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Interplay Learning and Dominium Management Services Offer Skilled Trades Training

Interplay Learning and Dominium Management Services Offer

On January 31st, 2023, Interplay Learning partnered with Dominium Management Services to provide highly effective, engaging, and scalable training solutions. Interplay Learning is an effective and scalable training solution for engaging maintenance technicians. Dominium, an affordable housing developer, owner, and manager, offers Interplay's training solutions to its technicians of all levels of experience.

With Interplay Learning's experiential, on-demand training courses and skills evaluations, Dominium provides maintenance associates with realistic 3D simulations and training content designed to develop their internal technical skills. In addition, the company offers a robust, just-in-time training curriculum to more than 350 employees across 230 communities, with a diverse catalog of technical courses and custom learning paths tailored to each employee's skill level and property needs.

After using Interplay, Dominium has seen a decrease in ramp times, an increase in internal promotions, and a rise in technician confidence. In addition, cutting-edge training contributes to Dominium's ability to establish a competitive advantage.

By creating and managing high-quality, reliable, affordable homes that lay the groundwork for more vibrant neighborhoods, Dominium contributes to the solution of the affordable housing crisis. The availability of inexpensive housing in their area is a problem, according to almost 90% of American adults. A recent survey also reveals 6.8 million fewer affordable rental housing units than needed in the nation.

Interplay's customers can train and practice hands-on learning from a desktop, phone, tablet, or in virtual reality by utilizing immersive learning technology, resulting in a highly trained employee who is rapidly prepared for employment.

About Interplay Learning

Since 2016, Austin-based Interplay Learning has improved the training, careers, and lives of skilled workers. Its award-winning online and VR training for the essential skilled trades—HVAC, electrical, solar, plumbing, multi-family maintenance, and facilities maintenance—is scalable and more effective than traditional methods. The platform creates immersive VR scenarios for skilled trades workers to learn effectively, resulting in a confident, highly skilled workforce. Interplay Learning has earned Best Use of Virtual Reality for Enterprise Applications from AI Breakthrough Awards and the AHR Expo – Innovations Awards 2020.



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