Genpact, EdCast, and Positive Planet US Collaborate to Provide Free Online Learning to Under-Resourced Entrepreneurs

Genpact | May 24, 2021

To help under-resourced entrepreneurs develop critical skills for fulfillment in today's challenging and competitive economic environment, three leading organizations are coming together to expand the depth of content available during a free online learning platform designed to enable business success and, in turn, help spur community-based economic revival.

Genpact, a worldwide professional services firm focused on delivering digital transformation; EdCast, a pacesetter in online corporate learning and upskilling; and Positive Planet US, a non-profit organization that promotes inclusive and sustainable economic process and employment, have joined forces to lend their respective expertise to support entrepreneurs and help them amplify their impact on the communities that they serve.

The partnership adds essential learning resources for startup owners to Genpact's Adapt and Rise e-learning platform, developed and built with EdCast. In an attempt to democratize access to critical business skills, Genpact opened the program to the general public in 2020, sharing a subset of its learning content from its own highly successful internal continuous learning platform, Genome, which is inspired by work with MIT's Center for Collective Intelligence.

Genpact launched Adapt and Rise during the pandemic to offer all professionals a free platform to upskill, reskill, and thrive in an increasingly digital economy and help companies become more resilient with adaptive, agile workforces. The challenges of the last year have further underscored how businesses increasingly need professionals with a mixture of hard and soft skills to achieve success in today's business environment. For this reason, knowledgeable learning path may include building digital skills, like AI (AI) and analytics, paired with training in agile methodologies, change management, and storytelling.

The site builds on Genpact's expertise and therefore the collective intelligence of its quite 90,000 employees honed from delivering real-world change for many companies. quite 10 million learning hours were logged at Genpact within the last year.

Positive Planet features a highly successful diary of helping millions round the world, helping create sustainable development solutions for disadvantaged populations, especially women and youth. Launched 23 years ago with the mission to form the planet more positive economically, socially, and environmentally, it's helped quite 11 million people leave poverty behind. Its work strives for a more equal society, helping underserved communities – independent of their race, gender, background – create their own jobs and prosperity through entrepreneurship.

Positive Planet brings new content to the platform created for the unique needs of entrepreneurs, including curricula in such areas as sales strategy and business development, growth and operations, and marketing, legal, accounting, and finance for little businesses. Adapting business models during a difficult economy makes continuous learning and reskilling vital, and these learning paths offer the precise skills needed to create and grow a startup. The success of those businesses brings benefits to local communities as entrepreneurship can provide new career journeys also as economic revival.

Learning journeys from Genpact available on Adapt and Rise cover in-demand skills, including AI , change management, customer experience, design thinking, storytelling, digital business strategy, and other people leadership. Combining those courses with Positive Planet's range of learning curriculum for business planning for little business gives entrepreneurs access to a breadth of experience that's critical to success, but is just too often difficult to seek out in one place.

Powered by EdCast's award-winning learning and talent experience platform, Adapt and Rise offers on-demand learning at an important time.

About Genpact

Genpact may be a global professional services firm that creates business transformation real. Led by our purpose -- the relentless pursuit of a world that works better for people -- we drive digital-led innovation and digitally enabled intelligent operations for our clients. Guided by our experience reinventing and running thousands of processes for many clients, many of them Global Fortune 500 companies, we drive real-world transformation at scale. we expect with design, dream in digital, and solve problems with data and analytics. Combining our expertise in end-to-end operations and our AI-based platform, Genpact Cora, we specialise in the small print – all 90,000+ of us. From ny to New Delhi , and quite 30 countries in between, we connect every dot, reimagine every process, and reinvent the ways companies work. we all know that reimagining each step from start to end creates better business outcomes. Whatever it's , we'll be there with you – accelerating digital transformation to make bold, lasting results – because transformation happens here.

About EdCast

EdCast offers a unified platform designed to work end-to-end employee experience journeys spanning learning, skilling and career mobility. Its award-winning platform is employed internationally by organizations starting from large Global 2000 companies to small businesses and governments. With EdCast's platforms, our customers are ready to attract, develop and retain a high-performance and future-ready workforce. EdCast's offerings include its Talent Experience Platform, Spark for SMBs, EdCast Marketplace and MyGuide Digital Adoption Platform. EdCast may be a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer award recipient.


We are now in the Experience Age – where 92% of teens are online daily, playing games, livestreaming memorable experiences, sharing ephemeral moments on Snapchat, or posting pictures of exciting daily occurrences on Instagram (Wadhera, 2016). Both informal and formal learning, as a result, have shifted again: from an Industrial Revolution model of education, where a teacher transmitted information to students via a ‘one size fits all’ mentality; to an Information Age model, in which access to and accumulation of information was the highest priority.


We are now in the Experience Age – where 92% of teens are online daily, playing games, livestreaming memorable experiences, sharing ephemeral moments on Snapchat, or posting pictures of exciting daily occurrences on Instagram (Wadhera, 2016). Both informal and formal learning, as a result, have shifted again: from an Industrial Revolution model of education, where a teacher transmitted information to students via a ‘one size fits all’ mentality; to an Information Age model, in which access to and accumulation of information was the highest priority.

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The Association for Middle Level Education and American Student Assistance has Introduced a Digital Playbook for Career Exploration in Middle Grades

AMLE | July 13, 2021

The American Student Assistance (ASA) and the Association for Middle-Level Education (AMLE) have announced the release of Career Exploration in the Middle Grades: A Playbook for Educators. The digital playbook and its associated online resource center, the first of its type for middle schools, offer evidence-based best practices for effectively conducting career exploration with students aged 10-15. In addition, the playbook provides a beginning point for various career exploration programs, complete with implementation guidelines and case studies from schools throughout the country. Many of the case studies featured in this playbook are from schools that participated in the ASA Middle School Career Exploration Grant program, the results of which were important in the creation of this playbook. The playbook's primary goal was usability, with practical and approachable resources that schools can use regardless of their current level of programming. About the Association for Middle Level Education (AMLE) The Association for Middle-Level Education (AMLE) is an international membership organization that assists middle school educators in engaging every student, growing professionally, and creating great schools. About American Student Assistance (ASA) American Student Assistance (ASA) is a national non-profit dedicated to assisting children in becoming more aware of themselves, their options and making informed decisions to accomplish their educational and professional goals. ASA has a 60-year history of assisting students in gaining access to higher education through loans and financial education. In addition, ASA has used its experience to provide impactful solutions for students in grades 6-12 to pursue their dreams.

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Visalia Unified School District Ensures Optimal Data Interoperability with Addition of Multiple PowerSchool Solutions

PowerSchool | February 17, 2022

PowerSchool, the leading provider of cloud-based software for K-12 education in North America, today announced that Visalia Unified School District (VUSD) in Tulare County, California, has added multiple PowerSchool solutions to drive enhanced educational outcomes. VUSD has added PowerSchool Unified Classroom® Performance Matters and PowerSchool Unified Insights as anchors in its robust tech stack after enjoying many years as a PowerSchool Student Information System (SIS) user. The district previously benefitted from implementing PowerSchool’s Unified Classroom® Schoology Learning toward the start of the pandemic. With the implementation of Performance Matters, Visalia will enhance its ability to create and distribute personalized assessments and monitor student performance. “Prior to Schoology Learning, we did not have a uniform LMS. With Performance Matters, we are able to have one assessment tool for the district and Unified Insights provides a robust data visualization tool,” said Andre Pecina, Administrator Curriculum and Instruction, Visalia Unified School District. “The value for us at the district-level is that the implementation team was a thought-partner for us. It was more than just checking off completed tasks, but also taking time to think through issues and provide additional questions and/or solutions." Performance Matters enables VUSD schools to build and deliver formative and comprehensive assessments. The results can be viewed alongside performance on third-party assessment, attendance, behavior, and even SEL survey data to ensure that instruction is specifically designed to address learning loss and accelerate learning gains. The PowerSchool SIS was a mainstay for VUSD, but it was not until the pandemic that Schoology Learning became the district’s main Learning Management System (LMS). In choosing an LMS, VUSD was looking for the ability to store and deliver training content, track participation, assign trainings, report activity and results, mobile access, strong support, and ease of use. Most importantly, the district wanted a platform to help keep students engaged and motivated. Since implementing Unified Insights, Visalia has been able to unify all district data, make data-informed decisions, and gain access to dashboards with reporting and analytics. “Visalia Unified School District has been a longtime PowerSchool customer that has more recently seen the value in combining our solutions for maximum impact. Leveraging multiple PowerSchool solutions with world class interoperability allows districts like VUSD to work smarter and truly reap the benefits of technology integrated to improve educational outcomes.” Maulik Datanwala, Chief Operating Officer, PowerSchool Visalia Unified School District is nestled close to the Sierra mountains in the heart of California's San Joaquin Valley. Established in 1885, VUSD serves 32,000 students, and employs 3,000 staff who provide educational services across 214 square miles. This includes 26 elementary schools, a newcomer language center, five middle schools, four high schools, adult education programs, and charters. About PowerSchool PowerSchool is the leading provider of cloud-based software for K-12 education in North America. Its mission is to power the education ecosystem with unified technology that helps educators and students realize their full potential, in their way. PowerSchool connects students, teachers, administrators, and parents, with the shared goal of improving student outcomes. From the office to the classroom to the home, it helps schools and districts efficiently manage state reporting and related compliance, special education, finance, human resources, talent, registration, attendance, funding, learning, instruction, grading, assessments and analytics in one unified platform. PowerSchool supports over 45 million students globally and more than 13,000 customers, including over 90 of the top 100 districts by student enrollment in the United States, and sells solutions in over 90 countries.

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Beacon Education Announces Partnership with University of Arizona College of Law

Beacon Education | February 22, 2022

Beacon Education, the largest provider of online graduate degrees to China, is proud to announce its newest partner, the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law, and the introduction of China's first online Master of Laws (LLM) and Master of Legal Studies (MLS) degrees directly enrolling online cohorts of Chinese working professionals. Beacon's comprehensive services and technology suite will provide fully localized capabilities for University of Arizona Law in China including marketing, recruitment, instructional design, delivery, technology, and student support to deliver both first-in-class and best-in-class educational experiences and outcomes for talented working professionals in China seeking LLM and MLS degrees. "University of Arizona Law has a history of developing key partnerships with top-tier universities in China to deliver our BA/Law degree and to recruit students to pursue our LLM and JD degrees in Tucson," said University of Arizona Law Dean Marc Miller, who views the partnership as a natural progression of the college's commitment to delivering accessible, high quality education in China."We have been at the forefront of online legal education—years before the pandemic—and believe Beacon Education is the perfect partner to recruit exceptional legal professionals who want to expand their understanding of U.S. and international legal studies." "The need for international legal education in China is expanding; companies and individuals are seeking to better understand the complexities and best practices of international law. University of Arizona Law's programs are perfectly designed to meet those needs and fill that gap." Michael Wang, CEO of Beacon Education ABOUT THE JAMES E. ROGERS COLLEGE OF LAW The University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law is the first law school in the U.S. where you can earn a degree at any stage of your education, from undergraduate through doctoral. Because of our influential and accessible faculty, supportive student community, and home at one of the nation's top research universities, we are uniquely poised to prepare you for success. ABOUT BEACON EDUCATION Beacon is China's largest provider of online master's degrees, partnering with the world's leading universities to deliver a broad range of programs and resources. Our 35+ programs across 18+ university partners are transforming digital education in China. Beacon is proud to empower Chinese learners to achieve their goals.

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