Trualta Partners with Washington State to Provide Free Caregiver Education to Families

Trualta | November 03, 2022 | Read time : 01:15 min

Trualta Partners with Washington State to Provide Free
Trualta, the leading e-learning platform for family caregivers, is partnered with Washington state to bring free caregiver training to families. In the past year, Trualta has enabled more than 200 Washington caregivers to provide better care for their loved ones. As November's National Family Caregiver month begins, Trualta is excited to celebrate the important work caregivers do, no matter where they are on their caregiver journey.

"We are thrilled to work with Washington to empower family caregivers across the state, We know that our online content and modules will be extremely valuable for caregivers suffering from burnout, anxiety and isolation, especially at this point in the pandemic."

 Jonathan Davis, Trualta CEO.

There are an estimated 860,000 unpaid family caregivers in Washington who provide $10.8 billion in annual care, according to the AARP. Additionally, the number of Washingtonians aged 65+ is expected to reach 1.5 million by 2025, which will require a 50 percent increase in professional caregivers. Trualta's innovative education platform offers micro-lessons on many caregiver skills, including activities of daily living like toileting, bathing, or transferring a loved one, as well as important skills like managing caregiver burnout. It offers content for families caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's disease or dementia, an intellectual or developmental disability, heart disease, diabetes, COPD, a recent stroke and more.

About Trualta
Trualta's online learning platform supports families managing care for loved ones at home. In partnership with innovative healthcare payers, providers, government and social service organizations, Trualta improves care at a lower cost. Each partner organization is equipped with a customized learning portal offering on-demand, personalized, skills-based training to help caregivers support loved ones at home for longer. Currently available in 29 states, Trualta's evidence-based offering is proving that trained, confident family caregivers can improve health outcomes and reduce costs.


Maguire Training is a leading provider of transformational leadership, management and sales training and we are also a registered Apprenticeship Training Provider if you are looking to access Apprenticeship Levy funded programmes for individuals or groups.


Maguire Training is a leading provider of transformational leadership, management and sales training and we are also a registered Apprenticeship Training Provider if you are looking to access Apprenticeship Levy funded programmes for individuals or groups.

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