COVID-19 Summer to Keep the Opportunity Doors Open for Education Companies

Edtech | May 18, 2020

  • For companies that target teachers, this is a good time to do some contingency planning as well—to be ready to assist educators.

  • Educators will spend a good amount of time learning something new if it has a clear and measurable reward, The usual rewards include increasing learning outcomes and reducing stress.

  • Teachers are looking for more than just products and services to aid their online instruction.

As we inch toward summer, no one quite knows what’s going to happen during the 2020-2021 school year. Both the University of California and California State University school systems recently announced that their campuses likely will not reopen in the fall for in-person instruction. Schools that do open may be forced to shut again in the fall or early winter to contain another fast-spreading outbreak. This uncertainty is enough to cause an educator—a profession that depends on planning and preparation—to experience a wide range of unpleasant emotions. But educators are a tenacious and resourceful bunch. Instead of waiting for guidance from above, instructors will be doing a detailed COVID-19 overhaul of their curricula when they do all their yearly planning and strategizing: during summer break.

Summer is a very important time for teachers. It’s really the only time they have to evaluate and revise their lesson plans and teaching methodologies. And since they get to do all that work at home, without the distraction of students and grading, and perhaps while wearing shorts, they do it all unpaid. For companies that target teachers, this is a good time to do some contingency planning as well—to be ready to assist educators no matter what scenario they find themselves in come fall. Erin Borgstrom, a science teacher at New West Charter High School in Los Angeles, has already started making plans for new curricula she’ll finish up over the summer


“ To reach the most educators, provide a range of support features, including clearly written instructions, webinars, instructional videos and live customer assistance."

~ Educator say

Like Erin, teachers want to be prepared next time they’re told to “go remote.” They want their online instruction to be more seamless, equitable, engaging and effective. They want it to be a better experience overall, and they’re looking for help. Companies that provide this assistance to teachers directly will be rich in prospects. Because, with the economy in turmoil, many teachers aren’t relying on their districts to provide funding for what they need. There’s a good chance there won’t be any funding available.

“Our new Google Meet and Chat monitoring functionality will give IT teams more insight into school meetings to better protect sensitive data, secure remote learning, keep meetings private and students safe.”

According to the 2014 Teachers Know Best survey by the Gates Foundation, teachers find out about products largely through word-of-mouth. But with teachers’ lounges out of operation and professional development focused on getting through the current school year, opportunities for in-person recommendations are limited. This means that teachers are largely relying on social media for inspiration. Your marketing shouldn’t be limited to social media (teachers still seek information through online searches and publications), but it should be highly shareable. Educators will spend a good amount of time learning something new if it has a clear and measurable reward. The usual rewards include increasing learning outcomes and reducing stress.

This is even greater now as teachers attempt to master authoring and conferencing tools, learning platforms and other technology that may be completely novel, foreign and for many, unwanted. If you can truly save instructors time and reduce stress by minimizing the learning curve or if you can help their students meet learning objectives, they’ll make the investment. Remember, teachers are doing all this work over the summer without pay. So, no matter how much they love what they do, and no matter how much your product or service will help them over the school year, they will not spend weeks of their limited time attempting to figure out an overly complicated product or service. If you want to reach teachers, make it easy.



This interactive infographic from the National Academies Press highlights essential practices for K-12 science classrooms from A Framework for K-12 Science Education with references to the contents of the full report.


This interactive infographic from the National Academies Press highlights essential practices for K-12 science classrooms from A Framework for K-12 Science Education with references to the contents of the full report.

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Verizon Innovative Learning, the company’s signature education initiative focused on addressing barriers to digital inclusion for over a decade, is rebranding and expanding its free project-based enrichment program to Verizon Innovative Learning STEM Achievers. Previously known as two separate programs, Young Men of Color and Young Rural Women, the new Verizon Innovative Learning STEM Achievers program, in partnership with the National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship (NACCE), will offer a more inclusive learning environment while still providing middle school students in under-resourced communities with the opportunity to discover new problem-solving skills and gain exposure to career opportunities in STEM fields. Verizon Innovative Learning STEM Achievers will continue to offer an engaging, hands-on experience developed to enrich learning through design thinking, 3D printing, augmented reality, social entrepreneurship and mentorship. Developed by Arizona State University's Edson Entrepreneurship + Innovation Institute, the program’s interactive curriculum centers around four educational tracks: immersive media, smart solutions, digital product innovations and artificial intelligence. The year-round program, which begins with a summer immersion experience and then hosts one STEM Enrichment day in the fall and spring for new and returning students, is held in partnership with a total of 44 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) and community colleges across the country. “One of the core tenets of Verizon Innovative Learning STEM Achievers is to expose students to emerging technologies and teach students to think broadly about how technology can make the world a better place. “Since the program launched in 2017, we’ve been able to reach thousands of students, not only through hands-on learning, but through mentorships that help to deepen their connection to STEM, as well as build their confidence and leadership skills outside of the classroom.” Alex Servello, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at Verizon “Being a part of Verizon Innovative Learning STEM Achievers gave me access to amazing technology, which allowed me to enhance my skills in STEM and build upon my innate design capabilities,” said Christopher, a 16-year-old student who previously participated in the program at Tuskegee University. “Through the program I also met great new friends and mentors and learned about the latest trends in technology. I enjoyed each day of the program and was always excited to see what new experiences we would engage in next.” Verizon Innovative Learning HQ, next-gen learning for all Students and teachers can also take advantage of Verizon Innovative Learning HQ, Verizon’s new, freely available open access education portal that scales the resources of Verizon Innovative Learning and its decade-long proven approach to integrating technology into the classroom. The portal enables any K-12 educator in the country to access innovative learning apps, professional development and tailored lesson plans to empower students to be social innovators and to create solutions using emerging tech. Citizen Verizon: Goal to 10 million youths with digital skills training These efforts are all part of Citizen Verizon, the company’s responsible business plan for economic, environmental, and social advancement. Citizen Verizon empowers Verizon to deliver on its mission to move the world forward through action by expanding digital access and resources, protecting the climate, and ensuring people have the skills needed for jobs of the future. Through Citizen Verizon, and the key pillar of Digital Inclusion, the company's responsible business goals include providing 10 million youths with digital skills training by 2030. To learn more about Verizon's digital inclusion efforts, visit To sign up for Verizon Innovative Learning STEM Achievers, visit Verizon Communications Inc. was formed on June 30, 2000 and is one of the world’s leading providers of technology and communications services. Headquartered in New York City and with a presence around the world, Verizon generated revenues of $133.6 billion in 2021. The company offers data, video and voice services and solutions on its award-winning networks and platforms, delivering on customers’ demand for mobility, reliable network connectivity, security and control.

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NCODA Announces New Continuing Education Platform for the Medically-Integrated Oncology Community

NCODA | July 28, 2022

Empowering all stakeholders in oncology with easily accessible, patient-centered education and collaborative learning opportunities is fundamental to NCODA, Inc. Today, NCODA, launches NCODA University, a new division of the organization, which will allow medically-integrated oncology professionals to obtain top-tier training in a format that is accessible, functional, diverse, and addresses current practice needs. NCODA University will utilize a four-column structure for encompassing educational initiatives specifically designed for each of the different facets: members, trainees (students, residents, and fellows), industry team members, and patients. "This new educational platform will help us continue providing quality education to a variety of different stakeholders in oncology - from our students and industry partners, to our clinical members and the patients they serve." Michael Reff, RPh, MBA, Founder and Executive Director at NCODA Firmly committed to lifelong learning, NCODA University, led by Julianne Darling, PharmD, BCOP (Manager of Education), will build upon highly utilized NCODA-developed resources such as the Oral Chemotherapy Education (OCE) and Intravenous Cancer Treatment Education (IVE) sheets. In addition, the program will meet important needs of oncology professionals with continuing education (CE) activities, a virtual expert speaker library, Medically-Integrated Pharmacy (MIP) Significance Training, and learning modules designed to equip all participants with the information needed to excel in oncology. Not only will NCODA University support clinical and industry professionals, the program will fill a gap in pharmacy student oncology education. Working closely with NCODA-affiliated schools / colleges of pharmacy, the need for enhanced oncology-focused coursework was identified. Pharmacy students, residents and fellows will be able to engage with NCODA University for learning opportunities designed to enhance important oncology curriculum prior to graduating. About NCODA NCODA, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization. Our Mission is to empower the medically-integrated oncology team to deliver positive, patient-centered outcomes by providing leadership, expertise, quality standards and best practices.

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LearningMate acquires JobReady.Me, creating a complete employment readiness platform for colleges and workforce agencies around the world

LearningMate | July 12, 2022

LearningMate, the leading technology and content solutions company supporting edtech companies, educational institutions, government, and workforce agencies around the world, today announced its acquisition of JobReady, an online platform delivering high-quality, affordable, relevant career pathways and credentials for the 21st century to a million job seekers and career shifters. In recent years, demand for new types of credentials has risen rapidly, and JobReady has helped workforce agencies, community colleges, and universities respond to this demand. The combination of the JobReady platform with LearningMate’s services and Frost's content management suite creates a powerful, end-to-end, lifelong learning and credentialing solution for workforce agencies and educational institutions to meet the fast-changing needs of employers and job-seekers across the world. “In the past 18 months, JobReady has issued thousands of job-aligned credentials and created learning pathways for hundreds of careers, empowering colleges, workforce programs and training organizations to rapidly configure and establish affordable options for job seekers,” said Bill Hughes, CEO and founder of JobReady. “By joining the LearningMate family, the team will have access to the resources and technology capabilities needed to support this rapid growth and meet the needs of job-seekers and employers everywhere.” “LearningMate and JobReady share a common vision for lifelong learning. I am excited to welcome JobReady customers and employees to the LearningMate family, JobReady customers will benefit from a world-class services team backed by one of the largest Edtech solutions companies in the world.” Samudra Sen, LearningMate’s CEO About LearningMate LearningMate is a Straive group company that focuses on the needs of next-generation learners. The company builds on a strong foundation of learning design with progressive technology, digital media, and engineering solutions to connect today’s learners, educators, administrators, policymakers, and content creators with the information, tools, and solutions they need to be successful. With six consulting offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and India, LearningMate serves a global clientele of education publishers, traditional and non-traditional EdTech companies, K-20 schools, universities and career colleges, government agencies, non-profits, corporate learning departments, and education consortia. Learn more at About JobReady JobReady is an adult-education and workforce development solution that connects learners to careers and provides affordable career skills training to individuals to improve their job readiness. Together with its partners JobReady offers a unique combination of a deep, career-fit assessment and curated career-aligned course collections from thousands of courses, enabling job seekers to follow upskilling pathways that lead to jobs and promotions. Initial pathways include cybersecurity, data science, project management, IT and networking, software development, skilled trades, manufacturing, project management, business skills, leadership, and certifications.

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