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Identity Automation Partners with Grassroots Community of Experts in the Pathfinder Program to Drive Educational Transformation via Digital Identities

Identity Automation, the digital identity platform for education, today announced that the company is partnering with a community of thought leaders in the education IT space to drive transformation, using the concept of digital identities as the cornerstone to achieve change. The Pathfinder Program is a network of experts who are passionate about education and committed to achieving change that focuses on learners, educators and education communities.

The Identity Automation team connected with Pathfinder Program members at this year's EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, which focuses on higher education IT. The company was a sponsor at the event and showcased its flagship RapidIdentity IAM platform and credential monitoring service called SafeID (powered by SpyCloud). Credential monitoring is a crucial capability that helps education institutions counter the growing threat of ransomware, data breaches and rising insurance costs.

The Pathfinder Program aims to raise awareness of digital identities and inspire educational change by building broad consensus with everyone involved, including IT experts, curriculum leaders and other vendors. Pathfinders believe that digital learning environments should be secure, immediately available and free from technology-related friction. Focusing on digital identity as the core, the Pathfinder Program facilitates collaboration and action on critical issues like:
  • Interoperability
  • Personalized learning
  • Digital Equity
  • Cybersecurity
  • Regulatory compliance and governance

"My favorite part about connecting with people at events is the sense of community we all share. They know education is changing, and they're committed to helping learners, teachers and staff make the transition successfully. They're curious about what other organizations are doing, and that's what makes the Pathfinder Program so valuable — it's a forum where people can share ideas and find solutions."

Brandon Levine, Director of Sales Development, Identity Automation

"Identity Automation's mission to empower educators and students with a safe and secure place to learn aligns perfectly with the digital citizenship message to help students stay safe, solve problems, and become a force for good both on and offline," shared Pathfinder Dr. Marialice Curran.

The Pathfinder Program includes people with diverse skillsets, including internationally recognized thought leaders who are frequently tapped as Keynote speakers on the topic of education IT. They share a passion for empowering learners, strengthening digital security and promoting digital citizenship.

"Everyone involved in the education system will have to pull together to achieve the level of digital transformation we need to serve learning communities," said Identity Automation CEO Jim Harold. "Any disconnect resulting from vendors working at cross-purposes hurts students and educators. We're better when we work together, and that's why we're so excited about the Pathfinder Program, which is already generating new ideas about how we can focus on what we do best to benefit students."

About Identity Automation
Identity Automation provides identity and access management (IAM) solutions for K-12 and higher education. Its flagship platform, RapidIdentity, safeguards learning environments, maximizes instructional time, and minimizes the load on Information & Educational Technology teams. Technology leaders turn to RapidIdentity for its best-in-class security capabilities, time-saving automation, and flexible approach to managing digital identities. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Identity Automation is trusted by Chicago Public Schools, Public Schools of North Carolina, University of Rochester, Houston Community College, and hundreds of other institutions.



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