TutorMe Launches Partnership with Saint Paul Public Schools to provide online education assistance to more than 33,000 K-12 students

TutorMe | November 15, 2021

TutorMe, the online tutor of the future, today announced a partnership with Saint Paul Public School District to provide more than 33,000 K-12 students with free access to TutorMe's online, 24/7 tutoring service for the 2021-2022 school year.

With more than 15,000 tutors available anytime to help with more than 300 subjects, TutorMe provides immediate expertise whenever and wherever students need it. Whether it's homework help or a study session, students pair up with their private tutor for a personalized 1-on-1 lesson in the advanced lesson space.

"Providing access to TutorMe supports our district-wide effort to close academic gaps exacerbated by COVID-19 and accelerate learning recovery through the 2021-2022 school year," said Darren Ginther, the district's director of the office of college and career readiness. "The personalized support empowers students and their families to get the help they need at any time, anywhere, whether it be during remote learning, late-night studying after extracurriculars, or when they hit a roadblock with their homework." 

TutorMe's virtual classroom provides interactive features including a text editor, code editor, two-way audio/video chat, screen sharing, and a virtual whiteboard for engaging and enriching education. Each session is archived so students can conveniently access past lessons to help them with coursework and studying.

"TutorMe has been on the frontline of online education assistance well before the pandemic arrived, providing top-notch tutors and on-demand academic support to ensure students never feel lost. The community of students, staff, and families at Saint Paul Public Schools can rely on TutorMe to provide 1-on-1 learning during critical times of need and beyond."

TutorMe's co-founder and CEO Myles Hunter

About TutorMe
TutorMe is the online tutor of the future. As a leading provider of online tutoring, the platform connects students with highly qualified tutors in 30 seconds or less. A subsidiary of Zovio, TutorMe has provided access to personalized academic support for more than 1.5 million students wherever and wherever they need it the most. Partnering with hundreds of schools, districts, and corporations, TutorMe helps address educational equity by providing students and staff at participating institutions with free access to premier tutoring services. TutorMe is a recipient of's 2020 Parent and Teacher Choice™ Award, the Timmy for Best Tech for Good in LA, a National Parenting Product Award, a Mom's Choice Award, and 2021 Silver and Bronze Edison Awards.

About Zovio
Zovio is an education technology services company that partners with higher education institutions and employers to deliver innovative, personalized solutions to help learners and leaders achieve their aspirations. The Zovio network, including Fullstack Academy and TutorMe, leverages its core strengths to solve priority market needs through education technology services. Using proprietary, advanced data analytics, Zovio identifies the most meaningful ways to enhance the learner experience and deliver strong outcomes for higher education institutions, employers, and learners. Zovio's purpose is to help everyone be in a class of their own.


This whitepaper explores how eLearning providers (Learning Management Systems, Training Management Systems, Learning Experience Platforms, and content providers etc.) can convert these challenges into opportunities by prioritizing the customer experience (CX) to increase customer satisfaction and profitability.


This whitepaper explores how eLearning providers (Learning Management Systems, Training Management Systems, Learning Experience Platforms, and content providers etc.) can convert these challenges into opportunities by prioritizing the customer experience (CX) to increase customer satisfaction and profitability.

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Surgent Accounting & Financial Education Introduces New Courses to Address ChatGPT/Artificial Intelligence and How to Prepare for a Banking Crisis

PRnewswire | April 05, 2023

Surgent Accounting & Financial Education, a division of KnowFully Learning Group, today announced the introduction of four new continuing professional education (CPE) courses, broadening its content library and enabling the accounting community to navigate critical new concerns, such as the proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI) and how to prepare for a potential banking crisis. "Though the education landscape is always evolving, the recent introduction of AI through tools such as ChatGPT and the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and others are particularly noteworthy events that deeply impact the accounting and finance professions," said Liz Kolar, Surgent's executive vice president. "Our new CPE courses, which will debut just after the April 18 tax-filing deadline, include offerings that address these significant developments and demonstrate Surgent's commitment to meeting customers where they are with the absolute timeliest of content." Each two-hour-long course will debut with a live webinar and then be available for on-demand learning. They are as follows (including first air date): • April 19: A Complete Tax Guide to Exit Planning (EXP2) • April 27: Lessons Learned from Recent Accounting Malpractice Actions (AMA2) • May 2: The Risks and Benefits of ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence (CHT2) • May 11: Preparing for and Navigating a Potential Banking Crisis (PBC2) A Complete Tax Guide to Exit Planning Worth two CPE, IRS or CTEC credits, this course takes learners through the various issues needed to achieve an effective management and/or ownership change, including tax implications. Designed for CPAs in industry and public accounting who want to gain an understanding of exit planning considerations for their clients, the course will compare exit planning between entity types (C-corporations, S-corporations, partnerships, etc.). Lessons Learned from Recent Accounting Malpractice Actions This course provides a current overview of accounting malpractice litigation throughout the U.S., allowing accounting or financial services professionals to understand the types of claims asserted against CPA firms and strategies to employ to avoid such claims. It is worth two CPE credits. The Risks and Benefits of ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence It is difficult to overstate how much will change with the rise of AI technologies, such as ChatGPT and its future incarnations, or how important it is that companies embrace the opportunity to leverage them correctly. Having conversations regarding the proper adoption of these technologies and tools is a crucial first step, including drafting policies to assist companies with their beneficial and thoughtful implementation and use. Worth two CPE credits, this course will define the state of AI tools, what benefits and risks exist, and which steps to take to begin adopting these technologies with appropriate guardrails, policies and training. Preparing for and Navigating a Potential Banking Crisis The collapse of FTX followed by Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank renewed concerns among accounting and financial executives and their boards regarding how to navigate a potential banking crisis and survive. Worth two CPE credits, this course explores the challenges of the current monetary trends, the Federal Reserve, the FDIC, and insurance reserves. Learners will analyze their collective and individual impact on accounting and financial executives in areas of credit markets and banking, risk management, cash flow planning strategies, debt and equity mix impacts in uncertain markets, and globalization of the financial markets in times of uncertainty. Specific recommendations and insights will be offered to deal with the challenges, including a discussion on the nuances of FDIC. "Deciphering the FDIC rules, which are often misunderstood, is top of mind for CFOs, controllers, accountants, and any other accounting and finance professionals who are focused on surviving and learning from our current banking crisis," said Kolar. "This of-the-moment content – and all the information shared in these four new courses – will help prepare accounting and finance professionals to better serve their clients." About Surgent Accounting & Financial Education Surgent Accounting & Financial Education, a division of KnowFully Learning Group, is a provider of the high-impact education experiences that accounting, tax and financial professionals need throughout their careers. For most of the company's 35-year history, Surgent has been a trusted provider of the continuing professional education (CPE), continuing education (CE) and skill-based training that professionals need to maintain their credentials and stay current on industry changes. More recently, Surgent became one of the fastest-growing certification exam review providers, offering adaptive learning-based courses that help learners pass accounting and finance credentialing exams faster.

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Teaching Strategies Wins National EdTech Award for Research-Based Early Childhood Education Curriculum

PRnewswire | April 05, 2023

Teaching Strategies, the country's leading developer of early childhood curriculum, assessment, professional learning, and family engagement solutions, has won EdTech Digest's "EdTech Cool Tool Award" for The Creative Curriculum®, its research-based, whole-child curriculum that serves children from infancy through kindergarten. The Creative Curriculum®, which earned the top honor in the "curriculum and instruction solution" award category, is designed to give early childhood educators, no matter their level of experience, the resources and support they need to implement a developmentally appropriate, content-rich program for children with diverse backgrounds and skill levels. The curriculum's digital platform includes, for example, planning tools to guide individualized instruction; a mobile app to engage families with learning in the classroom and at home; and on-demand professional development and community-building opportunities. Teaching Strategies was also named a finalist in seven award categories, spanning company leadership to assessment to credentialing. "Our youngest learners—and those closest to them— deserve comprehensive supports that meet their evolving needs. This is especially true as we continue to navigate the long-term effects of the pandemic on learning in the classroom and at home," said Teaching Strategies CEO John Olsen. "We're thrilled to be recognized by EdTech Digest for our leadership in the sector and for our ongoing commitment to offer children, educators, and families the most innovative, timely solutions." Established in 2010, The EdTech Awards recognize, acknowledge, and celebrate the most exceptional innovators, leaders, and trendsetters in education technology with three main honors: the EdTech Cool Tool Awards, the EdTech Leadership Awards, and the EdTech Trendsetter Awards. Teaching Strategies was named a finalist in various categories under all three main honors. The products recognized as finalists for "Cool Tool Awards" include the new Professional Development Teacher Membership; the widely-used and trusted GOLD® assessment; the trauma-informed coaching app Noni™; and Tadpoles®, a communication solution for child care programs. In addition, Olsen was named a finalist for a "Leadership Award" and the company's entire ecosystem of solutions was a finalist for a "Trendsetter Award." Access a full list of winners and finalists for the awards. This year's finalists and winners were narrowed from the larger field and judged based on various criteria, including: pedagogical workability, efficacy and results, support, clarity, value and potential. "A very big congratulations to all The EdTech Awards 2023 finalists and winners—and congratulations to all who endured the upheavals of the last few years only to come through stronger, more experienced, resilient, and resolute in laying out the future of learning," said Victor Rivero, who as Editor-in-Chief of EdTech Digest oversees the program. Rivero continued: "It's far from perfect but across K-12, higher education, and workforce learning sectors, an accelerated digital transformation has left in its wake hybrid schools, rapidly changing postsecondary models, and an increasingly remote-based workforce. The world has truly changed—and we will never be the same again." About Teaching Strategies Driven by research that shows a child's first eight years form a critical foundation for success in school and in life, Teaching Strategies has been an advocate for the early education community for over 40 years. Today, Teaching Strategies connects teachers, children and families to inspired teaching and learning experiences, informative data, stronger family partnerships, and professional learning through the leading early learning platform and resources. Its products, including the most widely-used curriculum and assessment solutions The Creative Curriculum® and GOLD®, are found in over 250,000 classrooms and reach over 4 million children each year. To learn why thousands of early childhood programs and many states choose to partner with Teaching Strategies to help ensure children's success in school and in life. About EdTech Digest and EdTech Awards EdTech Digest, a leading source of cool tools, interviews, and trends showcasing the future of learning, annually honors the best and brightest people, products and groups working in edtech with The EdTech Awards. Cool Tool, Leadership, and Trendsetter honorees span the K-12, Higher Ed, and Skills & Workforce sectors.

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Virginia Technical Academy Revolutionizes Skilled Trades Education with Interplay Learning's Virtual Reality Simulations

PRnewswire | May 31, 2023

Virginia Technical Academy, a leading institution for skilled trades education, proudly announces its integration of Interplay Learning's training courses and simulations into its current curriculum. By adopting this innovative technology, the institution aims to enhance hands-on learning experiences for its students to prepare them for careers in the skilled trades. Virginia Technical Academy, which opened its doors during the onset of the pandemic, recognized the need to adapt and evolve to meet the changing demands of students and the skilled trades industry. The integration of Interplay Learning's robust training solution demonstrates their commitment to bridging the gap between theory and practical application. "With the adoption of Interplay Learning's online courses and virtual reality simulations, we are taking a giant leap forward in transforming skilled trades education," said David Gillespie, president of Virginia Technical Academy. "Our students will now have access to a realistic and immersive learning environment that will enhance their technical skills and overall confidence. By adding innovative solutions like these in addition to classroom and lab work, we are equipping our students with the tools they need to succeed in their chosen fields." Interplay Learning's training provides students with interactive and lifelike scenarios to practice hands-on work, such as electrical wiring, HVAC systems troubleshooting, plumbing installations, and more. This cutting-edge technology allows students to gain practical experience and develop critical problem-solving skills in a risk-free environment. The integration of Interplay's expert-led courses and 3D simulations into the existing curriculum will enable students to refine their abilities, boost their efficiency, and accelerate their learning curve. "We are proud to partner with Virginia Technical Academy as they integrate our online training and simulations into their curriculum," said Doug Donovan, CEO of Interplay Learning."By embracing this technology, the institution is taking significant leaps in advancing skilled trades education. We are excited to be part of their journey, empowering students to experience immersive and realistic hands-on learning." In support of this groundbreaking initiative, Interplay Learning will provide Quest 2 VR headsets to Virginia Technical Academy as part of a generous donation made possible through Interplay's partnership with Meta. These state-of-the-art devices will empower students to fully immerse themselves in virtual reality simulations, heightening their engagement and maximizing the benefits of this transformative learning experience. Virginia Technical Academy is committed to delivering the highest quality education to its students, equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the skilled trades industry. By incorporating Interplay Learning's virtual reality simulations and leveraging the power of Meta Quest headsets, the institution continues to set a new standard for hands-on training in Newport News and beyond. About Interplay Learning: Austin-based Interplay Learning offers scalable and effective training for the essential skilled trades that helps business leaders, educators and their teams build better companies, better careers and better lives. Interplay Learning's immersive online and VR training platform for HVAC, plumbing, electrical, solar, hospitality, multifamily maintenance and facilities maintenance workforces includes expert-led video courses, hands-on 3D simulations, knowledge checks and custom learning paths to upskill advanced technicians and help new technicians be job-ready in weeks, not years. About Virginia Technical Academy: Virginia Technical Academy was founded on the principle that every community needs a skilled and well-educated workforce. Its goal is to provide an environment that will exceed the educational requirements and needs of both future tradespeople and their employers. Virginia Technical Academy is dedicated to keeping our trades strong through education, validation, and professional networking.

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