New Online Private School Concierge-Style Offers Personalized Education

yahoo | January 13, 2021

With the difficulties in schooling today, guardians are reimagining their youngster's learning alternatives. They are searching for a balanced and strong educational program, devoted instructor to-understudy uphold and incessant correspondence. Verse International Academy as of late dispatched its philanthropic attendant style online schooling that is pulling in guardians from everywhere the world with its set-up of administrations and customized learning educational program at a reasonable expense.

"We offer a school that is tailor-made to each individual student and nurtured by a support team that includes an academic coach, teachers and tutors to help develop self-disciplined students that are well-prepared to succeed in college," said Dr. Christine Kasitz, Head of School. "Many parents are dissatisfied with distance learning and learning loss, especially for the long-term. We addressed those concerns with a comprehensive and positive experience for student and parents."

The foundation's STEAM-centered educational program for grades 6-12 is intended for understudies who have a wide scope of capacities, interests and learning styles. Refrain, a philanthropic online tuition based school, is worked around a powerful, imaginative learning climate intended to draw in understudies to learn, lead and accomplish in school and life.

Refrain is a dominance based program, so understudies get credits for showing that they comprehend the necessary material, as opposed to time spent sitting in a study hall. They may try out of units they have just dominated or delayed down to invest more energy on new or troublesome subjects. Quickened classes are accessible to understudies who can deal with topic over their evaluation level or for double enlistment school credit.

According to Dr. Kasitz, Stanza students have several hours of intense teacher support per week, daily check-ins and virtual tutoring on demand. "We have found that what students need most to be successful is not dedicated time in classroom seats, but dedicated teacher support. Our intense personalized learning and one-on-one instruction is what differentiates us and why students are finding success with Stanza."

Understudies can select whenever consistently, either on a full-time or low maintenance premise to quicken their examinations or get up to speed with credits. All educators are guaranteed topic specialists and extra instructors are gotten for any courses that understudies demand.

About Stanza International Academy

Stanza International Academy takes online learning to the next level with a proprietary model of personalized, one-on-one learning for grades 6-12. As pioneers of this education model, we provide an exceptional experience for students who have a wide range of abilities, interests and learning styles. Our academic coaches and teachers guide students through flexible, yet structured learning with constant communication and a STEAM-focused curriculum that enhances each student’s strengths.


“ If I can imagine it I can make it, within my ability” - Zach, Tech Graph Student. Wriggle Learning supports Holy Family Community School and students like Zach on their digital journey.


“ If I can imagine it I can make it, within my ability” - Zach, Tech Graph Student. Wriggle Learning supports Holy Family Community School and students like Zach on their digital journey.

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USC Law and Social Work Schools Partner to Provide an Educational Opportunity for Students to Focus on Social Justice Advocacy

USC Gould School of Law | September 12, 2022

The Law, Social Justice and Diversity certificate, offered in person at USC’s University Park Campus location in Los Angeles, is designed for those who seek to learn more about law and social justice. This certificate explores the legal framework and regulations around social work and social justice in the United States. The Social Work Administration certificate, offered as an online-only program, provides a working understanding of the laws and regulations that impact social work. This certificate is geared toward leadership-minded professionals in social work and social service agencies. “The interdisciplinary certificates across social work and law will add to students’ existing skills to increase their community impact and help shape social policy,” says Samuel Mistrano, JD, associate teaching professor at the USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work and faculty lead for both graduate certificate programs with USC Gould. “Students will understand how to drive positive change and address societal inequities using practical applications of their academic lessons.” Students in these specialized programs will gain fundamental knowledge of core concepts, essential laws, and emerging issues that shape current policy and professional practice. “The law has a tremendous impact on social work and social justice,Understanding the legal policies will help strengthen professionals’ advocacy for the individuals they serve.” Deborah Call, associate dean and chief programs officer for the USC Gould School of Law. The on-campus Law, Social Justice and Diversity certificate may be earned as a standalone certificate in as few as three semesters or concurrently with an On-Campus Master of Studies in Law (MSL) degree at USC Gould or with the Master of Social Work (MSW) degree at USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work. The online Social Work Administration certificate may also be earned as a standalone certificate in as few as three semesters or concurrently with the Online MSL degree or Online Master of Laws (LLM) degree programs at USC Gould, or with the Master of Social Work (MSW) degree at USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work. Students in both certificate programs will benefit from dedicated academic advising, professional development and career services support, and networking opportunities available from the University of Southern California. About the USC Gould School of Law The USC Gould School of Law is a private top 20 law school with a reputation for academic excellence and a world-class faculty. USC Gould is known for its diverse and collegial student body, its leadership in clinical education, and its supportive and global alumni network. Located in Los Angeles, one of the nation’s top legal markets and a hub for major law and entertainment firms, the Gould School offers a dynamic laboratory for legal training. For more information, visit About the USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work The USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work is a leader in social work and nursing education and research. The school champions social justice for the well-being of individuals, families, and communities through innovative teaching of evidence-based practice and practice-based skills, pioneering transformative research, and cultivating leadership for social change. The school is a recognized leader in academic innovation, experiential learning, online education, and translational research

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Modern Compliance Training Startup Ethena Launches Code of Conduct Training

Ethena | August 04, 2022

Ethena, a modern compliance training platform, announced the launch of its Code of Conduct training. The course transforms the Code of Conduct training that public companies are required to do from a “check-the-box” activity, into training that speaks to each company’s values and shares expectations of what it means to be acting ethically and inclusively. “A company’s Code of Conduct shares the principles and standards that everyone at the company needs to follow – that’s a really important vision to articulate, especially to new hires, Despite its importance, historically, most organizations have struggled to develop training that keeps company values and standards top of mind throughout the year. Usually, it ends up being generic training and check-the-box attestation. We saw companies hungry for something better but also scalable in the era of distributed teams. That’s why Ethena developed our Code of Conduct training to help build ethical and inclusive companies.” -Roxanne Petraeus, Ethena CEO and co-founder In the United States, all public companies are legally required to have a Code of Conduct, a mandate that began with the establishment of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act in 2002. Codes of Conduct have become the standard for building ethical workplaces–so much so that even private companies and growing startups develop their own internal Codes. A Code of Conduct typically encapsulates mission, core values, and culture statements combined with critical rules and regulations–all of which make for a complex, lengthy document. The density of most Codes has made it difficult for compliance professionals to implement effective training, and even harder for employees to retain that content. It is not uncommon for new hires to read the Code during the onboarding process, sign an attestation saying they will follow the rules stated within the document, and then never hear about the Code again. From public companies to up-and-coming startups, many organizations want to communicate and re-educate employees about the Code over the course of the year, but that has become increasingly difficult with the amount of required training employees receive. As a result, aspects of Code training either get added onto other training initiatives, or just get passed over due to tight budgets and training fatigue. Ethena’s fully configurable, off-the-shelf Code of Conduct training makes it easier for compliance officers, Legal and HR teams, and managers to educate employees about the Code consistently while not asking for too much employee time. Companies like Zoom have already deployed Ethena’s training to provide continual opportunities for their employees to learn about the Code of Conduct. Ethena provides the only Code training that is designed in digestible bits of training, which can be delivered at the Moments that Matter. For example, a company can deliver its “Gifts and Entertainment” training right before the holiday season for maximum learning and retention. In today’s constantly evolving business landscape, continuous learning in all aspects of an organization is essential, At Zoom, we extend our passion for continuous learning to our Code of Conduct to help foster value- and purpose-oriented teams, just as our product teams leverage their learnings to create the next-generation of product and business innovation,said Lynn Haaland, Zoom’s Chief Compliance, Ethics, and Privacy Officer. ABOUT ETHENA Ethena is a modern compliance training platform that provides innovative, effective training for companies. Instead of just checking a box, Ethena training builds ethical and inclusive company cultures while providing admins with a seamless software experience to navigate the increasingly-complex web of compliance training requirements. Ethena was founded by Roxanne Petraeus and Anne Solmssen, who drew upon their diverse backgrounds in the U.S. Army, consulting and startups to reinvent the stuffy world of corporate training. Ethena was named one of the most promising enterprise startups in 2021 by Insider.

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Ellucian and DVE Partnership Helps Higher Education Institutions Deliver on Digital Transformation in Australia

Ellucian | September 28, 2022

Ellucian, the leading higher education technology solutions provider, today announced a new partnership with higher education specialist consultancy, DVE Solutions, to resell Ellucian Quercus, a cloud-based Student Information System (SIS). The strategic partnership combines leading-edge technology with outstanding implementation expertise, enabling Australian higher education institutions to deliver on their digital transformations and drive tangible growth in a rapidly transforming sector.The newly signed deal positions DVE as the go-to-market partner for Quercus in the Asia-Pacific region, taking full advantage of DVE's reputation for delivering exceptional outcomes for educational institutions. With this agreement, Ellucian expands its already impressive partner ecosystem – the largest of its kind – which provides customers with access to digital expertise, solution providers and specialised systems. "In Australia, 198,000 (13%) of students drop out before completing their chosen course each year. Given this, student retention and engagement are top priorities for higher education, and our Quercus platform is designed to support student success along the entire spectrum of the student journey,With DVE helping us drive adoption of Quercus, we're aiming to expand digital opportunities for higher education institutions that will directly impact student outcomes." Keith Hawkes, Vice President, Australia for Ellucian DVE Solutions CEO, Jo Schneider, added, "We continually hear the challenges around collecting and using student information, providing seamless process for students and staff, and meeting government statutory reporting requirements. The partnership with Ellucian will allow us to deliver end-to-end solutions that ensure efficiency and compliance.Designed especially for higher education, Quercus enables institutions to efficiently manage records, streamline staff efforts and deliver a convenient, connected student experience. The cloud-based student information system features a modern architecture, enabling institutions to adapt seamlessly as functional and technical needs change, offering easy integrations with non-Ellucian solutions as well. About Ellucian Ellucian is the market leader charting the digital future of higher education with a portfolio of cloud-ready technology solutions and services. From student recruitment to workforce analytics; from fundraising opportunities to alumni engagement; Ellucian's comprehensive suite of data-rich tools gives colleges and universities the information they need to lead with confidence. Working with a community of more than 2,700 customers in over 50 countries, Ellucian keeps innovating as higher education keeps evolving. Drawing on its comprehensive higher education business acumen and suite of services, Ellucian guides its customers through manageable, sustainable digital transformation—so that every type of institution and student can thrive in today's fast-changing landscape. To find out what's next in higher education solutions and services, visit Ellucian at About DVE Solutions DVE Solutions drives powerful change in educational institutions with a holistic approach that considers People, Process, Structure and Technology. DVE's team of specialists in system implementation, technology and change ensure that every project is undertaken with the right people doing the right work.

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