New Online Private School Concierge-Style Offers Personalized Education

yahoo | January 13, 2021

With the difficulties in schooling today, guardians are reimagining their youngster's learning alternatives. They are searching for a balanced and strong educational program, devoted instructor to-understudy uphold and incessant correspondence. Verse International Academy as of late dispatched its philanthropic attendant style online schooling that is pulling in guardians from everywhere the world with its set-up of administrations and customized learning educational program at a reasonable expense.

"We offer a school that is tailor-made to each individual student and nurtured by a support team that includes an academic coach, teachers and tutors to help develop self-disciplined students that are well-prepared to succeed in college," said Dr. Christine Kasitz, Head of School. "Many parents are dissatisfied with distance learning and learning loss, especially for the long-term. We addressed those concerns with a comprehensive and positive experience for student and parents."

The foundation's STEAM-centered educational program for grades 6-12 is intended for understudies who have a wide scope of capacities, interests and learning styles. Refrain, a philanthropic online tuition based school, is worked around a powerful, imaginative learning climate intended to draw in understudies to learn, lead and accomplish in school and life.

Refrain is a dominance based program, so understudies get credits for showing that they comprehend the necessary material, as opposed to time spent sitting in a study hall. They may try out of units they have just dominated or delayed down to invest more energy on new or troublesome subjects. Quickened classes are accessible to understudies who can deal with topic over their evaluation level or for double enlistment school credit.

According to Dr. Kasitz, Stanza students have several hours of intense teacher support per week, daily check-ins and virtual tutoring on demand. "We have found that what students need most to be successful is not dedicated time in classroom seats, but dedicated teacher support. Our intense personalized learning and one-on-one instruction is what differentiates us and why students are finding success with Stanza."

Understudies can select whenever consistently, either on a full-time or low maintenance premise to quicken their examinations or get up to speed with credits. All educators are guaranteed topic specialists and extra instructors are gotten for any courses that understudies demand.

About Stanza International Academy

Stanza International Academy takes online learning to the next level with a proprietary model of personalized, one-on-one learning for grades 6-12. As pioneers of this education model, we provide an exceptional experience for students who have a wide range of abilities, interests and learning styles. Our academic coaches and teachers guide students through flexible, yet structured learning with constant communication and a STEAM-focused curriculum that enhances each student’s strengths.


Over the past year, the education sector has been buoyed by several key factors, including a growing recognition that as big data restructures work, there is an urgent need to rethink how education is delivered. Here are 5 specific e-learning areas and e-learning applications that will grow in 2018.


Over the past year, the education sector has been buoyed by several key factors, including a growing recognition that as big data restructures work, there is an urgent need to rethink how education is delivered. Here are 5 specific e-learning areas and e-learning applications that will grow in 2018.

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ChiliSleep Launches a Trio of Online Learning Platforms to Continue Improving How the World Sleeps

ChiliSleep | September 23, 2021

Kryo, Inc., the parent company of ChiliSleep, today announced the launch of three sleep learning platforms for both the professional and consumer markets. ChiliSleep is launching a “Back to Sleep” challenge to encourage people to take back their health. This 5-day live event will run from September 27, 2021 – October 1, 2021. The goal of the free Back to Sleep challenge is to improve how millions of people around the world are sleeping -- by starting a sleep movement, creating a community, and inspiring participants through a unique blend of accountability and behavioral change. ChiliSleep has assembled a star-studded roster of health + wellness experts who will share specific strategies to teach people how to get good sleep. One of the featured speakers is Mollie McGlocklin, creator of Sleep Is A Skill and the host of The Sleep Is A Skill Podcast. “I’ll be sharing the exact steps that people need to take! We’re going to take our health back TOGETHER as a community. I can’t wait to reach even more people to help them escape the cycle of sleepless nights and exhausting days,” said McGlocklin. Other event speakers are Michael J. Breus, PhD (aka, “The Sleep Doctor”), David Nurse (NBA/elite performance optimization coach), and Kelly Starrett (physical therapist, New York Times bestselling author, speaker, and CrossFit trainer). The free challenge, which will last 60 minutes each day, launches on Monday, September 27. Participants can register here: Sleepme 6-Week Course for Consumers Sleepme coaching is a new program that helps people who struggle with their sleep quality -- whether they simply can't fall asleep or they can’t stay asleep. Knowing that quality sleep enhances overall health and wellness, ChiliSleep’s upcoming consumer-focused 6-week program will teach the necessary framework for better sleep. “The course will focus on creating positive behaviors for people willing to experiment a little and try out new strategies that will improve their sleep quality and have them wake up feeling rested! Not only will students learn about sleep, but they’ll also gain insights into their own sleeping patterns and how to improve their health overall,” said ChiliSleep CEO and Co-Founder Tara Youngblood. Throughout the program’s core modules, students will learn about the three main pillars of sleep: Environmental, Behavioral, and Cognitive. Students will also learn the importance of stress reduction and mindfulness; light, sound, and temperature; analyzing sleep patterns, and understanding cognitive productivity. About ChiliSleep ChiliSleep is a sleep technology brand that optimizes health and wellness through clinically researched and drug-free sleep therapies to improve sleep quality. As the original inventors of the world’s first hydro-powered, temperature-regulated sleep system, ChiliSleep is revolutionizing the way the world sleeps. ChiliSleep's products cool as low as 55°F and allow users to fall asleep faster, stay asleep, and wake up rested! ChiliSleep’s award-winning bed cooling systems, the Cube™ and OOLER, consistently outperform the competition in the cooling/warming mattress topper category. Consumer Reports ranked the OOLER a 5/5 and #1 overall, with the Cube coming in at #2. Kryo, Inc., the parent company of ChiliSleep, was founded by Tara and Todd Youngblood and is currently ranked #615 on the 2020 Inc. 5000 list of Fastest Growing Small Companies.

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Red Lake Nation College Announces TutorMe Partnership

TutorMe | January 28, 2022

TutorMe, the online tutoring solution of the future, and the Red Lake Nation College, today announced an agreement to provide more of its students with free access to TutorMe's online 24/7 tutoring service for the remainder of the 2021-2022 school year. With more than 15,000 tutors available anytime to help with more than 300 subjects, TutorMe provides immediate expertise whenever and wherever students need it. Whether it's homework help or a study session, students pair up with their private tutor for a personalized 1-on-1 lesson in the advanced lesson space. "We are very excited about our partnership with TutorMe, since it is in full alignment with our flexible, personalized, one-on-one, academic and social support for all of our students," said Chief Dan King, President of Red Lake Nation College. King added, "Our students can now get additional academic support 24/7, at whatever time works into their busy life schedules." TutorMe's virtual classroom provides interactive features including a text editor, code editor, two-way audio/video chat, screen sharing, and a virtual whiteboard for engaging and enriching education. Each session is archived so students can conveniently access past lessons to help them with coursework and studying. "TutorMe has been on the frontline of online education assistance well before the pandemic arrived, providing top-notch tutors and on-demand academic support to ensure students never feel lost. The community of students, staff, and families at Red Lake Nation College can rely on TutorMe to provide 1-on-1 learning during critical times of need and beyond." TutorMe's co-founder and CEO Myles Hunter About TutorMe TutorMe, a subsidiary of Zovio, is an on-demand online education platform that empowers students of all ages, backgrounds, and learning styles to get the personalized live support they need to achieve their academic goals. Trusted by thousands of schools nationwide, over 1.5 million students have free access to expert 1-on-1 guidance 24/7 in more than 300 subjects, as well as a Writing Lab for quick, detailed feedback on papers. Since 2013, TutorMe has been an invaluable resource for K-12 school districts, higher education institutions, employers, and nonprofits, bridging learning gaps, increasing educational equity, and improving student outcomes. About Zovio Zovio is an education technology services company that partners with higher education institutions and employers to deliver innovative, personalized solutions to help learners and leaders achieve their aspirations. The Zovio network, including Fullstack Academy and TutorMe, leverages its core strengths to solve priority market needs through education technology services. Using proprietary, advanced data analytics, Zovio identifies the most meaningful ways to enhance the learner experience and deliver strong outcomes for higher education institutions, employers, and learners. Zovio's purpose is to help everyone be in a class of their own.

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Jamf Adds macOS Malware Prevention and Unified Log Forwarding to Help Organizations Keep Users, Devices and Company Data Secure

Jamf | May 21, 2020

In the current environment, more organizations are examining their remote employee and work-from-home policies. With employees using their computers at home, new security risks emerge. Today, to better serve enterprises focused on securing their remote workforces, Jamf announced it has added known malware prevention and unified log forwarding capabilities to its enterprise endpoint protection product, Jamf Protect.

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