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Harris acquires UK-based apprenticeship EdTech software provider, an ePortfolio and learning management (LMS) platform, Onefile

Harris, a global vertical market software provider and acquirer, acquires Onefile Limited, a UK-based apprenticeship and learning software provider.

Onefile is a market-leading provider of learning and development software to support the delivery of apprenticeships and qualifications training through its ePortfolio and learning management (LMS) platform. Founder, Susanna Lawson, says, “UK apprenticeships and training qualifications span a huge range of occupations and sectors. We envision many avenues of growth for Onefile and look forward to learning from and being supported by Harris to expand our reach and offerings.”

Onefile joins Harris’ growing portfolio of business units in the UK, serving industries such as healthcare and public safety.

“We are excited about continuing the success that Onefile has already achieved. Susanna has entrusted Harris with her employees and products and she has found a forever home for her vision which we will take good care of,” adding, “Onefile fits in perfectly with our existing brands and opportunities for growth are abundant, and we’re excited for their future at Harris.”

Steve Hammond, Senior Executive Vice President of Onefile

About Onefile
For almost 20 years OneFile has pioneered EdTech, supporting over 1.2 million people to learn for their future. Onefile has a customer first approach investing in award-winning support teams as well as designing market leading SaaS products including an e-learning platform that's efficient, engaging and works with all apprenticeships, training and vocational qualifications. OneFile was awarded the Queen’s Award for Innovation.

About N. Harris Computer Corporation (Harris)
Harris acquires vertical market software businesses, manages them well, and builds them for the future. Through acquisitions, Harris has grown extensively from its roots in the utilities, local government, education, and healthcare verticals to operate over 160 businesses globally across more than 20 industries. We are a part of Constellation Software Inc., one of the world’s most active acquirers of VMS businesses.



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