KKR Invests in Taylor’s Education Group to accelerate innovative and creative teaching and learning methods

Taylor’s Education Group | November 26, 2021

Global investment firm KKR and premium Southeast Asian private educator, Taylor’s Education Group (“TEG”), today announced the signing of agreements under which KKR will acquire a minority stake in Taylor’s Schools. Taylor’s Schools owns and operates six award-winning international schools – Garden International School, Nexus International School Singapore, Nexus International School Malaysia, Australian International School Malaysia, Taylor’s International School Kuala Lumpur, and Taylor’s International School Puchong. KKR’s investment positions Taylor’s Schools to accelerate growth and regional expansion.

Focused on the K-12 education system, Taylor’s Schools seeks to empower its learners to become productive leaders in the global community through innovative and creative teaching and learning methods, preparing them for future opportunities. Taylor’s Schools is a member of TEG, a leading private education institution in Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. Other education-focused verticals under the TEG umbrella include Taylor’s University, Taylor’s College, The British University Vietnam and Taylor’s Hostel Management, among others. These education institutions continue to be wholly owned by TEG.

“Over the years, Taylor’s Schools has grown in significance as a provider of top-class international school education in Malaysia and Singapore. With the intention to expand our portfolio of international schools in the ASEAN region, we are honoured that KKR has decided to collaborate with us in the next phase of our growth. We view their choice as a firm endorsement of the strategy of our K-12 schools platform. We believe that their commitment to building and sustaining long-term strategic partnerships suits us. They will complement our strength in education operations with their regional network, expertise in mergers & acquisitions as well as their access to capital. TEG will remain as the controlling shareholder of Taylor’s Schools and we are pleased that the current management team will continue managing our schools. We will ensure that the world class K-12 international education that we are known for and our community of parents and students have come to expect is sustained.”

 Dato’ Loy Teik Ngan, Executive Chairman of Taylor’s Schools
SJ Lim, Managing Director at KKR, added, “We are excited by this opportunity to share our knowledge and provide a capital solution for Taylor’s Schools in its ambition to further expand into the region and provide quality educational experiences to more students. Under the leadership of Taylor’s Schools’ management team, all four brands have consistently achieved strong academic outcomes and we are confident that it is primed for more success. KKR also looks to leverage our operational experience, global network, and education expertise to further enhance Taylor’s Schools’ offerings.”

Among its other areas of focus in Southeast Asia, KKR looks to support leading family businesses who contribute meaningfully to the region’s economic prosperity, in their efforts to build sustainable businesses into the next generation. KKR’s diversified and multi-asset investment platform provides KKR with the flexibility to support ambitious companies with a suite of comprehensive, bespoke financing solutions, further enhanced by its global experience and operational capabilities. In the education space, KKR has built up a strong track record in Asia and globally, including through investments in Lighthouse Learning (formerly EuroKids International), a leading Indian education services provider, Cognita Schools, a UK-based global private schools group, EQuest Education, a leading educational services provider in Vietnam, and Education Perfect, a leading education technology firm in Australia and New Zealand. KKR invests in Taylor’s Schools from its managed funds.

Rothschild & Co. is the sole financial advisor to Taylor’s Schools and its shareholders on the transaction.

About Taylor’s Education Group
Taylor's Education Group is one of the largest private education groups in Malaysia with 20,000 students. It has established itself as a provider of highly regarded quality education and in the last decade has grown its operations to Singapore and Vietnam. With an unsurpassed track record built up over seven decades, Taylor’s has earned the reputation as the leading private educational provider in Malaysia, and offers a breadth of education institutions from pre-school to postgraduate courses. Among its tertiary institutions, Taylor's University is currently ranked the #1 private university in Malaysia & South East Asia by QS World University Rankings 2022 and, together with Taylor's College, has consistently been the winner of the People's Choice awards over the last decade, as well as received recognition from multiple professional bodies around the world.

About KKR
KKR is a leading global investment firm that offers alternative asset management and capital markets and insurance solutions. KKR aims to generate attractive investment returns by following a patient and disciplined investment approach, employing world-class people, and supporting growth in its portfolio companies and communities. KKR sponsors investment funds that invest in private equity, credit and real assets and has strategic partners that manage hedge funds. KKR’s insurance subsidiaries offer retirement, life, and reinsurance products under the management of The Global Atlantic Financial Group. References to KKR’s investments may include the activities of its sponsored funds and insurance subsidiaries. 


The arts are a fundamental part of American lives and American education, and arts education can transform students, schools, and communities.


The arts are a fundamental part of American lives and American education, and arts education can transform students, schools, and communities.

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New Zealand Based EdTech Company WuKong Education Announced the Upgrade for Its Technological Interactive Exercise Product

WuKong Education | August 12, 2022

WuKong Education, a New Zealand based EdTech company, announced a new round of upgrades for its technological teaching assistant product "WuKong Interactive Exercise". Fully embodying WuKong's "7-step Learning Method", namely the seven key steps of "Previewing - Learning - Reviewing - Consolidating - Reflecting - Examing - Applying", the upgraded product effectively combines the process of "learning" and "practising" to strengthen students' learning effects with diversified, interesting and scientific learning forms, so that learners can firmly grasp what has been learnt and really enjoy the learning process. WuKong has initiated the research and development of its interactive exercise product in July 2021. In September 2021, the product was put into use in the graded reading courses of WuKong Chinese, a famous Chinese curriculum product under WuKong Education. In October 2021, it was applied to WuKong Math as well. Since the launch of the product, its functions experienced several rounds of upgrades and have been continuously optimized according to various learning and teaching needs. This round of upgrades further enriched the contents in the question bank. Furthermore, based on AI interaction, voice recognition and other technologies, in-class knowledge can be integrated into the lively and interesting interactive homework display page, so as to effectively satisfy students' personalised learning needs and after-class reviewing needs. The product can also meet the demands of 1-on-1 class, small class, large class and other classroom types, as well as students at different learning levels. On the other hand, the upgrade of interactive exercise product also provides convenience for teachers. Teachers from WuKong can leave feedback on the homework submitted by students in real time through the product's voice interaction function, which improves the efficiency of online teaching, shortens the process of homework feedback, and enables teachers and students to communicate more effectively after class. "Since 2019, our IT team has invested millions of funds in the research and development of technological platforms and data platforms. We have built the industry's leading teaching quality management system and intelligent learning situation tracking and analysing system. Based on the continuous expansion of the market and the increasing needs of our learners, we have developed a set of relatively mature teaching content systems and technology platforms to meet users' personalised learning needs." - Cicy, Chief Education Officer of WuKong, said during the London EdTech Week We believe that for the majority of parents today, the most precious thing is to nurture their children's interest in learning. WuKong hopes to fully stimulate their children's interest and thinking in learning by means of technological empowerment. As one of the world's most popular education technology companies, our expectation is to help children grow happily and wisely, and to be a trusted companion in the learning process for families around the world said Cicy. Mrs. Zhang, a Tsinghua University graduate who is currently teaching in WuKong Education, expressed her reflections on the upgraded product: the WuKong Interactive Exercise can customize the exercise layout, automatically distribute homework in the system. Once the students submitted their exercises, I can also receive instant notifications and provide them with real time voice with feedback, which is really convenient and makes me feel like I'm getting closer to my students! Practical cases of the integration of technology and education are not rare in recent years, and technological innovations have brought more possibilities to the online education industry. Under this background, more and more EdTech enterprises are injecting investments in their scientific and technological research and development, hoping to bring more intelligent education products and services to learners. WuKong Education is among this marching army as well.

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SimpliLearn to Launch Free Digital Skilling Programs in Commonwealth Countries

The Tandym Group | June 28, 2022

A global provider of digital skills training, Simplilearn, recently established a partnership with the Commonwealth nations to offer free digital upskilling courses to students. 10,000 students will have free access to Simplilearn's $5 million in digital upskilling programs. Through the collaboration, Simplilearn's classes will assist students in the Caribbean, Africa, and Pacific to upgrade their knowledge of the digital economy, and each graduate will receive a certificate of completion. To provide upskilling opportunities to as many learners as possible, Simplilearn has previously cooperated with Government bodies of several nations in their national digital skilling programmes. "The world is becoming increasingly digitized, and hence there is a massive demand for professionals to upskill themselves in the latest digital skills to flourish in the field. Simplilearn through its SkillUp platform will provide free programs to 10,000 learners in the regions ofCaribbean, African and Pacific. We see this as an opportunity to extend our support to the Commonwealth countries by improving access to high-quality upskilling in the region. We look forward to working with them towards boosting the prosperity of the nations." - Mr.Krishna Kumar, Founder & CEO, Simplilearn The need for youth skilling was also identified, and Mr. Krishna Kumar thanked the Commonwealth Secretary General for her leadership in identifying youth as a crucial resource for the Commonwealth countries as part of their ongoing collaborative action research with Cambridge University's Center for Resilience and Sustainable Development. Simplilearn previously collaborated with nations including Saudi Arabia, Oman, South Africa, Lebanon, Jordan, and Singapore for boot camps on technology, artificial intelligence, and data. More than half of Simplilearn's revenue comes from its international activities. Today, Simplilearn has assisted more than one million professionals in 150 countries in upskilling and preparing for the digital future. Simplilearn has maintained its leadership position in the field of digital skilling for learners, corporations, and companies. To offer digital skills training programs, the company has teamed with a number of IT powerhouses in foreign countries, including Deviare in South Africa, Gulf Business Machines in the Middle East, and the ILX Group in the United Kingdom, among others.

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BYU-Pathway Worldwide Partners with Anthology to Deliver Data-Driven, Connected Ecosystem for Its Rapidly Growing Online Campus

Anthology | September 02, 2022

Anthology, a leading provider of education solutions that support the entire learner lifecycle, today announced that BYU-Pathway Worldwide will implement two of Anthology's flagship solutions – Anthology Student and Anthology Reach – to deliver dynamic, data-informed experiences to its nearly 60,000 learners as the online institution enjoys continued and rapid growth. "As an online institution, our systems are our campus, and we are excited to use the maturity and flexibility of Anthology products to serve our students throughout the world in multiple locations and languages," said Troy Davis, Chief Information Officer at BYU-Pathway Worldwide. "Our certificate-first approach is changing lives, helping students to gain the skills needed to obtain new or better employment early in their degree. The partnership with Anthology will enable our service missionaries, administrators and faculty to access more efficient processes and clearer insights that will allow them to intervene at the right times in the right ways with students across the globe." Growing from 50 learners in three locations in 2009 to 57,000 in 188 countries currently, BYU-Pathway chose Anthology's student information system (SIS), Anthology Student, to streamline workflows for the entire education lifecycle and save time for faculty, staff, mentors and learners, centralizing everything from admissions applications to academic advisement and program catalogs in one solution. Anthology Reach, a modern cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) tool that includes Anthology Apply and Succeed solutions, will enable BYU-Pathway to better manage and connect admissions, student success and retention. It will allow the institution to respond dynamically to each learner's unique experiences and needs at every stage of their journey in one central hub. "By combining insights across critical systems to inform more relevant engagement between staff, faculty and learners, our solutions break down data silos and allow institutions to provide better services and support at the right time with the right actions and messages,BYU-Pathway Worldwide has entrusted Anthology as a partner on its mission to support learners and change lives around the globe. We look forward to helping BYU-Pathway establish and scale a fully connected online community that serves an expanding student population worldwide in multiple locations and languages." Jim Milton, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Anthology About Anthology Anthology offers the largest EdTech ecosystem on a global scale for education, supporting more than 150 million users in 80 countries. With a mission to provide dynamic, data-informed experiences to the global education community through Anthology Intelligent Experiences™, we help learners, leaders and educators achieve their goals by offering over 60 SaaS products and services designed to advance learning.

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