In partnership with clients in the education and charity sectors, Togetherall has been launched.

prnewswire | November 09, 2020

Driving on the web emotional wellness stage, Togetherall, has made sure about $10 million speculation from programming and administrations development speculator, FPE Capital LLP (FPE).

The speculation follows Togetherall's quickened venture into the North American market, with an emphasis on US market development, just as proceeded with development over the UK and Canada into advanced education, corporate and wellbeing areas. FPE will sit as the biggest financial specialist close by social effect speculator, Impact Ventures UK (IVUK), finishing up the eighth speculation from FPE Fund II.

Togetherall gives a populace based, clinically oversaw online network to help individuals with their emotional wellness through day in and day out mysterious distributed help. Dispatched in 2007 it has helped over a fourth of 1,000,000 individuals to date and almost 90,000 people over the most recent a year.

FPE Capital's interest into the online psychological well-being stage supports Togetherall's aspiration of giving a more noteworthy positive effect on all who utilize the administration and will help speed up item advancement and the quantity of assets to individuals.

As those looking for emotional well-being treatment face expanded obstructions in getting the help they need, with request regularly exceeding the flexibly of administrations (Center For Mental Health), Togetherall helps with separating hindrances to getting to customary, or coordinated help, just as the shame that frequently comes when connecting for psychological well-being support.

A populace based arrangement with the intend to give emotional wellness backing to all, the clinically directed online stage takes into consideration individuals with gentle to direct psychological well-being conditions to talk secretly to their friends about their sentiments and encounters. Togetherall likewise offers an assortment of courses and assets to permit clients to self-deal with their psychological well-being, which is all directed via prepared specialists all day, every day who guarantee a safe and inspiring climate.

Remarking on the speculation Henry Jones, Togetherall CEO, stated: "This is a truly critical achievement for our organization."
"Togetherall's goal is to build a global business giving as many people as possible a safe, online community where they can offer and receive support at times of anxiety and isolation. Partnering with FPE, such an experienced technology investor, is a huge boost to our ambitious plans for the growth of our impact."

As new lockdown limitations set in over the UK, an ever increasing number of individuals will encounter uplifted degrees of seclusion, uneasiness and sadness, without approaching psychological well-being support. Togetherall is all around situated to react to this expanded interest.

Kevin Bone, Partner at Impact Ventures UK, thinks about the excursion with Togetherall to date, "IVUK has upheld Togetherall since 2014 as it has developed from a good thought to a thriving business helping a huge number of individuals in the UK and across North America. We energetically welcome FPE and especially anticipate working with them, and the extraordinary Togetherall group, to carry its administrations to the a huge number of individuals out of luck".

Togetherall joins other innovation item focussed interests in FPE's portfolio, including: Questionmark, Masstech, Kallik and MaxContact. FPE's development capital speculation is generally into essential financing to help the business in quickening its fast development into North America.

"FPE is delighted to have completed this exciting growth investment into Togetherall", said Henry Sallitt, Co-founder & Managing Partner at FPE, "this is an organisation that combines a successful SaaS business model with real purpose and social impact. We look forward to working with Henry and the team to support their growth ambitions".

About Togetherall:

Set up in 2007 as Big White Wall, Togetherall, is a main online psychological well-being administration that gives a large number of individuals all through the UK, New Zealand, Canada and the US admittance to network and expert help 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. The administration is enlisted with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and is clinically demonstrated to help the individuals who are battling with pressure, confinement, tension, sadness and other regular emotional wellness issues. Togetherall has upheld enormous populaces with their emotional well-being since dispatch in organization with customers in the training, wellbeing, corporate and good cause areas.

About FPE Capital:

FPE is an expert development private value speculator focussed on the product and administrations areas. It puts resources into lower mid-market UK and Irish programming and administrations organizations with advantaged plans of action that offer critical development potential in enormous business sectors that are going through basic change.


Overall, branding your e-learning courses is a crucial step in creating a professional and successful online learning experience for your learners.


Overall, branding your e-learning courses is a crucial step in creating a professional and successful online learning experience for your learners.

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Code Fellows, a premier technical skills training academy offering high-quality job-focused education and training to aspiring learners since 2013, has launched an Education Rescue Scholarship. This scholarship is designed to help students who have invested money in a bootcamp, college or university, and have not received the education, knowledge, or skills needed to find rewarding careers in tech. Prospective students who wish to be considered for the Education Rescue Scholarship must complete an application, be accepted into the program and provide evidence of all payments made towards tuition at a prior educational institution. The amount awarded will be based on the amount of tuition paid and will cover up to the full cost of attending any of the Self-Paced courses offered by Code Fellows. Code Fellows' Self-Paced courses include access to online learning resources and support from full-time professional instructional staff. These courses are designed to help students gain the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in their careers. "Too many programs are teaching outdated curriculum that is not in sync with the industry demands of today, leaving students with a mountain of debt and skills that are subpar or obsolete," said Mitch Robertson, SVP of Business Development and Growth at Code Fellows. "Through continuous iteration, we build, refine, and adapt our curriculum to ensure we are keeping up with the demands of the industry and preparing our graduates for the rigorous expectations of a career in tech today and well into the future." The Education Rescue Scholarship is designed to help students fill in any gaps in their knowledge or skills while equipping them with additional training and skills from industry-leading certified instructors. This may include skills from coding fundamentals to advanced concepts like data structures and algorithms, professional applications and development. Code Fellows offers students, including those utilizing the Education Rescue Scholarship, a number of other resources and support services which increase student success. This includes career services like resume reviews and employer connections, as well as ongoing educational opportunities. In today's rapidly evolving technological world, computer science is a highly sought-after field that offers a plethora of career opportunities. However, not all colleges and universities offering computer science programs are keeping up with the changing demands of the industry. Some institutions continue to use outdated curricula and teaching methods, leading to poor outcomes for students and their future careers. In addition, bootcamps have become increasingly popular over the years, offering an intensive, immersive learning experience in fields like software development, technical operations, and cybersecurity. However, not all of them are delivering on their promises, leaving students without the skills or knowledge they need to succeed in their chosen careers and a mountain of debt. Many students have been let down by these institutions, leaving them frustrated and disheartened. Code Fellows Education Rescue scholarship aims to provide these students with a solution to their problems. "Code Fellows is committed to providing high-quality technical education and supporting students who may have been let down by other educational institutions," said Jeff Malek, CEO of Code Fellows. "The Education Rescue Scholarship is an innovative and much-needed initiative that will help bridge the gap between education and employment. We are excited to offer this scholarship to students who are looking for a solution to their educational problems." 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Bluum, is pleased to announce the opening of "The Modern Classroom" in their Las Vegas office. The Modern Classroom is designed to transform the learning experience by providing an environment that encourages critical thinking, adapts to student needs, promotes collaboration, increases student engagement, and heightens motivation to learn. "Technology is not a substitute for a teacher, but a tool that, when used effectively, can enhance the teacher's ability to engage and inspire students to reach their full potential," Wayne LawsonThe Modern Classroom is equipped with the latest educational technology solutions and tools to support teachers and students in achieving their educational goals.With interactive flat panels, software, STEM products and other cutting-edge classroom solutions, students will be able to engage in collaborative and interactive learning experiences that foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills. About Bluum At Bluum, we provide technology design, engineering, solutions and services that make business and learning environments more exciting, accessible and interactive, empowering professionals with the resources and knowledge they need to build a brighter tomorrow. Visit Bluum and Bluum Technology to learn more. About Wayne Lawson Wayne Lawson, a seasoned educator with nearly two decades of experience, has devoted his life to teaching and has positively impacted numerous students by enabling them to realize their full potential and develop a lifelong love of learning. Wayne's enthusiasm for educational technology has led him to spearhead the integration of cutting-edge tools and methodologies into his teaching methods.

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Anthology, a leading provider of education solutions, today announced that American University Kyiv (AUK) has selected Anthology's leading Student Information System (SIS), Anthology Student, to support the university's student lifecycle needs. American University Kyiv opened for its inaugural year in September of 2022 and is the first university in Ukraine designed as an innovative world-class institution with its foundation fully based on U.S. higher education standards. "The importance of providing quality education and innovation to shape our future leaders is of the utmost importance," said Dr. Yuriy Bots, Dean of the School of Business and Management at American University Kyiv. "The support we have received from the global community to realize our mission has been inspiring. Anthology's commitment to our success, and the flexibility of the Anthology Student solution, have well-placed AUK to achieve the exponential growth and deliver the transformational educational experience we expect." The implementation of Anthology Student will enable American University Kyiv to build the university on a best-in-class SaaS platform and have fully integrated control over enrollment, career services, academic information, finances, records, and more. "At its fundamental core, education provides hope and a promise of tomorrow," said Jim Brigadier, President of Global Markets at Anthology. "We are honored to partner with such passionate professionals at AUK and we are confident that the manifestations of strength and resolve of their students will inspire and encourage the global education community and future generations of students." Anthology Student and its modern, intuitive interface will simplify and streamline the academic journey for the institution's learners. AUK students and learners can use it to map out degree plans and pathways to achieve their educational objectives while AUK administrators can utilize automated faculty workload and financial aid tools to streamline processes and spend more time on key issues and less on back-office tasks. Anthology was selected the solution of choice after a review of several competitive offerings presented by Cintana Education, an organization focused on enabling universities around the world to increase their academic quality and scale to give more students the education they need and deserve. AUK has begun the implementation process. About Anthology Anthology offers the largest EdTech ecosystem on a global scale for education, supporting more than 150 million users in 80 countries. With a mission to provide dynamic, data-informed experiences to the global education community through Anthology Intelligent Experiences™, we help learners, leaders and educators achieve their goals by offering over 60 SaaS products and services designed to advance learning.

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