Meez Announces Partnership with the Institute of Culinary Education

meez | December 30, 2021

meez, the first-of-its-kind, digital recipe platform is honored to announce its partnership with prominent bicoastal culinary school, the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE). meez's built-in operational empathy and essential functions provide unprecedented culinary technology for the on-campus and new online diploma programs.

Launched in 2020 by entrepreneur, chef and restaurant industry veteran Josh Sharkey, meez is the all-in-one recipe tool created for chefs by chefs. ICE instructors and students can engage with collaborative and shareable recipe books, laser accurate ingredient costing, automated recipe scaling and conversions, customized training capabilities, and nutrition calculations with a database of 20,000 unique ingredients. "ICE powered by meez" gives the school's aspiring culinary professionals curriculum access via recipes and docs on digital devices.

"After more than 25 years in the culinary industry, I am incredibly excited and humbled to provide the next generation of food professionals with a digital tool dedicated to the craft of cooking and recipe development," said meez Founder and CEO Josh Sharkey. "Our mission at meez is to empower chefs worldwide to take control of their content and enable them to manage their work at every stage of their career from early days of learning the fundamentals, all the way through running their own operation as a culinary professional. We could not be more grateful for the opportunity to partner with ICE to start every student's journey into the food world with a tool for every recipe and bit of information they learn or develop along the way."

This fall, ICE introduced its inaugural online diploma program, Culinary Arts & Food Operations, which is derived from its award-winning program and developed by the chefs and educators at New York and Los Angeles campuses.

"We aim to develop the future generation of food professionals by equipping them with the best culinary tools available to succeed. Meez allows our students to move on from their culinary education equipped with a premier tool for success in the hospitality industry."

ICE VP of Culinary Operations Barry Tonkinson

The partnership includes discounts for students and faculty to upgrade their subscriptions on the most comprehensive culinary operating system in the food tech landscape.

About meez
Launched in 2020 by entrepreneur, chef, and restaurant industry veteran Josh Sharkey, meez is the all-in-one recipe tool for culinary professionals. A first-of-its-kind culinary operating system created for chefs, by chefs, meez is the epitome of user-friendly, built with operational empathy and ever-evolving product updates via industry feedback. meez is the tool that chefs have been waiting for, featuring offerings such as collaborative and sharable recipe databases, laser accurate ingredient costing, automated recipe scaling and conversions, customized training capabilities, and specialized allergen identification and nutrition calculations, and much more. Currently in use across hundreds of kitchens over five continents, meez has quickly taken the culinary world by storm as the must-have recipe solution. 


New expectations have encouraged universities and education providers like Khan Academy and Coursera to invest in technology to provide learning like the MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) that is available on demand, can be customized and adapted to the pace of the learner thus providing greater value for money to the students and creating new revenue streams for the providers.


New expectations have encouraged universities and education providers like Khan Academy and Coursera to invest in technology to provide learning like the MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) that is available on demand, can be customized and adapted to the pace of the learner thus providing greater value for money to the students and creating new revenue streams for the providers.

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WeVideo Releases Wevideo Classroom for Educational Multimedia Creation

WeVideo | January 17, 2022

WeVideo today launched WeVideo Classroom, a cloud-based multimedia creation platform customized for educators to help drive student engagement and ignite deeper learning through the creative process. Developed in response to evolving education demands during an unprecedented year, WeVideo Classroom makes it easy for teachers to incorporate multimedia creation into more enriching daily lessons, further helping students to think critically, collaborate, and gain a deeper understanding of knowledge. “Education has been extremely challenging for students and teachers as they’ve navigated remote, in-person, and hybrid learning environments. With this in mind, we developed WeVideo Classroom to make multimedia creation accessible to all students, while also better serving the everyday needs of schools. Simultaneously, the enhanced platform frees educators to focus on lesson planning and instruction, rather than tool management.” Krishna Menon, CEO, WeVideo Tailored specifically for the unique needs of education environments, WeVideo Classroom features intuitive organizational tools that allow teachers to easily create and assign multimedia projects, set up collaborative student groups, monitor progress, and share feedback. Whether educators are experienced WeVideo users or have no prior video knowledge, getting started with WeVideo Classroom is simple and takes only a few minutes to set up projects. Appropriate for students of all grade levels, WeVideo Classroom offers a simplified, real-time, collaborative video editor; a drag-and-drop timeline; and streamlined multimedia tools that empower students to flex creative muscles and demonstrate their understanding of concepts. As educators have been forced to pivot and prioritize more flexible learning environments, WeVideo also introduced a new WeVideo for Schools Quick Recorder tool for everyday instructional needs. Built directly into the Chrome browser for easy use and accessibility, the Quick Recorder makes creating instructional videos a two-click task. Ideal for remote or hybrid learning environments, the tool allows teachers to record their screens for dynamic video lessons that can be shared as-is or plugged into WeVideo templates for an instantly polished and engaging classroom resource. “One of the most important things in the field of education today is giving students an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge through creation, which offers students the ability to showcase their creativity and leverage their voices. However, the challenges of today’s classroom have made it difficult for teachers to provide opportunities for students to create, and most multimedia tools aren’t designed for education environments. WeVideo has responded to these challenges with a straightforward and simple-to-use platform tailored for students and learning that will ultimately lead to more positive classroom experiences, allowing teachers to spend more time teaching, students to spend more time creating, and both spending less time managing the platform,” said Andrew Fekete, Instructional Technology Specialist. “WeVideo has done it again! They have pioneered new ways to make learning and teaching more engaging, and I love using WeVideo Classroom to make video creation simple for students and easy for teachers to assign projects and guide their students through the process. It’s an essential tool for all educators!” said Rhonda Jenkins, LMC Director, Kendall Elementary School. WeVideo Classroom is available now across all platforms and devices, including Mac, PC, Google Chromebook, iOS, and Android, and educators can access the WeVideo for Schools Quick Recorder as a free Chrome plugin. About WeVideo WeVideo is a powerful, easy to use, cloud-based collaborative video creation platform. With over 38 million accounts created to date, WeVideo is the first choice of businesses, consumers, educators and students, as well as being the video backbone for many third-party media solutions. WeVideo can be accessed from any computer or device: at school, home, work or on the go. Users can easily capture, edit, view and share videos for personal, social media, business or learning purposes with secure storage of their content in the cloud.

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Ellucian Announces Expansion of Strategic Partnership with PowerSchool

Ellucian | April 13, 2022

On April 12th premier education technology solutions provider, Ellucian, announced the expansion of its strategic partnership with PowerSchool, a leader in cloud-based K-12 education software. Both the companies aim to join hands to enable students to get access to better career and education support from kindergarten to college. The partnership will allow Ellucian to integrate its Experience Platform with PowerSchool’s PeopleAdmin faculty management, talent management, and interoperability products for higher education. "Building on a strong relationship with PowerSchool, our enhanced collaboration brings together the leading technology solutions providers in K-12 and higher education. Together with PowerSchool, Ellucian will gain greater insight into drivers of student success. As a result, we'll be able to help our higher education customers develop programs that align with student interests and needs, and we can explore new solutions to support evolving career and education pathways and long-term learning." -Laura Ipsen, President and CEO, Ellucian "We are excited to take this next step in our relationship with Ellucian. At PowerSchool, our mission is to power the education ecosystem with unified technology that helps educators and students realize their full potential, in their own way. Through our collaboration with Ellucian, we can help ensure students' experiences within the K-12 ecosystem are reflected on in a way that best helps prepare and support them in college, careers, and life." -Hardeep Gulati, CEO of PowerSchool

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USRA Collaborates with the U.S. Space Force and Air Force Research Laboratory to Support Student Research

USRA | March 22, 2022

On March 21st, the Universities Space Research Association (USRA) announced that it has joined forces with the U.S. Space Force and the Air Force Research Laboratory to support scientific and technical research at seven selected universities. The partnership is called the University Consortium Research Opportunity (UCRO) and illustrates the significant partnership that connects academic research and government organization. "UCRO represents an incredibly unique opportunity for USRA to support the research efforts of an array of institutions, that will effectively advance the scientific and technical prowess of both USSF and AFRL. Importantly, these established partnerships will also engage a diverse group of students and postdoctoral fellows in research that contributes to an increased understanding and appreciation for STEM workforce opportunities within both agencies." -Bernard Seery, Senior Vice President, USRA Technology Research and Development, This workforce development program will leverage USRA’s proven record in STEM academics and administration. "USRA's role administering UCRO will enable institutions to generate pertinent research critical to both USSF and AFRL. The research yielded will unquestionably support the mission of both agencies and will encourage interest in USSF and AFRL among the next generation of STEM professionals." -Dr. Amanda Smith Hackler, USRA Director of Education The principal investigators, their institutions, and proposals selected for this program include: Dr.Michael Kinzel,University of Florida"Industrial-Aero Optimization for Agile Rocket Cargo Delivery" Dr.Anthony Torres,Texas State University"Understanding the Effect of Vibration on the Crystallization of ZBLAN" Dr.Anouck Girard,University of Michigan"Safe Learning in Space for Proximity and Rendezvous Operations" Dr.Siamak Farhad, TheUniversity of Akron"On-Orbit and In-Situ Inspection and Repair of Spacecraft" Dr. Marek Osiński,University of New Mexico"Designer Nanoparticles for Quantum Sensing of Location and Electric Field" Dr.Brandon Jones, TheUniversity of Texas at Austin"Information Theoretic Detection and Tracking for Rapid IOD" Dr.Miguel Velez-Reyes, TheUniversity of Texas at El Paso"Innovative Analysis of Spectra-Temporal Signatures Using Machine Learning for Ground-Based Remote Sensing of Unresolved Resident Space Objects"

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