MTS AI’s INTEMA Joins NVIDIA Inception VC Alliance to Invest in AI Startups Providing Online Training Courses by Deep Learning Institute

INTEMA | December 16, 2021

Online Training Courses in Startups
INTEMA by MTS AI is pleased to announce that its AI accelerator programme for education has today become a member of the NVIDIA Inception VC Alliance, an association of 200 leading venture funds and investors that has been established by NVIDIA to support the growth of startups across fields ranging from AI, data science, and high-performance computing. The collaboration will enable INTEMA to invest in a potential pool of more than 9,000 of NVIDIA’s Inception programme startup members, a group which comprises high-potential AI startups from all over the world. Additionally, the collaboration opens up access to mentor support and the online resources of NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Institute for INTEMA’s investee and portfolio companies.

The acceleration of AI startups is one of INTEMA’s investment strategy tools. INTEMA by MTS AI is a business group for developing AI technologies, it is an AI acquisition and investment vehicle that encompasses MTS AI’s $100m VC fund, accelerator and venture studio. The priority of the INTEMA accelerator programme is to find the best AI teams and bring together promising businesses, young researchers, visionaries, designers, and business customers for AI tech to give them every possible tool to boost the AI sector and build a pipeline of next generation AI products.

The accelerator offers founders smart money: monetary investment that is coupled with access to cutting-edge technologies and computing power, as well as deep technical and business expertise through INTEMA’s world-class AI experts including mentors from leading tech companies such as Google, PayPal and Shazam. Founders are able to access investments amounting to $100,000 per project, with the most successful projects being eligible to apply for an additional investment package of up to $500,000 from an INTEMA investment fund.

Through their collaboration, INTEMA and NVIDIA Inception will share information about their startup members which will strengthen INTEMA via advertising for the accelerator programme, lead generation, trend watching and new technologies. Similarly, NVIDIA Inception will benefit from a new avenue to present their technologies for new startups. The collaboration will also grant residents of the INTEMA acceleration programme with access to online training courses offered by the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute, including dozens of courses in some of the fastest growing AI segments: video analysis, processing and classification of medical images, deep learning, predictive analysis in healthcare, robotics, manufacturing, and other areas. In turn, members of the VC Alliance will be given a chance to participate in a demo day hosted by the INTEMA acceleration programme and become co-investors in selected startups. Moreover, NVIDIA visionaries will join the INTEMA accelerator’s roster of expert mentors.

INTEMA is focused on AI startups in fields such as computer vision, natural language processing, edge computing, biometric user identification, behavioral and predictive analysis, image recognition and processing, while NVIDIA Inception supports all cutting-edge startups. By working together both companies are able to tap into deeper pools of prospective AI talent.

“Investors need in-depth expertise in project evaluation, especially for projects at early stages. We want to become a quality filter and seal of excellence for the market and for investors to invest in companies that completed our acceleration programme, and co-invest with us in later stage projects.”

Alexey Posternak, Chief Financial and Investment Officer at MTS AI and Managing Partner of INTEMA

“INTEMA by MTS AI is a welcome addition to the VC Alliance through NVIDIA Inception. This relationship supports our efforts to help promising startups during critical stages of development as they build and deliver more efficient AI solutions for global businesses and customers,” said Mathew Torgow, Head of NVIDIA Inception VC Alliance.

INTEMA by MTS AI is a business group with a focus on developing artificial intelligence technologies. INTEMA seeks to bridge business and developers of AI technologies and lend them support in developing their innovative AI products. Startup founders get a variety of tools, including financial contribution amounting to $100K per project, networking, access to cutting-edge technologies and computing power, and expertise of mentors – experts from leading IT businesses. The best projects may be eligible for extra investment of up to $500K from INTEMA’s fund.

MTS AI is a worldwide company for the development, acceleration, and commercialization of AI solutions owned by MTS PJSC. MTS AI is working on a variety of solutions based on computer vision technologies, including a natural language recognition and speech synthesis system, as well as a platform for creation voice robots and smart assistants. 

NVIDIA‘s invention of the GPU in 1999 sparked the growth of the PC gaming market and has redefined modern computer graphics, high performance computing and artificial intelligence. The company’s pioneering work in accelerated computing and AI is reshaping trillion-dollar industries, such as transportation, healthcare and manufacturing, and fueling the growth of many others.


New research finds that career schools want to power student success with better placement services, faster interventions, and more 1-on-1 instructor time. But not everyone is sure how to get there.


New research finds that career schools want to power student success with better placement services, faster interventions, and more 1-on-1 instructor time. But not everyone is sure how to get there.

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