American College, CPE for CPAs and Enrolled Agents, investment adviser representative (IAR) CE obligations, and more.

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Zacks Small-Cap Research Initiates Coverage on Genius Group Limited

Genius Group Limited | July 05, 2022

Genius Group Limited , a world-leading entrepreneur Edtech and education group, today announced that Zacks Small-Cap Research , a division of Zacks Investment Research and a leading equity research firm, has initiated coverage of GNS at a valuation of $18.40, above the recent $9-10 trading range. 2022 revenue is estimated at USD 34.3 million, a 268% increase over 2021, and looking ahead, expects GNS to generate positive earnings by the 3rd quarter of 2023. Brad Sorensen, CFA, Senior Equity Research Analyst with Zacks/SCR, states that GNS is on a mission to change the way people experience online education by making it more about the student. Through technology, vision, and a unique approach, he feels that Genius is bringing AI-involved learning to the masses. He views GNS as having a great management team and a solid balance sheet, believes the aggressiveness GNS has shown in expanding its offering is encouraging and sees the integration of acquisitions as vital to the company’s success. In an effort to expand its offerings and broaden its portfolio, particularly in the U.S., GNS acquired four companies to give GNS a total of eight companies under its umbrella and a roster of offerings that can reach people at virtually any stage of life. Sorensen recognizes that the size of the potential market is enormous, with one estimate of $10 trillion in 2030, as the interest in virtual learning has undoubtedly increased as a result of the remote lives many people have been forced to live over the last couple of years. He points out that GNS may be doing things in a different way that might be able to connect in a more effective way with students, both adults and children, who have had a lack of success with some of the other existing providers. From his point of view, GNS appears to be offering a different way of learning, one that engages students by learning what they love and teaching them in that way. Normally, with a company such as GNS, Sorensen would often look to comparable companies for valuation metrics. But, acknowledging market conditions as of late and that he views Genius as a unique company, he elected to use the discounted cash flow method to come up with what he believes is a fair, and fairly conservative, valuation for GNS. The two biggest risks to his investment thesis are the successful integration of the four new companies and the timing of the U.S. rollout. About Genius Group Limited Genius Group is a Singapore-based Edtech and education company engaged in providing educational services in over 200 countries. It aims to develop an alternative lifelong learning curriculum and make its educational products accessible worldwide to all age groups. About Zacks Small-Cap Research Zacks/SCR prepares company-sponsored, independent research and related content for distribution through a multitude of investor and media channels, both traditional and social. Zacks/SCR delivers broad awareness among investors worldwide, creates deep understanding of the company and generates significant interest in investment. Zacks/SCR advantages are the quality of its analysts, the depth of its research and the breadth of its distribution.

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