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Tilt 365 Launches New E-Learning Series for Practical Application of Assessments

Tilt 365, a strengths assessment and team development disruptor with educational tools for its network of certified coaches, today announced the launch of its new self-paced e-learning series to help users practically apply the recommendations from their True Tilt assessments to their lives and their team dynamics. The highly interactive e-learning modules include self-reflection assessments, bite-sized learning pieces integrated with application exercises as well as informative and entertaining video snippets.

Executive coaches, team leaders and human resources (HR) teams use the actionable takeaways from the asynchronous learning courses to help better their clients, themselves and/or their workplaces. Expertise in how to leverage the True Tilt assessments ultimately leads to greater conversations and understanding between teams, and a happier, more productive work environment.

This initial launch includes the e-learning modules -- “Leveraging Your True Tilt Report” and “Understanding Your Unique Amplifier.” Each takes about 30-minutes to complete and can be purchased as an upgrade to a True Tilt Personality assessment for an additional $59.

The “Leveraging Your True Tilt Report” module empowers users to learn how to identify their True Tilt, understand how their thinking and feeling styles show up as one of the four Tilt patterns (Impact, Structure, Clarity and Connection) and ultimately leverage their character strengths and develop an agile mindset. This deeper understanding of the strengths-based assessment results gives teams and individuals guidelines on how to practically apply the learnings, an unique and high-return add-on offering.

The “Understanding Your Unique Amplifier” module goes beyond explaining the impact of each of the four True Tilt patterns and dives deeper into each person’s Unique Amplifiers. Human behavior is too complex to reduce to the four types, therefore this module dives into explaining each unique sub-persona along with the social preference to help people understand their distinctive and nuanced preferences and associated behaviors.

Tilt 365’s new e-learning series goes beyond the diagnostic assessment by providing tangible actions to best capitalize on individuals’ and teams’ strengths and weaknesses. The modules provide education on how to review the assessments to form a holistic view of a team’s diverse personality traits and triggers that helps leaders gain value from the diversity of thought across their teams.

The e-learning series is embedded in all of Tilt 365’s workshop and certification offerings as pre-work. Offering the asynchronous learning series in preparation of interactive workshops shortens the virtual meeting time and allows for more discussion, which increases the return from the sessions.

 “As global companies and leaders innovate how they approach team dynamics in permanent remote- or hybrid-work environments, Tilt 365 will continue to strategically extend its organizational development tools. The Tilt 365 e-learning series offers digestible, but actionable insights that help teams maximize the positive impact from our assessments on their culture and effectiveness.”

Erika Bill-Peter, Chief Learning Officer at Tilt 365

The e-learning series was created in partnership with Sonata Learning, which helps organizations improve staff performance through learning, knowledge management, process optimization and appropriate use of technology. Sonata Learning has worked with Target, The World Bank, the U.S. Army and more.

About Tilt 365
Tilt 365 is a disruptor in the personality assessment, organizational development and certified coaching academy sector. Backed by 20 years of character science research, the company offers a suite of strengths-based personality assessments to help people grow beyond a personality type. Tilt 365 provides leadership and organizational development services to help its high-growth clients to reduce divisiveness, identify commonalities, increase team agility and improve performance with company culture that provides psychological safety. It has several educational programs with in-person, virtual and blended models to further advance its network of certified coaches and internal human resource experts. Tilt 365 has been recognized for four consecutive years by Training Industry’s Assessment & Evaluation list.



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