New Skillsoft Study Reveals Learning and Development Disconnect Between Women in Tech and Employers

Skillsoft | December 03, 2021

Skillsoft, a global leader in corporate digital learning, today released new research exploring the current state of women in tech including the challenges and barriers to inclusion they face and how employers can better support them. Findings from Skillsoft’s 2021 Women in Tech Report reveal that while female employees have gained hard-fought ground in the workplace, a large gap still exists when it comes to opportunities for professional development and career advancement.

According to the report, there is a misalignment between the workplace benefits women in tech are seeking and what is currently being provided. For example, while 86 percent of respondents cited opportunities for professional development and training as extremely or very important to them, just 42 percent said their employers currently offer this as a benefit. Additionally, when asked about the top challenges they have faced while pursuing a tech-related career, nearly a third of women surveyed (32 percent) pointed to a lack of training.

The research indicates that women in tech want to learn, and when asked which tech-related areas they are most interested in, business analysis, cybersecurity, analytics, AI, and machine learning, and leadership and management topped their lists. With Skillsoft’s recent IT Skills and Salary Report finding that 76 percent of organizations currently face skills gaps in their IT departments, providing opportunities for training and professional development is a major benefit for employers and employees alike as it can help fill crucial shortages and skills gaps and put women on a path for career advancement.

“Organizations around the globe are looking for ways to address their skills gaps, and in many cases, the answer lies within via their existing workforce. Women make up less than 40 percent of the global workforce, and for that number to increase, female employees must be empowered with continuous training, professional development, and career advancement, as well as equal pay. The time is now for organizations to tackle gender disparity head-on. By doing so, we can build more inclusive, equitable, and competitive businesses.”

Potoula Chresomales, SVP, Product Management, Skillsoft

Skillsoft’s 2021 Women in Tech Report highlights a few ways organizations can better empower female employees, including:

  • Provide and encourage opportunities for certification: When asked how certifications have helped advance their careers, respondents reported gaining more responsibility (52 percent), earning higher salaries (34 percent), and receiving promotions (32 percent), among other benefits. Despite business analysis and cybersecurity being identified as leading areas of interest, just 22 percent and 18 percent of respondents, respectively, hold corresponding certifications.19 percent report holding no certifications at all.
  • Make a concentrated effort to reduce gender bias in STEM: 70 percent of women surveyed reported that men outnumber them in the workplace at ratios of two-to-one or greater. Additionally, Skillsoft found that compared to men, women in tech must work longer to climb the corporate ladder. The highest percentage of men in leadership roles have 15-20 years of experience versus 26 or more years for women. To encourage more women to pursue tech-related careers, respondents said organizations should provide opportunities for professional development and training (55 percent), childcare (47 percent), career coaching, mentoring, and counseling (43 percent), and an equitable work culture (41 percent).
  • Alleviate the unique on-the-job challenges women face: While overall job satisfaction for women in tech is strong – 91 percent of respondents report being extremely or somewhat satisfied in their roles – they face numerous obstacles. 38 percent of respondents list their biggest challenge as a lack of equity in pay. This is followed by balancing work and life (36 percent) and a lack of equity in opportunities (33 percent).
  • Ensure training is timely and topical: When selecting a training provider, women in tech seek scheduling capabilities (34 percent), relevant course availability (32 percent), and opportunities for hands-on practice (32 percent).

About Skillsoft
Skillsoft is a global leader in corporate digital learning, focused on transforming today’s workforce for tomorrow’s economy. The Company provides enterprise learning solutions designed to prepare organizations for the future of work, overcome critical skill gaps, drive demonstrable behavior-change, and unlock the potential in their people. Skillsoft offers a comprehensive suite of premium, original, and authorized partner content, including one of the broadest and deepest libraries of leadership & business skills, technology & developer, and compliance curricula. With access to a broad spectrum of learning options (including video, audio, books, bootcamps, live events, and practice labs), organizations can meaningfully increase learner engagement and retention. Skillsoft’s offerings are delivered through Percipio, its award-winning, AI-driven, immersive learning platform purpose built to make learning easier, more accessible, and more effective.


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Play it Safe is an online solution that is easy to plan and available 24/7. No need to organize classical training sessions with the hassle of getting all people together at the same time at the same place. Your employees can train when they have time, regardless of location; whether on the train or at the office.

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