Tequity's SaaS Client Greenius Online Training Acquired by LMN

Tequity | September 02, 2021

Tequity, an M&A advisory firm specializing in global Enterprise B2B Cloud, SaaS, and IT companies, acted as the exclusive financial advisor to online training software Greenius, a leader in online training solutions for the green industry, in their acquisition by LMN, a Serent Capital portfolio company and North America's leading B2B landscape business management software company.

On working with Tequity, Jay Murray, Greenius Co-Founder and CEO said "I am really glad we engaged Tequity to help us sell our business - they have a deep knowledge of the SaaS market that was invaluable throughout the project from start to finish. I didn't realize the extent of the due diligence process before we began but Tequity worked with us and the buyer to keep things simple and avoid complications where possible. With Tequity's guidance I truly believe we were able to achieve a better outcome for the shareholders than if we had tried to go it alone, with a very strategic buyer who appreciates our technology, our customers, and our people."

London, Ontario-based Greenius is an industry leader with a proven track record of delivering exceptional online courses for landscape owners. Its team joins LMN immediately, filling an increasing customer need. A recent survey of LMN customers found that 70 percent identified training as a top priority for their employees in the coming years.

Together, Greenius and LMN will create the green industry's first fully integrated system offering end-to-end training together with comprehensive business management software, providing landscaping business owners everything they need in one system. Greenius will also continue to be provided as a stand-alone offering to customers.

"The addition of Greenius to the LMN family is huge for our customers, and the industry," said Mark Bradley, CEO, LMN. "We know just how important training is to landscaping leaders and their teams, and with Greenius, we can provide the best available training to help customers meet and exceed their needs."

Greenius bolsters LMN's training capabilities. The company offers hundreds of courses in both English and Spanish each year on a variety of topics to the green industry, including but not limited to maintenance, construction, snow, safety, equipment, supervisor training and more.

Many companies continue to be challenged by skilled labor shortages. With the addition of Greenius, landscape owners using the LMN platform will now have more opportunities to develop team members within their organizations to foster growth and retain employees.

"We could not be more excited to join LMN," said Arden Urbano, Co-Founder and President, Greenius, who will continue to lead the Greenius team. "We share the same values and passion for customers, and together we will create an experience that will help them take their companies and the industry to the next level."

About Tequity
Tequity assists Enterprise B2B SaaS, Cloud, and IT companies with business growth and exit strategies. Our mission is simple: Achieve the best outcome for our clients. With decades of combined experience as executives, consultants, and owners of software and technology companies, we leverage our deep industry knowledge across tech ecosystems and our relationships with strategic, growth-focused buyers around the globe to drive successful M&A transactions.


eLearning localization is the process of translating and adapting eLearning platforms and content from one language to another. The overall aim of the localization process is to make sure that courses you develop can effectively reach a broad target audience and to give the end user the experience as though the content was never initially written in a foreign language.


eLearning localization is the process of translating and adapting eLearning platforms and content from one language to another. The overall aim of the localization process is to make sure that courses you develop can effectively reach a broad target audience and to give the end user the experience as though the content was never initially written in a foreign language.

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SU Prep Digital Teams Up With Google Public Sector to Develop Streaming Educational Curriculum With Universal Access

ASU Prep Digital | July 19, 2022

ASU Prep Digital, an accredited online K-12 school offered through Arizona State University, has partnered with Google Public Sector, to make remote immersive learning technology more accessible to students across the United States and around the world. ASU Prep Learning Cloud is a streaming solution that empowers schools to deliver innovative and interactive 3D learning experiences to students using low-bandwidth devices. The technology was developed on and is powered by Google Cloud.This new platform invites students to solve challenges by immersing themselves in interactive settings made possible by technology. For example, students can watch geologic formations emerge through simulations rather than reading about it in a textbook. Students can also explore human organs in 3D or examine a plastic mannequin. This brings topics like erosion, hydrolysis, and human anatomy to life. To successfully complete a lesson, students must think critically about the concept, explore it, and learn through discovery. Real-time, instructive feedback also helps contribute to a more individualized learning experience. “We’re turning students into explorers by embedding learning into the digital formats that students love, We spark curiosity by asking students to navigate 3D worlds, hypothesize, and discover knowledge by manipulating game-like simulations to solve real-world problems.” -David Sudarma, ASU Prep’s chief technology officer Advancing Accessibility The ASU Prep Learning Cloud represents an important step toward accessibility for students in rural areas, with limited broadband access, and districts where limited technology funding makes it difficult to deliver cutting-edge learning opportunities. This immersive cloud-based education technology can be experienced from mobile devices or Chromebooks, increasing accessibility for all learners, anytime, anywhere. Removing those barriers is especially important for a program like ASU Digital Prep, which can be instrumental in bridging gaps for districts where resources are slim. ASU Prep Digital has allowed us to partner and advance educational opportunities for thousands of K-12 students who might not have otherwise had access to the courses, credits, mentors, and teachers we offer, said Arizona State University President Michael Crow, who is widely known as a pioneer of online education. Crow’s vision has created a tech-enhanced learning environment across ASU, inclusive of pre-collegiate students via ASU Prep Digital. A key element of that vision is expanded opportunities in online education, which offers a path to higher education for students who are otherwise hindered from pursuing their education goals. In addition to its rapidly expanding K-12 enrollment, ASU Prep Digital’s School Partnerships continue to grow. The program supports entire school districts in states like Utah, Louisiana and Ohio, as well as schools in 22 states and 12 countries. Powerhouse Partnerships In addition to the full- and part-time students who enroll directly with ASU Prep Digital, the school also teams with private schools, public schools, and districts worldwide to offer a K-12 curriculum and one-on-one instruction in a virtual environment. The program’s latest suite of courses, which will be available this fall to partner schools via the ASU Prep Learning Cloud, powered by Google Cloud, can be used in compliance with Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). As pioneers in their respective industries, ASU Prep Digital and Google Public Sector worked to develop the platform, which is based on game engine technology. The ASU Prep Learning Cloud features responsive design optimized for the most commonly used devices (e.g., Chromebooks, mobile phones) using Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). “Our partnership with ASU Prep Digital has the ability to unlock new and innovative academic opportunities for learners across the country, We’re unleashing the power of Google Cloud to help make individualized, digital, and interactive learning the new standard in education.” -Steven Butschi, director of Education, Google Public Sector Courses integrate seamlessly into existing learning management systems, while supporting robust interactive features that personalize learning. The platform currently supports ASU Prep Digital partner schools, but in the future, could be rolled out to other educational institutions. As immersive technologies become more widely adapted in education, 3D learning environments such as augmented reality and virtual reality offer great potential for engagement and retention, Our collaboration with Google Public Sector is a terrific first step in expanding access to immersive solutions across many devices, and we’re working together to explore ways immersive technologies can be made even more universally available to eager learners. To preview a snapshot of ASU Prep Learning Cloud courses, visit: or take a deeper look at the immersive platform here: About ASU Prep Digital ASU Prep Digital is an accredited online K-12 school that offers a single online course or enrollment in a full-time, diploma-granting program. Because it is part of Arizona State University, ASU Prep Digital offers an accelerated path toward college admission and the chance to earn concurrent high school and university credit. For more information, visit

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DevOps Institute Launches SKILup IT Learning, a Unique Online Learning Destination That Lets IT Professionals Learn, Grow and be Empowered

DevOps | August 25, 2022

DevOps Institute, a global learning community that empowers the people who power IT, today announced SKILup IT Learning, a unique subscription-based online educational destination. DevOps Institute empowers DevOps humans to advance career development and upskill for enterprise transformation by providing the resources, guidance, experts, and encouragement to learn. SKILup IT Learning by DevOps Institute is a self-directed learning platform focused entirely on DevOps and Digital Transformation. It is offered in three tiers: SKILup IT Learning, paid subscription-based learning SKILup IT Learning+, upgraded paid subscription-based learning including a growing portfolio of relevant certification preparation video training courses Community Member, limited access as part of DevOps Institute's free community membership "SKILup IT Learning is the IT professional's one-stop destination for continuous learning on topics relevant to DevOps and Digital Transformation,"The 2022 Upskilling IT Report findings clearly prove that upskilling IT resources and skills shortages are a major issue for organizations and individuals alike. SKILup IT Learning offers a unique solution to this huge challenge by making practical education from recognized thought leaders." Jayne Groll, CEO at DevOps Institute. A subscription to SKILup IT Learning empowers DevOps Humans, further advancing organizations as they navigate the rapid pace of enterprise transformation. SKILup IT Learning helps subscribers easily distill and navigate training and education around today's trending DevOps skills and topics.Since SKILup IT Learning focuses exclusively on the people, process and automation skills needed for digital transformation, subscribers will have access to broad and trending "essentials" knowledge, insight into improving culture, human skills and leadership that every practitioner at all levels needs. The top-level subscription also provides certification preparation training for DevOps Institute and other certification programs. SKILup IT Learning will also be underpinned by SKILup Discussions - an interactive chat platform with topic-specific channels to discuss, share, ask questions, and network with other SKILup IT Learning subscribers, industry thought leaders and community members. DevOps Institute offers SKILup IT Learning access to everyone including two levels of paid subscriptions and limited free access for DevOps Institute's community members.SKILup IT Learning (paid subscription) SKILup IT Learning subscribers have access to a growing catalog of cutting-edge educational content and training focused on relevant technical, process and human aspects related to DevOps. A SKILup IT Learning subscription provides a well-rounded learning platform built on multiple series including trending classes on essential DevOps-related topics, human aspects, books clubs and author training on their books. There will also be, "day in the life" videos, on-demand presentations and access to DevOps Institute's SKILbooks. A subscription to SKILup IT Learning also helps certified individuals earn credits toward the DevOps Institute Continuing Education Program. SKILup IT Learning+ (upgraded paid subscription) SKILup IT Learning+ takes the educational offerings further by including certification preparation video training for DevOps Institute's certifications and other certification programs. To start, SKILup IT Learning+ community members will be able to pursue DevOps Foundation, DevOps Engineering Foundation and DevSecOps Foundation certifications. Learn more about DevOps Institute certifications here Free Community Members DevOps Institute Community members have access to limited free content specifically geared toward the DevOps professional by experts from across the tech space. About DevOps Institute DevOps Institute is a global learning community that empowers the people who power IT – helping you develop both the professional and personal expertise to make the most of DevOps in both your business and your career. Focused exclusively on all things DevOps and digital transformation, we offer IT professionals – at all levels – deep practical knowledge, a welcoming network of industry leaders, respected certification programs, and insider events.

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Coursera Launches Expanded Clips Offering with Nearly 200K Short Videos and Lessons to Accelerate Skills Development for Employees

Coursera | October 03, 2022

Coursera, Inc. today announced the expansion of Clips, which now provides employees access to nearly 200,000 short videos and lessons designed to help them begin learning high-demand skills in under 10 minutes. “Lack of career development is a key reason many employees leave an organization. Yet employees have less time to devote to learning than ever before, A growing number of employees are now looking to gain job-specific skills much faster through shorter, more targeted content. With this shift towards microlearning, Clips enables employees to learn specific skills with 5-10 min videos. It also provides clear pathways into courses for deeper skill development, while driving continuous learning to ensure employees have the right skills to accelerate company growth and innovation.” Leah Belsky, Chief Enterprise Officer at Coursera. “ The initial Clips on Coursera offering featured bite-sized videos focused on business, tech, data, leadership, and human skills. The expanded Clips offering now provides a more comprehensive library of content, including a higher volume of videos for skills that are becoming increasingly more important like leadership and management. Currently, 83 percent of businesses feel it is important to develop leaders at all levels. Yet less than 5 percent have actually implemented leadership training across every level within their organization. To help address this growing need, Coursera has increased the number of leadership and management-related Clips by 10x. As learners quickly gain skills through Clips, many then seek opportunities for deeper development. Thirty-six percent of learners that have viewed Clips to address their in-the-moment learning needs have gone on to enroll in at least one course1. The most viewed Clips to date include a range of data, cloud, and productivity-focused content such as: Welcome to Python, by University of Michigan [1 min] Fundamentals of Data Science, by IBM [2 min] The Business Case for Visionary Leadership, by University of Michigan [7 min] Why is Storytelling Important?, by Macquarie University [9 min] Key Cloud Service Providers and their Services, by IBM [6 min] What is SQL Anyway?, by University of California, Davis [7 min] Customize Google Calendar, by Google [4 min] Taking Charge of Excel, by Macquarie University [6 min] Global industry leaders and government organizations like Google, New York State Department of Labor, Alstom, and Bosch have adopted Clips to help accelerate skills development within their workforce. Google in particular has made Clips available to all employees worldwide, helping many learners obtain skills that will help them elevate their job performance and begin unlocking new advancement opportunities. With Clips, Coursera now offers fully scalable learning paths featuring everything from short videos and lessons to professional certificates, and degree programs. For my role, developing skills in programming, camera hardware, and design is crucial. Finding relevant courses to acquire these new skills, and gaining practical, hands-on experience has been a challenge,” said Doris Chen, hardware design engineer at Google. The Clips videos provide relevant content focused on everything from camera and imaging to optical system design. As I continue my training, I’m looking forward to enrolling in more advanced classes and potentially earning an additional degree online to help further my career.I have always been fascinated by the concept of skills development programs and self-paced learning, and the ways it can assist to level up your career,said Rajat Batra, software engineer at Google. “Clips takes this concept to the next level by adding short and focused job related videos. These videos act as a good starting point to develop a higher level of understanding for several concepts.Coursera for Business now enables over 3,500 companies across the globe to deploy world-class skills development content from top businesses and universities. The company’s skills platform gives organizations the ability to assess, measure, and benchmark skills in their workforce. Recent platform innovations including LevelSets are helping employees to quickly determine their proficiency in key skills and identify areas to focus on moving forward. In addition, SkillSets help employees develop specific skills for specific roles. These Skill Sets provide the foundation for Coursera’s Leadership and Data & Analytics Academies, which offer a packaged learning experience based on the depth of skill needed for specific roles across an organization. About Coursera Coursera (NYSE: COUR) was launched in 2012 by two Stanford Computer Science professors, Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller, with a mission to provide universal access to world-class learning. It is now one of the largest online learning platforms in the world, with 107 million registered learners as of June 30, 2022. Coursera partners with over 275 leading university and industry partners to offer a broad catalog of content and credentials, including Guided Projects, courses, Specializations, certificates, and bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Institutions around the world use Coursera to upskill and reskill their employees, citizens, and students in many high-demand fields, including data science, technology, and business.

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