Crystal Delta Enables Educators to Deliver Web-Like Online Learning Experiences in Blackboard

Crystal Delta | May 31, 2021

Crystal Delta recently released Loree for Blackboard to assist educators in improving the learning experience through more straightforward course design and editing. Loree (the course design tool) is now compatible with Blackboard. It is the only tool of its sort available for Blackboard learning management systems (LMS) and is widely used by Canvas and Brightspace customers worldwide."Our mission at Crystal Delta is to improve learning. The introduction of Loree for Blackboard improves the learner experience by enabling educators to create engaging content. We are delighted to support Blackboard's customers and learners." Crystal Delta CEO Balaji Baradhazhvar

Loree is designed to benefit the K-12, Higher Education, Vocational Education, and Corporate Education sectors. "We highly recommend Loree if you're seeking a design solution that will grow with you over time," said Loree's client Gretta O. Rogne, Director of Digital Learning, New Caney ISD.

Loree has several features that make course design and editing using Blackboard LMS easier, such as:

• Web-like Experiences: the creation of engaging and responsive course pages with text, imagery, videos, and interactives (image sliders, flip cards, accordions, tabs, and more) inside of Blackboard

• Accessibility Checker: Utilize Blackboard to ensure that your courses meet the particular needs of your learners.

• Design and Share: Design, build, save, and share templates across your organization.

• Integrations: Use Loree's seamless integration with H5P to easily embed interactive content in your Blackboard courses.

"The involvement of a learner with course materials directly influences their success and satisfaction. Taking this into account, we aim to provide educators, learning designers, and anyone else who wants to create engaging, interactive, and transformative learning experiences with the tools they need to do so." Loree Product Owner Edina Cejvan

Loree is now available for Blackboard Learn and will be available soon for Blackboard Ultra. Blackboard users may also expect a growing set of interactive modules, out-of-the-box templates based on learning best practices, analytics, and much more.

"Our mission at Crystal Delta is to improve learning. The introduction of Loree for Blackboard improves the learner experience by enabling educators to create engaging content. We are delighted to support Blackboard's customers and learners." Crystal Delta CEO Balaji Baradhazhvar


Singapore's education system aims to bring out the best in every child by enabling students to discover their talents, realise their full potential, and develop a passion for life-long learning.


Singapore's education system aims to bring out the best in every child by enabling students to discover their talents, realise their full potential, and develop a passion for life-long learning.

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The London School of Economics ,Political Science Partners with edX to Launch Pathway to Undergraduate Degree with MicroBachelors Programs,MOOC

edX | September 23, 2022

The London School of Economics and Political Science, a member institution of the University of London, and edX, the global online learning platform from 2U, Inc., today announced the launch of LSE's first two MicroBachelors® programs in Statistics Fundamentals and Mathematics and Statistics Fundamentals as well as An Introduction to Pre-University Mathematics, its first Massive Open Online Course. LSE is the first university to expand its degree partnership with 2U to launch a series of edX microcredentials that provide learners with a flexible, stackable pathway towards pursuing a fully online undergraduate education.MicroBachelors® programs deliver immediately transferable skills while providing a pathway towards pursuing a full Bachelor's degree. Each of LSE's new MicroBachelors® programs includes four university-level courses from leading LSE faculty. Learners who successfully complete a MicroBachelors® program from LSE and are admitted into select online undergraduate degree programs from the University of London, with academic direction provided by LSE, will be eligible to apply for recognition of prior learning (RPL), creating an accessible pathway into the degree program. The Introduction to Pre-University Mathematics MOOC, which is free to audit, will expand access to a foundational mathematics education worldwide. It will also teach the competencies required to succeed in university-level courses, including LSE's new MicroBachelors® programs. "Over the past five years, our partnership with 2U has enabled LSE to become a leader in digital education, bringing high-quality education to life online. We've reduced barriers, removed international borders, and extended our reach,Building on our partnership, the new innovative offerings from LSE on edX create an incredible opportunity for us to further increase our global impact by providing a vast community of learners with a clear pathway to gain the critical mathematics and statistics knowledge to achieve academic success." Wim Van der Stede, Academic Dean for Extended Education at LSE The school's initial partnership with 2U has played a role in LSE's strategy to expand its educational offerings and make teaching, learning, and research accessible to people who wouldn't have been able to access the institution in traditional formats. To date, over 26,000 learners have completed online certificate courses offered through LSE and 2U, and over 1,000 students have enrolled in its online undergraduate degrees powered by 2U. The addition of the MicroBachelors® programs and MOOC will help further expand LSE's reach to over 45 million learners around the globe.The launch of LSE's first MicroBachelors® programs and MOOC demonstrate the power of 2U and edX to expand access and increase the affordability of higher education at one of the world's most renowned social sciences institutions," said 2U Co-Founder and CEO Christopher "Chip" Paucek. "Creating new pathways to degree attainment is an essential part of edX's mission to unlock the potential of our community of 45 million learners worldwide, and we're thrilled to expand our partnership with LSE to bring that mission to life through the first truly stackable path to a fully online undergraduate degree. About London School of Economics The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) is an internationally renowned university specialising in the social sciences. Its expertise spans a wide range of disciplines from economics, politics and law, to sociology, health policy, accounting and finance. As one of the most international universities in the world, the School's diversity of people, ideas and interests make it an exciting centre for research, teaching and public engagement.    Established in 1895, the original vision of LSE as 'a community of people and ideas, founded to know the causes of things, for the betterment of society' remains true to this day.  It continues to use its research-led expertise to influence governments, NGOs, businesses and others to help tackle the world's most pressing problems. For more information visit .   About edX edX is the education movement for restless learners and a leading global online learning platform from 2U, Inc. ( Nasdaq: TWOU). Together with the majority of the world's top-ranked universities and industry-leading companies, we bring our community of over 45 million learners world-class education to support them at every stage of their lives and careers, from free courses to full degrees. And we're not stopping there — we're relentlessly pursuing our vision of a world where every learner can access education to unlock their potential, without the barriers of cost or location.

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Ellucian and DVE Partnership Helps Higher Education Institutions Deliver on Digital Transformation in Australia

Ellucian | September 28, 2022

Ellucian, the leading higher education technology solutions provider, today announced a new partnership with higher education specialist consultancy, DVE Solutions, to resell Ellucian Quercus, a cloud-based Student Information System (SIS). The strategic partnership combines leading-edge technology with outstanding implementation expertise, enabling Australian higher education institutions to deliver on their digital transformations and drive tangible growth in a rapidly transforming sector.The newly signed deal positions DVE as the go-to-market partner for Quercus in the Asia-Pacific region, taking full advantage of DVE's reputation for delivering exceptional outcomes for educational institutions. With this agreement, Ellucian expands its already impressive partner ecosystem – the largest of its kind – which provides customers with access to digital expertise, solution providers and specialised systems. "In Australia, 198,000 (13%) of students drop out before completing their chosen course each year. Given this, student retention and engagement are top priorities for higher education, and our Quercus platform is designed to support student success along the entire spectrum of the student journey,With DVE helping us drive adoption of Quercus, we're aiming to expand digital opportunities for higher education institutions that will directly impact student outcomes." Keith Hawkes, Vice President, Australia for Ellucian DVE Solutions CEO, Jo Schneider, added, "We continually hear the challenges around collecting and using student information, providing seamless process for students and staff, and meeting government statutory reporting requirements. The partnership with Ellucian will allow us to deliver end-to-end solutions that ensure efficiency and compliance.Designed especially for higher education, Quercus enables institutions to efficiently manage records, streamline staff efforts and deliver a convenient, connected student experience. The cloud-based student information system features a modern architecture, enabling institutions to adapt seamlessly as functional and technical needs change, offering easy integrations with non-Ellucian solutions as well. About Ellucian Ellucian is the market leader charting the digital future of higher education with a portfolio of cloud-ready technology solutions and services. From student recruitment to workforce analytics; from fundraising opportunities to alumni engagement; Ellucian's comprehensive suite of data-rich tools gives colleges and universities the information they need to lead with confidence. Working with a community of more than 2,700 customers in over 50 countries, Ellucian keeps innovating as higher education keeps evolving. Drawing on its comprehensive higher education business acumen and suite of services, Ellucian guides its customers through manageable, sustainable digital transformation—so that every type of institution and student can thrive in today's fast-changing landscape. To find out what's next in higher education solutions and services, visit Ellucian at About DVE Solutions DVE Solutions drives powerful change in educational institutions with a holistic approach that considers People, Process, Structure and Technology. DVE's team of specialists in system implementation, technology and change ensure that every project is undertaken with the right people doing the right work.

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Varo Bank Launches "SaveUp" Financial Education Course in Collaboration with EVERFI

EVERFI | September 17, 2022

Varo Bank, the first all-digital, nationally chartered U.S. consumer techbank, announced today the launch of SaveUp, a free middle school savings curriculum designed in strategic partnership with social impact education innovator, EVERFI. The SaveUp course is the largest initiative to date of the Varo Money Power program, which includes free online financial education lessons for adults and the Russ x Varo Money Power financial education workshops for high school students designed in partnership with NBA superstar Russell Westbrook.SaveUp empowers students by providing them with the tools they need to build a strong savings foundation and will be available to 4,500 middle schools nationwide by June 2024. The course is aligned with Jump$tart National Standards for Personal Finance Education and focuses on middle school students to provide them time to learn and practice savings habits before they start to deal with more pressing financial challenges in high school and beyond. "Everyone deserves the same access to opportunity, and that starts with financial education,Through this joint initiative, Varo and EVERFI continue to advance our shared mission of expanding financial inclusion and helping young people learn the fundamentals of what it takes to build wealth for themselves and their communities. We plan to leverage this program content in the future to broaden the reach of financial education and literacy to a wider audience going forward." Colin Walsh, Founder and CEO of Varo Bank Throughout the course, students will learn the importance of saving, how to budget, how savings can help reach financial goals, and how to open a savings account. This will be accomplished through an interactive learning experience that includes: Self-guided lessons to help students develop simple, actionable strategies. Real-world scenarios that prime students for long-term behavioral change using problem-solving and self- reflection activities. Detailed score reports and offline extension activities to help teachers maximize their impact across all students. Middle school is a time of financial socialization for students as they start to develop their own values and beliefs around money," said Ray Martinez, Co-Founder and President of EVERFI. "Developing the SaveUp curriculum and bringing it to middle schools around the country, is just part of our commitment to help students, especially those in low-to-moderate income populations, build the knowledge and skills they need to achieve financial wellness and stability while providing equal access to the financial services system. About Varo Bank, N.A. Varo Bank is the first all-digital, nationally chartered U.S. consumer techbank built from the ground up, designed to make financial inclusion and opportunity a reality for all. Varo Bank is reimagining the modern banking experience and providing customers with the tools they need to build financial resilience and realize their financial power – with offerings such as Varo Believe, a secured card to help build credit, Varo Advance to help stretch hard-earned dollars between paychecks, the ability to earn cashback at 1,000 merchant locations nationwide, and a newly launched high yield savings account option, more than 38x the national average. A different kind of financial institution – Varo Bank serves everyone striving to build a better future – from those with abundance to people struggling to make ends meet. Varo has been named one of Forbes' World's Best Banks in 2022, Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies, and is on the Inc 5000 list of fastest growing companies for 2022. For more information on Varo Advance, Varo Believe, and other offerings such as Perks, visit, like Varo Bank on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram and Twitter @varobank. @2022 Varo Bank, N.A. Member FDIC. About EVERFI, Inc. EVERFI from Blackbaud is an international technology company driving social impact through education to address the most challenging issues affecting society ranging from financial wellness to mental health to workplace conduct and other critical topics. Founded in 2008, EVERFI's Impact-as-a-Service™ solution and digital educational content have reached more than 45 million learners globally. In 2020, the company was recognized as one of the World's Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company and was featured on Fortune Magazine's Impact 20 List. The company was also named to the 2021 GSV EdTech 150, a list of the most transformative growth companies in digital learning. Blackbaud, the world's leading cloud software company powering social good, acquired EVERFI in December of 2021.

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