LearnPlatform Releases Evidence-as-a-Service Subscription to Help Solution Providers Lower Costs

LearnPlatform | February 11, 2022

Today, LearnPlatform announces the release of Evidence-as-a-Service, a subscription model to support all edtech solution providers and their partners with the necessary evidence to meet market demands, demonstrate compliance with Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), and efficiently serve all students and educators.

LearnPlatform, known for its innovative edtech effectiveness system trusted by districts, state agencies and their partners serving millions of students, worked closely with  partners for over a year to test different service offerings to help edtech providers quickly and cost effectively develop the necessary evidence base to inform their product plans and comply with Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). ESSA requires federal funding and stimulus dollars to be used for "evidence-based interventions."

"The adoption of technology is here to stay.  Districts manage an average of over 1,400 edtech products, and the numbers are not dropping this year," said Mary Styers, Ph.D., LearnPlatform's Director of Research. "Knowing how these tools are working, in which situations, and for which students and teachers is a critical question every district leader is asking."

LearnPlatform offers three subscription packages to support any size and type of education solution provider and their partners. The packages are curated to help all providers meet ESSA compliance and build evidence-based interventions that empower districts and states to buy and use their products to drive student outcomes.

Furthermore, given the influx of stimulus funds for nearly two years, this type of evaluation will provide districts with valuable evidence about the effectiveness of their education technology investments. Administrators can apply this evidence to inform their decisions and establish a solid foundation for sustainable, long-range financial planning.

"As the country modernizes learning during and after the pandemic, everyone needs rigorous, practical evaluation to provide evidence at the speed of decision-making," said Karl Rectanus, CEO and Co-founder of LearnPlarform. "Our technology, team and model equips providers to work with their state and district partners quickly, safely, cost-effectively and, most importantly, towards the shared goals of better outcomes for students and teachers, no matter their size, solution, or context."

In the face of massive change for schools, Evidence-as-a-Service offers providers at any stage – early, growth and established –  to build an evidence base for their product(s) to better partner with districts and states to equip them with the ability to modernize their learning environments with ESSA-aligned evidence. Each subscription aligns with one or more of the four levels of evidence outlined in ESSA to demonstrate rationale and identify and show promising, moderate, or strong evidence that their product positively impacts student outcomes.

Age of Learning®, creator of the ABCmouse® online learning program, leveraged LearnPlatform's services to validate and evaluate research for  My Math Academy™, the company's personalized, adaptive math program that helps young learners master essential math concepts and skills.

"We developed My Math Academy and My Reading Academy™ to support educators in providing equitable instruction and addressing the varying needs of young learners in order to ensure all students achieve proficiency in math and reading," said Sunil Gunderia, Chief Innovation Officer and Head of Mastery & Adaptive Products, Age of Learning. "We are partnering with LearnPlatform to develop a modernized approach to gathering evidence as it is an important element in validating the learning gains that our programs are designed to help students achieve. This evidence is essential to assisting schools and districts in identifying solutions that will work in their specific contexts to deliver learning outcomes."

Whether a solution is for core curriculum, tutoring, learning loss, or another educational purpose, the Evidence-as-a-Service model provides a path to ESSA compliance in weeks, at a fraction of the cost of traditional models.

"We work every day to fundamentally change outcomes for students through reimagining the role of assessments in the learning process. As soon as we spoke to LearnPlatform's team, we knew they were the right partner to run an independent study to examine just that," said Craig Jones, CEO and Co-founder of Formative, a web app for classrooms that allow teachers to give live assignments to students, enabling instant feedback and long-term student growth tracking. "The results found promising evidence and also confirms what we already know: the more visibility educators have into student learning, the stronger the learning outcomes can be."

Nepris, an edtech platform that virtually connects working professionals to students, is another early adopter using this offering to work with district and state partners.

"We have always known our platform increases student engagement in school and prepares students for the future of work, but outside third-party research was too expensive and no one read it. With LearnPlatform, we found a fast, practical approach that helps our state and district partners have confidence in what we do – and what we will do together – to reach their goals."

Sabari Raja, CEO and Co-founder of Nepris

About LearnPlatform
LearnPlatform is a comprehensive edtech effectiveness system used by educators, leaders, and their partners to modernize their learning environments and ensure academic and financial return on their investments. The research-driven technology, central office automation, data-rich insights, and evidence services equip school districts, states, and providers to organize, streamline and analyze their edtech interventions to ensure they are safe, equitable, cost-efficient, and effective for all students. 


New expectations have encouraged universities and education providers like Khan Academy and Coursera to invest in technology to provide learning like the MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) that is available on demand, can be customized and adapted to the pace of the learner thus providing greater value for money to the students and creating new revenue streams for the providers.


New expectations have encouraged universities and education providers like Khan Academy and Coursera to invest in technology to provide learning like the MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) that is available on demand, can be customized and adapted to the pace of the learner thus providing greater value for money to the students and creating new revenue streams for the providers.

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