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New Partnership with International Education Solutions Launches Pacific Prime

Protection business Pacific Prime has declared their most recent association with International Education Solutions (IES), a supplier of inventive answers for global schools in the Asia Pacific district.

Pacific Prime has given inclusion to more than 250 worldwide schools and instructive foundations internationally, acquiring specific ability in the area and an inside and out information on its danger scene.

Neil Raymond, CEO and Founder of Pacific Prime, says: “Schools face a growing number of challenges in today’s post-pandemic world, which makes school risk management and insurance solutions a must. As such, we are very excited about working closely with IES and reaching a wider network of schools through them, as well as sharing our best practices.”

Richard Gaskell, CEO and Co-Founder at IES, says: “IES came about through our re-imagining of what international education looks like in the post-pandemic era. Education is not going to go back to the way it was before the pandemic, and we need to evolve our thinking to support schools and parents with a range of blended solutions. We are very proud to have Pacific Prime as our insurance partner.”

About Pacific Prime

Pacific Prime is an award-winning health insurance broker and employee benefits specialist. The brokerage has grown to acquire a global presence over the last two decades, offering best-value insurance products and services to its individual and corporate clients.

About IES

International Education Solutions (IES) is a provider of B2B and B2C solutions for international schools. IES is part of the Canadian International Education Organisation (CIEO) group, which operates schools in China, Hong Kong and Thailand that serve more than 20,000 students.



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