Esme Learning Solutions Launches Free Online Class to Coach Educators on Delivering Better Online Learning

prnewswire | October 29, 2020

Esme Learning Solutions Launches Free Online Class to Coach Educators on Delivering Better Online Learning
Online learning pioneers, Esme Learning Solutions, has today launched a new, free online course designed to help education professionals deliver effective, more engaging online teaching. This course is designed for instructors and professors in primary through higher education, or those in corporate learning who are tasked with teaching their courses in a live, virtual environment.

The new "Driving Engagement in Virtual Courses" offers educators a peek behind the curtain of Esme Learning's powerful cognitive science-based learning approach. While it is only a portion of the full digitally native Esme Learning experience, this course will offer advice for people teaching live sessions via video conferencing platforms who are looking for tools and techniques to make their sessions more engaging for students. Attendees will benefit from experiencing the optimized digital learning approach pioneered by Esme Learning and practical guidance about driving student engagement, implementing remote learning models, and designing lesson-planning templates for courses of various lengths. The course will also cover topics such as the effect of cognitive load in virtual learning and understanding the challenges and benefits for students learning online.
Beth Porter, managing director of Esme Learning Solutions said:
"The COVID pandemic has accelerated the need for high-quality online teaching and learning. We appreciate that the teaching profession has had to adapt quickly under tremendous pressure, and we want to help. Our goal is to support educators as they navigate this new world by sharing a little of our secret playbook of cognitive science techniques to help improve the digital learning experience for all."
Esme Learning, formed in 2019 by digital learning pioneers Beth Porter (edX, Pearson) and David Shrier (Oxford, MIT), delivers career transforming online executive education in partnership with leading universities.

Esme Learning uses an AI-enabled digital learning system, and leverages dozens of lessons from cognitive and neuroscience, to deliver an immersive and highly applied collaborative learning experience.

Through Esme Learning courses, executives gain technical skills and learn business best practices from leading experts on wide-ranging topics, such as cybersecurity and fintech. By harnessing the collective intelligence of teams who engage in online simulations of real-world scenarios, Esme Learning prepares executives for the skills needed to drive a culture of innovation. 
In April 2020 Esme Learning launched Oxford Cyber Futures with the University of Oxford and Mastercard—an online educational programme that incorporated a novel cyberdefence simulation as part of a globally delivered pilot.


Gaggle's annual student safety report highlights key trends in harmful student behavior during the 2019–2020 school year. This report reveals the frequency of these behaviors among students nationwide so K-12 leaders are aware of these threats and can take steps to address them.


Gaggle's annual student safety report highlights key trends in harmful student behavior during the 2019–2020 school year. This report reveals the frequency of these behaviors among students nationwide so K-12 leaders are aware of these threats and can take steps to address them.

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Oracle Cloud Helps Schools Embrace the Next Era of Higher Education

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Colleges and universities continue to face a wave of change, from the adoption of remote learning and working to more distributed academic research models. To be able to quickly adapt in the face of adversity, leading higher education institutions are looking to Oracle Cloud. With Oracle Cloud for Higher Education, including Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications, and Oracle Student Cloud, schools including Bowie State University, Butler Community College, Coppin State University, Skidmore College, and University of Pittsburgh are simplifying business processes, maximizing resources, and better supporting their students and staff. "Over the past year, higher education institutions have had to find new, creative ways to offer their services while staying focused on what matters most: the academic success and safety of students and faculty. With Oracle, colleges of all sizes and disciplines can easily take advantage of the latest innovations in the cloud to drive efficiencies and make well-informed decisions." Vivian Wong, group vice president of Higher Education Development, Oracle Bowie State University Founded in 1865, Bowie State University in Bowie, Maryland supports more than 6,000 students. Ninety-percent of Bowie's first-year undergraduates receive financial aid, so it's crucial that the process is as smooth as possible. When the university's financial aid processes started to hinder the student experience and divert staff's time, Bowie State decided to modernize the process with Oracle. With Oracle Student Financial Planning (SFP), part of Oracle Student Cloud, they will be able to eliminate inefficiencies for staff and empower students to secure available resources to ensure their success. "We are dedicated to removing financial barriers that too often prevent students from pursuing or completing a degree, but our financial aid system wasn't adequately contributing to that vision," said Maurice Tyler, Vice President for Information Technology and CIO, Bowie State University. "Oracle Student Financial Planning will enable staff to focus on higher value work and spend more time engaging directly to promote access to aid and student success." Butler Community College With eight campuses across South Central Kansas, Butler Community College serves 7,000 students. The college will move their Ellucian Banner system and other third-party applications to OCI to consolidate hardware, save time and money currently spent patching systems, and take advantage of enhanced security features. Coppin State University Since its inception in 1900, Baltimore-based Coppin State University (CSU) has had a clear mantra: students first. Today, the university serves thousands of students from diverse ethnic, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds. With Oracle Student Financial Planning, the university will be able to make the financial aid process easier and less uncertain for students. "Our focus at Coppin is to transform our students' experience," said Ahmed El-Haggan, CIO and VP of Information Technology, Coppin State University. "With Oracle Student Financial Planning, we can offer our students an easier digital experience and increased visibility into their college financial planning. This will support them in making better informed decisions with improved outcomes, helping ensure they reach their educational goals." Skidmore College Skidmore College, located in Saratoga Springs, New York, is among the top 50 liberal arts colleges in the U.S. The college implemented Oracle Cloud ERP and Oracle Cloud HCM to create an automated and unified back-office experience. With the applications, Skidmore College will be able to eliminate manual processes, reduce costs associated with maintaining legacy systems, and improve the productivity and performance of its finance and HR functions. "The past year has magnified the need to be agile to support changing business models and initiatives," said Dwane Sterling, chief technology officer, Skidmore College. "With Oracle, we're creating a genuinely automated back-office experience that connects the dots between departments, enabling us to become more responsive, and financially and operationally efficient." University of Pittsburgh The University of Pittsburgh, one of the nation's top public institutions for higher education and research, has implemented Oracle Cloud HCM to provide a better experience for staff and faculty. With Oracle Cloud HCM, University of Pittsburgh employees can complete HR tasks more efficiently and with greater accuracy. For example, the university's administrative users can log in to the online HR portal, see the status of a request and where it is in the approval cycle to identify delays and quickly address issues. The university can also benefit from improved employee visibility with enhanced workforce analytics. "As a leading research university, it's crucial for us to constantly innovate and stay ahead in the industry. Our people are the essential link in ensuring that happens," said Michelle Fullem, acting assistant vice chancellor, HR operations, University of Pittsburgh. "Our previous on-premises HR systems weren't built to keep pace with the speed of change we're seeing today. Adopting Oracle Cloud HCM allows us to take immediate advantage of the latest tech enhancements to continually improve efficiencies in our HR processes while providing a great experience to our staff." Oracle Cloud Applications for Education Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite offers a fully integrated suite of cloud applications to run every part of a university including Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain Management & Manufacturing (SCM), Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM), and Oracle Fusion Cloud Advertising & Customer Experience (CX). Oracle Student Cloud also provides universities comprehensive tools to manage the entire student relationship, from recruiting and financial aid, to engagement and support. About Oracle Oracle offers integrated suites of applications plus secure, autonomous infrastructure in the Oracle Cloud.

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