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Positive Action, Inc. Enters Partnership to Distribute Content via PresenceLearning's Therapy Platform

Positive Action, Inc. | November 12, 2021

Positive Action, Inc. ("PAI"), the leading education and technology company for evidence-based social and emotional learning (SEL) programs, has entered a distribution partnership with PresenceLearning, the leading provider of live online therapy tools and special education related services for K-12 schools.

"PresenceLearning's technology platform is breaking down barriers for students to access quality special education services from a live clinician. We are delighted to pair our SEL curriculum content with PresenceLearning's platform in support of the mutual objective of delivering the most effective SEL learning experience to students."

Alex Allred, CEO of PAI

Via PresenceLearning's platform, students log in from school or home to live teletherapy sessions with licensed clinicians. Special education related services delivered include speech-language therapy, occupational therapy, behavioral and mental health therapy, and assessments. Clinicians within PresenceLearning's network will be able to access complete digital curriculum materials from Positive Action's SEL programs, including comprehensive education materials (most with approximately 140 lessons), student activity sheets, thumbnail graphics for posters, and other visual aids. Proven effective in multiple randomized controlled trials, the Positive Action SEL program is designed for use in all tiers of instruction and includes specialized materials designed for drug education, anti-bullying, family, and counselor objectives.

"The addition of Positive Action to our digital content library meaningfully expands the SEL resources available to our clinicians and school partners. Our platform facilitates a personalized therapy experience for each child, and in today's environment, incorporating SEL into therapy is vital to helping students reach their potential," said Kate Eberle Walker, CEO, PresenceLearning.

About Positive Action, Inc.
Positive Action, Inc. (PAI) is the leading education and technology company for evidence-based social and emotional learning (SEL) programs. Developed by founder Dr. Carol Allred beginning in 1973, our PK-12 programs are based on the intuitive philosophy that we feel good about ourselves when we do positive actions. We offer the only SEL program proven to simultaneously improve student academic achievement and behavior in multiple, multi-year randomized controlled trials, the highest standard of evidence-based education. Our programs have earned prestigious accolades from numerous institutions, including the U.S. Department of Education, U.S. Department of Justice, Harvard University, and The Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL). 

About PresenceLearning
PresenceLearning, Inc., is the leading provider of therapy software and teletherapy services for special education related services and behavioral mental health counseling in schools. At the heart of the company is a purpose-built therapy platform, designed by clinicians for clinicians. Special education teams utilize the Therapy Essentials platform to serve children both in and out of school, leveraging PresenceLearning's national network of more than 1,500 speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, and behavioral and mental health professionals as needed to ensure that every child is served. To date PresenceLearning has delivered more than 3 million therapy sessions. Investors in the company include Bain Capital Double Impact, Catalyst Investors, Catamount Ventures, and New Markets Venture Partners.


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Join Professor Brian Hallett, an expert in Visual Communication and Branded Content, as he unveils the transformative power of AI in education at IE University. Discover how IE University empowers students to embrace AI as a valuable tool for creativity and critical thinking. Witness real-life examples where AI enhances students' inventions and analyses, raising the bar for excellence. Experience the future of personalized learning, where AI and humans collaborate to create a dynamic and enriching academic environment. Hit play now and unlock your true potential with AI-enhanced education at IE University! IE University

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edX and Shorelight Collaborate to Connect Learners with International Study Opportunities

PRnewswire | July 31, 2023

edX, a leading global online learning platform from 2U, Inc. today announced the launch of a new Study Abroad hub to help edX learners in India advance their education overseas. This new hub, developed in collaboration with Shorelight, a leader in the international education space, will connect millions of edX learners to Shorelight's catalog of over 3,000 in-person graduate and undergraduate programs at top U.S. institutions, including American University, Auburn University, University of Illinois Chicago, University of Dayton, and more. The new Study Abroad hub will connect edX learners from India directly with Shorelight to help evaluate and select an international study abroad program that best fits their academic and career needs. Shorelight will then help learners navigate the often complex study abroad application process and continue to serve as a support system once the learner is attending classes in the U.S. "Shorelight is steadfast in our mission to help international students access top U.S. universities, equipping them with the knowledge and support they need to excel in their academic pursuits and launch successful careers. Our partnership with edX enables us to share this mission with an even broader audience globally," said Tom Dretler, CEO of Shorelight Education. "We're excited to introduce edX learners to the diverse programs offered through Shorelight, bridging geographical boundaries and expanding the horizons of countless students." Shorelight and edX's collaboration comes as more students around the world look to study outside their home country. In 2022, the number of international students attending college in the U.S. grew 4% to nearly 1 million, with the majority coming from India and China. India is edX's second-largest market in terms of registered learners, behind the U.S., and a focus for the company's continued global expansion. "The Study Abroad hub on edX further enhances our ability to support international learners seeking to study in-person overseas – expanding our global footprint and meeting the needs of a significant and growing segment of the education market," said 2U Co-Founder and CEO Christopher "Chip" Paucek. "Together with Shorelight, we are committed to providing learners in India with greater access to relevant, affordable, and high-quality programs from the world's best colleges and universities." About edX edX is the global online learning platform that fuels the world's ambition. edX was developed in 2012 by Harvard and MIT to make the world's best education available to everyone. Today, as a part of 2U, Inc. (Nasdaq: TWOU), edX connects over 76 million people with online learning to meet every professional moment. Together with top-ranked universities and organizations at the forefront of their fields, edX offers thousands of job-relevant programs across nearly every career discipline, from artificial intelligence and robotics to sustainability and public health. About Shorelight Shorelight is a leading international student marketplace in the United States. Our platform connects international students, universities, and service providers to drive student enrollment and performance at scale. We do this so that a more globally diverse population can lead and prosper for generations to come. Together, we help Educate the World.

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Online Learning Pioneer Taps Consumer Insights Expert as Lead of Digital Marketing

PRnewswire | July 27, 2023

StraighterLine, a creator of affordable, flexible and career-aligned postsecondary courses and credentials that serves over 150,000 learners per year, announced today the appointment of Allison Lesser as vice president of digital marketing. With a track record of successfully leading branding and digital and omni-channel marketing for education, consumer and media brands for more than 20 years, Lesser joins the company after spending more than a decade in branding, digital marketing and user experience leadership roles at education technology companies. "Allison's extensive experience in education technology and her passion for making education and training more accessible align perfectly with StraighterLine's vision," said Heather Combs, CEO of StraighterLine. "We are thrilled to have her join our team and lead our digital marketing efforts. Her expertise and leadership will drive our mission forward and help us reach even more learners around the world." In her new role, Lesser will oversee digital marketing strategies and initiatives to support the company's growing platform of courses and new product innovations. She will be responsible for shaping the technical vision and strategy for the StraighterLine platform, driving product innovation and enhancing the overall learning experience for students. Lesser most recently worked for The Teaching Company, known for its content brands The Great Courses and Wondrium. There, led the acquisition marketing team for Wondrium's video streaming product of nonfiction content and successfully hired, trained and mentored a team of marketers. During the pandemic, her team increased spend by more than 70% in a short time frame while keeping the cost per acquisition within business goals. Her dedication and commitment to delivering strong results in a fast-paced and evolving environment exemplify her leadership skills. Earlier in her career, Lesser held various leadership roles in the education and digital marketing sectors. She began her journey in education technology in 2011 as the director of product marketing for online education developer K12, where she worked closely with market research and developed positioning for educational products. She also served as the director of digital marketing for Envision, the pioneering developer of career exploration and leadership development experiences for K-12 students. She began her career working in the global headquarters of AOL, where she spent ten years focused on consumer experience and driving product, marketing and content teams to make decisions based on consumer data. Aside from her professional achievements, Lesser is actively involved in volunteer work and regularly participates in races that support various causes and sponsors two children from Tanzania through Compassion International, providing them with letters of encouragement. She also volunteers at Potowmack Elementary in Sterling, Virginia, where she works closely with the school liaison and social worker to identify ways to help families in need. A resident of Northern Virginia, Lesser has been happily married to her husband, Chris Lesser, for 20 years and is a proud mother of two teenage children. About StraighterLine: StraighterLine is the leading provider of high-quality, affordable, online courses that help learners earn college credit and meet their professional goals. Each year, 150,000 learners take one of StraighterLine's 250+ courses to upskill into new careers or earn credit from over 2,000 colleges and universities worldwide. StraighterLine works with institutions and corporate partners to provide their students and employees with flexible education options that allow them to work and learn at their own pace.

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Instructure Reveals Major Product Innovations Across Four Strategic Areas

PRnewswire | August 02, 2023

Instructure, the leading learning platform and maker of Canvas, today announced enhanced and expanded Instructure Learning Platform solutions, further demonstrating the company's ongoing commitment to innovation in edtech and its mission to make teachers' work easier and improve student success. Today the company unveiled enhancements centered around core teaching and learning, advanced analytics, lifelong learning and platform integration during InstructureCon 2023, the company's annual user conference held July 26-28 in Denver. Core Teaching and Learning To better support millions of educators and learners using Canvas around the world, Instructure showcased continued innovation to their core teaching and learning solutions, all designed to save educators time, personalize learning experiences for students and simplify complex tasks for administrators. Today, AI-assisted course templating was announced, giving educators and instructional designers the power to quickly create elegant page layouts using dynamic methods, making courses both more engaging and intuitive. This latest release, soon available in beta, joins the growing list of new functionalities specifically designed to improve educator efficiency and reduce administrative tasks, such as bulk publishing for modules, enhanced Gradebook filters, Course Pacing and the ability to submit assignments on behalf of students. Students also gain a more personalized, equitable experience from Canvas solutions with tailored in-context support, like the beta AI-powered right-and-wrong answer rationale and integration of AI writing tutor Khanmigo, made available through the just-announced partnership with Khan Academy. These tools give instructors supplemental AI-powered tools to support students in and out of the classroom. "This work underscores our continued commitment to build the extensibility and advanced capabilities of Canvas products, while also promoting simplicity for both educators and learners," said Shiren Vijiasingam, Instructure's Chief Product Officer. "With the introduction of AI capabilities into our core products—both with our own innovation and that of our strategic partners found in our beta emerging AI marketplace—we aim to meet the immediate and future needs of our community with substantive improvements that help to drive best practice in pedagogy and curriculum." Advanced Analytics Building upon the rapid adoption of the new data pipeline for Canvas Data 2 and the recently released Canvas Admin Analytics, included in Canvas LMS, Instructure also showcased new advanced analytics solutions now available in beta. This allows administrators to personalize the way they see and interact with their data in a fraction of the time. Injecting conversational AI into Instructure analytics products empowers educators to ask deeper questions of their data using everyday language. This results in more timely, actionable insights to drive better outcomes for students. Lifelong Learning In response to rapidly evolving labor markets and growing demand for alternate educational paths, Instructure's new streamlined offering of Canvas LMS, Canvas Credentials and Canvas Catalog provide institutions with a turnkey solution to diversify course offerings, attract new learners and drive continued institutional growth. As an evolution of this offering, today the company previewed innovative work in credentialing and learner records. Instructure is launching a learner passport in beta designed to empower learners to carry stackable, verifiable evidence of the competencies acquired throughout their learning journey. "We believe the future requires a portable, shareable record to show the skills and achievements an individual mastered with either employers or institutions," Vijiasingam said. "We know that learners are looking for alternative paths to employment and education and this gives them the power to pursue their own unique learning journeys." Platform Integration To realize the company's mission of delivering the most comprehensive, seamless learning platform on the market, Instructure showcased new deep integration between their solutions, like Canvas LMS and assessment management system Mastery Connect, and a seamless learning experience across Canvas LMS, Canvas Catalog and Canvas Credentials. This cohesive platform experience is strengthened by a foundation of data brought to life by advanced analytics. As part of the platform, the Instructure Community, edtech's largest online community, now has PandaBot, an AI-powered chatbot available to all community members. "Whether educators and learners are using Instructure products or other educational technologies on the Instructure Learning Platform, they deserve an experience that puts teaching and learning front and center," said Steve Daly, Instructure's Chief Executive Officer. "Removing the barriers between these solutions allows everyone to navigate freely so they can focus on the content of their education and not the tech. Today we shared our vision of what a cohesive platform experience could and should look like–and our strategy to get there." ABOUT INSTRUCTURECON InstructureCon 2023, Instructure's professional learning event for educators and edtech users, with a 2023 theme of Making Moments, features prominent keynotes from Deepak Chopra, Arianna Huffington and Dr. Jordan Nguyen. With more than 130 sessions from fellow educators and inspiring thinkers, InstructureCon addresses some of the most impactful edtech insights and tips on resilience, wellness and self-care for educators. This year's InstructureCon event takes place July 25-28, at the Gaylord Rockies Resort and Convention Center in Denver. ABOUT INSTRUCTURE Instructure is an education technology company dedicated to elevating student success, amplifying the power of teaching, and inspiring everyone to learn together. Today the Instructure Learning Platform, comprised of its flagship product Canvas LMS and several products serving K-12 and higher education, supports tens of millions of educators and learners around the world.

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