Rosetta Stone and HIAS Extend Partnership Providing Free Language Learning Lessons to Refugees During Global Resettlement Efforts

Rosetta Stone | December 14, 2021

Rosetta Stone, the world's leading language learning brand, and HIAS, the international Jewish humanitarian organization, have extended their partnership to provide HIAS' refugee clients with free language learning software. Through the collaboration, Rosetta Stone donated 500 subscriptions that will help newly resettled refugees acquire language skills, more easily integrate into local communities, and open pathways to economic inclusion.

The UN Refugee Agency estimates that nearly 2 million people were forced to flee their homes during the first six months of 2021. Notably, forced migration is not specific to any one geographic region: Humanitarian crises around the globe are putting people at extreme risk; asylum seekers and refugees are braving unsafe conditions to start new lives; and political unrest is creating entire populations of stateless people with little emergency assistance. 

HIAS is uniquely qualified to address the modern refugee crisis and has helped more than 4.5 million people escape persecution. The organization facilitates application processes, resettles the most vulnerable people from all over the world, and works with U.S.-based social-service organizations to welcome refugees into local communities.

HIAS first partnered with Rosetta Stone in 2019 to help refugees more easily enter into American society through language instruction. Rosetta Stone and HIAS then extended their collaboration in 2021 to continue assisting HIAS' clients with their education, social integration efforts and employment opportunities. HIAS and its clients have access to language lessons in 25 languages, including English, Arabic, Spanish, and more.

"Our partnership with Rosetta Stone has given refugees additional tools to acclimate to their new lives and navigate the resettlement process with increased confidence and language skills. We are excited to continue this partnership and continue to provide opportunities to our staff and clients to communicate more easily and create welcoming communities."

Mark Hetfield, President and CEO of HIAS

Bahati Buzindu, a refugee from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and HIAS client, shared, "Rosetta Stone is really helping me understand what other people are talking about, and I've been encouraging—and teaching—other refugees to use it, too!"

"Refugees come from all walks of life: They are doctors and farmers, interpreters and caregivers; some speak multiple languages, while others were denied a formal education. Regardless of a person's skill set, adjusting to a new home is incredibly difficult, especially after being forced to flee one," said Jennifer Gu, COO of IXL Learning, Rosetta Stone's parent company. "HIAS and Rosetta Stone's partnership is an important step toward helping resettled people grow new language skills, and empowering them to ease into communities and lead independent lives."

Through Rosetta Stone, learners practice new languages in an immersive environment that helps them build the fluency and confidence to speak. Lessons are filled with real-world images and audio from native speakers that accelerate language acquisition. Additionally, the TruAccent speech engine compares voices to native speakers, gives immediate feedback on pronunciation, and helps refugees feel confident participating in real-world conversations.

As part of the partnership, Rosetta Stone also provides HIAS employees with training on how to effectively administer language learning to users for maximum effectiveness. Additionally, HIAS and its affiliate network staff use Rosetta Stone to learn the native languages of the refugees they support, to better understand them and serve their needs.

About Rosetta Stone
Rosetta Stone is dedicated to changing people's lives through the power of language education. The company's innovative digital solutions drive positive learning outcomes for the inspired learner at home or in schools and workplaces around the world. Founded in 1992, Rosetta Stone uses advanced digital technology to help all types of learners read, write, and speak 25 languages. Rosetta Stone joined the IXL Learning family of brands in 2021.

About HIAS
HIAS is the international Jewish humanitarian organization that provides vital services to refugees and asylum seekers in 16 countries. We advocate for the rights of all forcibly displaced people to rebuild their lives and seek to create a world in which they find welcome, safety, and opportunity. 


The only candidate with a plan to cut federal spending, Rand Paul explains his desire to scrap the federal government’s education bureaucracy to return to a decentralized community-controlled system.


The only candidate with a plan to cut federal spending, Rand Paul explains his desire to scrap the federal government’s education bureaucracy to return to a decentralized community-controlled system.

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Lakeshore IT and Splashtop Partner to Bring Secure Remote Ed Tech Solutions to IT Teams Supporting K-12 Schools

Splashtop Inc. | January 18, 2022

Lakeshore IT Solutions, a consultative IT reseller serving K-12 schools, and Splashtop, a leader in secure remote access and support software, today announced a partnership. Together, they will provide high-performance technology solutions to strategic educational institutions that are investing in the future of classrooms. Splashtop’s secure cloud and on-premise solutions enable school districts to shift effortlessly in and out of remote learning modes without overwhelming IT operations. IT teams can manage remote access to virtual machines and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) seamlessly from the same application. Faculty can securely access school computers from a range of devices and operating systems. When support is required, help desk teams can swiftly troubleshoot on-demand from anywhere, allowing schools to adapt and acclimate to change without disrupting classrooms. "We are proud to partner with Splashtop and to recommend their high-performance education technology for IT help desk support, work from home enablement, and classroom cloud,” said Rian Yablun, President at Lakeshore IT Solutions. “Their solutions are a great fit for a majority of our K-12 clients, and the feedback we have received is outstanding.” Splashtop for Education enhances learning by providing an in-person experience that helps students reach their full potential, whether in-classroom or accessing the resources they need after hours. Students can use lab computers and licensed software from Adobe, Autodesk or other providers from their laptops, iPads, Chromebooks or additional devices, even after lab hours. IT teams can easily schedule remote lab access sessions for students to optimize the use of lab computers and expensive software licenses, as well as provide support to teachers and students who may not be off-site at other locations. Teachers and students can use Splashtop Mirroring360 to create interactive classroom experiences by allowing them to mirror content, ideas and apps on their personal device to share with the whole class. This collaboration tool operates seamlessly with tablets, smartphones, computers, and Chromebooks to create a productive learning environment where teachers can move freely through their classrooms and effectively engage with their students. “As the world normalizes flexible workplaces, schools need technology that enhances productivity, enables work from home, and makes lives of students, faculty and IT professionals easier. Splashtop offers classroom collaboration tools and remote access solutions that are user-friendly for technical and nontechnical audiences. They are easy to implement, easy to support and safeguard against vulnerabilities commonly exploited by cybercriminals.” Justin Windsor, Splashtop’s Channel Chief for the Americas ABOUT LAKESHORE IT SOLUTIONS Lakeshore IT is a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) based in Spring Grove, Illinois that specializes in providing consultative IT services and support to the K-12 educational. Lakeshore IT was founded in 2016 by Rian Yablun after more than 15 years in the IT industry, with the goal of providing IT solutions to clients with the exceptional service and support they deserve. Lakeshore IT strives to be a one stop shop for all customers whether it be for products or services. ABOUT SPLASHTOP Splashtop delivers secure remote access and remote IT support software for enterprises, education, government, SMBs, MSPs, IT departments, and individuals. It’s cloud-based, secure, and easily managed remote solutions are used by more than 30 million customers, including 85% of the Fortune 500, and have earned a 93 Net Promoter Score (NPS).

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Launch of Engageli 2.0 Brings Seamless Purpose-Built Multimodality Teaching to Higher Ed

Engageli | February 16, 2022

Engageli, a purpose-built comprehensive learning environment designed by leading educators to foster active, collaborative learning, and deeper peer-to-peer connections, today announced the launch of version 2.0 of its platform. The new version includes a browser-based instructor application, in addition to the native application for Windows and macOS, and contains a suite of new features to enable multimodality learning, as well as allow for seamless instructor adoption and an improved user experience for both instructors and learners. While digital learning expanded in response to COVID, it’s increasingly becoming a must-have for students and educators who demand flexibility. Colleges and universities around the world that recognize virtual learning is here to stay and requires a modern, purpose-built approach have adopted Engageli for in-person, virtual, and hybrid, flexible (“hyflex”) environments that include both in-person and online. “Since Engageli launched in 2020, we’ve been continuously investing in improving the platform based on partner feedback. We are proud to expand access and continue delivering exceptional, flexible learning experiences that are personal, engaging, and rooted in learning outcomes. Our partners in higher education have been testing version 2.0 for several months and have shared positive feedback on how easy it is to get started, how flexible the platform is, and how the new reporting allows them to better measure engagement and identify at-risk students.” Dan Avida, Co-Founder, and CEO Engageli 2.0 allows instructors to teach directly from a web browser, without downloading and installing an application. This makes the platform usable on more devices while optimizing bandwidth use, and greatly simplifies the onboarding experience. Learners can join an Engageli session via a browser or a native iOS app. “First and foremost, we are a teaching and engagement-focused platform, and all product improvements are in service of improving learning,” said Dr. Andreina Parisi-Amon, VP of Learning & Teaching. “Engageli 2.0 integrates a number of features that educators have been looking for to deliver a seamless and rich learning experience and power a true transformation towards a more flexible and inclusive environment.” New features and capabilities of Engageli 2.0 include: Playback rooms for flexible content engagement: Learners can engage in an asynchronous class session individually or with a cohort of their peers. They can answer polls and quizzes, take time-synched notes, capture screenshots and annotate for personal reflection. Or download the session from the Engageli cloud for asynchronous learning. Simplified audio modes that make class management easy:Table Mode, the primary audio mode, fosters community and collaboration by allowing learners to be in small groups while still hearing the instructor and being connected to the full class. Room Mode allows instructors and all students to hear from each other regardless of where they are seated and is ideal for smaller, full classroom discussions. Native integration with the whiteboard platform Miro for collaboration and group projects:Instructors now have the ability to seamlessly integrate Miro whiteboards in class for easy collaboration, ideation, and brainstorming. More tools for co-instructors and reporting to improve learner engagement:Improved engagement markers deliver better insights into student activity, improved tools to handle class recordings, and enhanced tracking and reporting capabilities. Improved record-keeping and technical troubleshooting to improve class efficiency:Students now have the ability to easily download class chat history for later reference and can troubleshoot issues with a self-test capability for audio, microphone, camera, screen share, and connectivity, allowing for common technical problems to be solved before classes start. “In the past two years, multimodal learning has become part of the new normal,” added Avida. “Engageli is powering the transformation towards a more flexible and inclusive learning environment and is the premier tool delivering digital solutions to educators.” About Engageli Engageli is advancing the higher education industry globally by improving virtual teaching and learning experiences. Its premier cloud-based, multimodal digital learning technology creates flexible, inclusive, secure environments optimized for student connections and active learning. Recognized for these innovations, Engageli was named to the 2021 HolonIQ EdTech 200 list, highlighting the most promising education technology companies in North America, and earned honorable mention in the 2021 Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Award program, which honors companies and initiatives that inspire better and more equitable learning. Founded in 2020 by Dan Avida, Dr. Serge Plotkin, and Dr. Daphne Koller, Co-Founder of Coursera and Insitro, Engageli has raised over $47 million in funding.

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Leading eLearning Platforms Use Applitools Visual AI to Deliver Engaging Student Experiences in Hybrid Environments

Applitools | August 13, 2021

Applitools, provider of a next generation test automation platform powered by Visual AI and Ultrafast Test Cloud, today announced the growing adoption of Applitools Visual AI for various eLearning platforms including EVERFI, Age of Learning, Imagine Learning and more. Applitools also uses Visual AI technology for its own online education platform, Test Automation University, which helps more than 80,000 software engineers gain knowledge and training for test automation skill sets. The demand for e-learning has increased exponentially during COVID as has the need to deliver new features and capabilities to students in hybrid educational environments. Applitools Visual AI helps software engineering and product teams validate an eLearning platform's user experience (UX) and uncover bugs in the user interface (UI) faster than ever before. It uses machine learning from more than one billion images analyzed in addition to AI enhancing data from over 130 different web browser and version combinations, various device viewports, and direct user feedback on UI defects, dynamic content, and more. "Applitools has changed the way we approach QA, making us a faster, more consistent development team, as well as giving us more confidence in the quality of our product with every push to production," said Alex Dinari, Senior Front-End Engineer at Age of Learning. Over the past year, the closure of many businesses and educational institutions has resulted in exponential growth of the virtual learning industry making a seamless UX vital to student and program success. As more and more businesses and institutions invest in virtual education and training, the eLearning market is predicted to surpass $1 trillion by 2027 according to Global Market Insights*. With such growth, the eLearning market is highly competitive and optimal user experience is imperative. One example is EVERFI, a provider of online learning products. EVERFI uses Applitools visual AI to compare rendered pages quickly and efficiently at scale with ease. When designing its new common product platform, dev teams at EVERFI saw that a single development change could ripple across a range of courses with unintended consequences, affecting tens of thousands of web pages. "Applitools lets us test almost 5,000 unique platform pages with confidence," said Greg Sypolt, Vice President of Quality Assurance at EVERFI. "We count on Applitools to help capture the hundreds of thousands of combinations that will exist across all the courses once all the courses get migrated." EVERFI also faced problems with UX and opaqueness of the platform, making it impossible to know what users were seeing because of the variety of ways and places screens can be dynamically generated. "How can we improve the user experience, if we don't actually know exactly what our users are seeing?" asks Marianne Epstein, Director of UX design at EVERFI. "The number of permutations is overwhelming and was impossible for the UX team to navigate. Applitools provides instant access and validation to the massive inventory of screens and the peace of mind knowing that every regression is immediately spotted across all screen variations ensuring the user experience is exactly as it was intended to be. I feel like it is a transformative tool for our UX team and how we partner with development to drive user experience." The growth of the eLearning market has expanded exponentially in the last five years and does not show signs of slowing down. Applitools is no stranger to this explosive growth and the challenges associated with delivering virtual learning experiences. Test Automation University and its new Automation Cookbook and Test Kitchen are examples of how Visual AI is ensuring dynamic learning and training experiences that will make an impact for a lifetime. About Applitools Applitools delivers a Next Generation Test Automation Platform through Visual AI and Ultrafast Grid. We enable engineering teams to release high quality web and mobile apps at incredible speed and at a reduced cost. Applitools Visual AI modernizes important test automation use cases -- Functional Testing, Visual Testing, Web and Mobile UI/UX Testing, Cross Browser Testing, Responsive Web Design Testing, Cross Device Testing, PDF Testing, Accessibility Testing and Compliance Testing -- to transform the way organizations deliver innovation at the speed of CI/CD at a significantly lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Hundreds of companies from verticals such as Tech, Banking, Insurance, Retail, Pharma, and Publishing -- including 50 of the Fortune 100 -- use Applitools to deliver the best possible digital experiences to millions of customers on any device and browser, and across every screen size and operating system.

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