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Lexia Unveils Lexia Aspire Professional Learning to Reinforce Educators

Lexia Unveils Lexia Aspire Professional Learning to Reinforce
While literacy is essential to success in all disciplines, many upper elementary and middle school kids lack the necessary literacy abilities to learn efficiently. In fact, according to the most recent NAEP findings from 2022, 69 percent of eighth-graders cannot read at a competent level, and 67 percent of fourth-graders cannot read at a proficient level. Lexia, a Cambium Learning Group subsidiary, recently introduced Lexia AspireTM Professional Learning to assist educators in accelerating students' literacy skills throughout the curriculum in grades 4-8.

Lexia Aspire Professional Learning is a digital solution that is flexible, self-paced, and anchored in the science of reading. It is the first professional learning solution built exclusively for educators of adolescents. It emphasizes the shift from "learning to read" to "reading to learn." This new curriculum expands Lexia's award-winning professional learning solutions, including the industry's gold standard, Lexia LETRS® (Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling).

The professional learning suite of LETRS, empowers educators and administrators with in-depth expertise in the science of reading as literacy and language specialists. LETRS teaches the skills required to master the fundamentals of reading, such as phonological awareness, fluency, vocabulary, phonics, writing, comprehension, and language.

Liz Brooke, Lexia's Chief Learning Officer, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, said, "Lexia Aspire Professional Learning gives educators the agency and flexibility to choose content that's most relevant to improving their students' literacy outcomes. The courses are practical and immediately transferable to the classroom."
(Source – Business Wire)
Lexia Aspire Professional Learning is intended to assist all upper elementary and middle school teachers, including classroom teachers, content area teachers, speech pathologists, interventionists, and English language arts teachers.

About Lexia Learning

Lexia, a Cambium Learning Group subsidiary is the authority on structured literacy. The organization has been entirely focused on literacy for more than 35 years, and it now offers a comprehensive range of solutions for both students and teachers. Lexia empowers more students to confidently read, write, and speak with its broad capabilities for individualized instruction, personalized learning, professional learning, and assessment.



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