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The CE Shop Offers Flexible Connecticut Salesperson Pre-licensing Course

The CE Shop Offers Flexible Connecticut Salesperson Pre-
People in Connecticut who want to start a new career in real estate, a thriving profession with steady market demand, now have an option for flexible learning to grab a full-time job! The CE Shop is the first leading provider of online professional education to offer this form of flexible learning for the Connecticut Salesperson Pre-Licensing course.

The Connecticut Salesperson Pre-Licensing course, in total, takes 60 hours and is made up of several learning modules. Students can finish the course at their own pace using the company's self-paced delivery method, attend live online classes, or do a mix of both.

The state of Connecticut sets no time limit on the final exam, and you can take the Salesperson Pre-Licensing Exam as often as you want. Most people can finish their real estate education and pass their examinations within a month or two. They can then start a career in real estate and earn the average real estate agent salary in Connecticut, which is $90,726 per year, according to The real estate market in Connecticut is one of the best in the country, and The CE Shop is an ideal place to learn about your next career.

After taking the Connecticut Pre-Licensing course and passing the final exam, a new real estate license is accepted in Alabama, Florida, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Nebraska, New York, Oklahoma, Ohio, and Rhode Island. This is because of a reciprocity agreement between the states. All applicants from Florida, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio, and those from reciprocal states who still need to take a written test, must take the State Portion of the Connecticut Real Estate Examination.

About The CE Shop

Based out of Greenwood Village, Colorado, The CE Shop is the leading provider of online professional education with mortgage and real estate courses in the United States. It is consistently named one of Colorado's fastest-growing private companies and a top place to work. It believes that good education can make a difference; thus, it keeps providing a good education for professionals all over the country, whether they are already working in their field or want to start a new one.



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