COVID-19 Summer to Keep the Opportunity Doors Open for Education Companies

Edtech | May 18, 2020

  • For companies that target teachers, this is a good time to do some contingency planning as well—to be ready to assist educators.

  • Educators will spend a good amount of time learning something new if it has a clear and measurable reward, The usual rewards include increasing learning outcomes and reducing stress.

  • Teachers are looking for more than just products and services to aid their online instruction.

As we inch toward summer, no one quite knows what’s going to happen during the 2020-2021 school year. Both the University of California and California State University school systems recently announced that their campuses likely will not reopen in the fall for in-person instruction. Schools that do open may be forced to shut again in the fall or early winter to contain another fast-spreading outbreak. This uncertainty is enough to cause an educator—a profession that depends on planning and preparation—to experience a wide range of unpleasant emotions. But educators are a tenacious and resourceful bunch. Instead of waiting for guidance from above, instructors will be doing a detailed COVID-19 overhaul of their curricula when they do all their yearly planning and strategizing: during summer break.

Summer is a very important time for teachers. It’s really the only time they have to evaluate and revise their lesson plans and teaching methodologies. And since they get to do all that work at home, without the distraction of students and grading, and perhaps while wearing shorts, they do it all unpaid. For companies that target teachers, this is a good time to do some contingency planning as well—to be ready to assist educators no matter what scenario they find themselves in come fall. Erin Borgstrom, a science teacher at New West Charter High School in Los Angeles, has already started making plans for new curricula she’ll finish up over the summer


“ To reach the most educators, provide a range of support features, including clearly written instructions, webinars, instructional videos and live customer assistance."

~ Educator say

Like Erin, teachers want to be prepared next time they’re told to “go remote.” They want their online instruction to be more seamless, equitable, engaging and effective. They want it to be a better experience overall, and they’re looking for help. Companies that provide this assistance to teachers directly will be rich in prospects. Because, with the economy in turmoil, many teachers aren’t relying on their districts to provide funding for what they need. There’s a good chance there won’t be any funding available.

“Our new Google Meet and Chat monitoring functionality will give IT teams more insight into school meetings to better protect sensitive data, secure remote learning, keep meetings private and students safe.”

According to the 2014 Teachers Know Best survey by the Gates Foundation, teachers find out about products largely through word-of-mouth. But with teachers’ lounges out of operation and professional development focused on getting through the current school year, opportunities for in-person recommendations are limited. This means that teachers are largely relying on social media for inspiration. Your marketing shouldn’t be limited to social media (teachers still seek information through online searches and publications), but it should be highly shareable. Educators will spend a good amount of time learning something new if it has a clear and measurable reward. The usual rewards include increasing learning outcomes and reducing stress.

This is even greater now as teachers attempt to master authoring and conferencing tools, learning platforms and other technology that may be completely novel, foreign and for many, unwanted. If you can truly save instructors time and reduce stress by minimizing the learning curve or if you can help their students meet learning objectives, they’ll make the investment. Remember, teachers are doing all this work over the summer without pay. So, no matter how much they love what they do, and no matter how much your product or service will help them over the school year, they will not spend weeks of their limited time attempting to figure out an overly complicated product or service. If you want to reach teachers, make it easy.



CS First empowers teachers and students to take on exciting challenges and explore new opportunities with computer science. See how you can teach with CS First and find inspiration from the stories of three teachers using CS First in their classroom today.


CS First empowers teachers and students to take on exciting challenges and explore new opportunities with computer science. See how you can teach with CS First and find inspiration from the stories of three teachers using CS First in their classroom today.

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On January 19, 2023, 3M and Discovery Education announced the launch of the Young Scientist Challenge Alumni Network and Alumni Grants Program. As a part of the 3M Young Scientist Challenge, the initiative will support prior participants and future science leaders. The annual 3M Young Scientist Challenge, the country's premier middle school science competition, invites kids in grades 5 to 8 to compete for a grand prize of $25,000, mentorship with a 3M scientist, and the title of "America's Top Young Scientist." In addition, the new Alumni Network and Alumni Grants Program provides past participants networking opportunities, events, resources, and financial support for ongoing science projects. The 3M Young Scientist Challenge Alumni Network gathers a growing community of mentors and former challenge finalists to interact, celebrate, and promote innovations. America's Top Young Scientists have given TED Talks, filed patents, founded nonprofits, made to the Forbes' 30 Under 30 list, rung the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange, and shown their work at the White House Science Fair. These young innovators have been featured in Forbes, The New York Times Magazine, and Business Insider, as well as national television shows. Each year, the Alumni Grants will award a total of $25,000 grant money to ten different alumni in three different areas: Continuation of 3M Young Scientist Challenge Project - This will support alumni who want to continue developing the project they initially developed 3M Young Scientist Challenge. Three alumni are eligible to receive $5,000 annually. New Idea to Improve the World - This area of funding would be available to assist projects that alumni might be working on, which are different from their initial 3M Young Scientist Challenge innovation. Two alumni can receive $2,500 annually. Science in Your Community - Funding can be used to assist alumni initiatives, community enrichment and community engagement projects. Five alumni receive $1,000 annually. About Discovery Education Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, Discovery Education is a global leader in ed-tech with a state-of-the-art platform to facilitate learning. Its standards-based digital content for grades K-12 redefines teaching and learning by providing award-winning multimedia content, digital textbooks, professional development, and the largest professional learning community of its type. The company serves over 4.5 million educators and 45 million students globally, with its resources available in more than 100 countries and territories.

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DEI Organization Fearless Futures Launches E-learning Tool Available Worldwide

Fearless Futures | November 18, 2022

Today, Fearless Futures, an international diversity, equity and inclusion training and consultancy firm, announces the launch of its premier E-learning program, E-learning: Foundations to Inclusion and Equity, which educates participants on how to build inclusion and equity into their organization. Known for its transformative virtual and in-person trainings, Fearless Futures expands the accessibility of its educational offerings with this E-learning tool, enabling smaller companies, as well as corporations with teams too large to make instructor-led live training for all feasible, to advance their own anti-oppression learning in a cost-effective manner and at their own pace. Through the program, Fearless Futures pushes e-learning to a higher level of effectiveness by keeping participants deeply invested through engaging facilitators and short chapters, while also preserving the gravity of the subject matters. Unlike typical online DEI trainings, which are mainly intended to avoid workplace litigation and therefore set a very low bar in terms of actual education, this program covers the foundational concepts of systemic oppression, intersectionality and equity. The studio-produced experience, which includes interactions, engaging animations and historical footage, is slightly over two hours and structured in 17 bitesize video chapters, interspersed with activities. Foundations to Inclusion and Equity is available globally in English with captions in different languages upon request and accessible on computers and mobile devices. "Making intersectional equity and inclusion education available to a large audience has always been a driving force of our organization and we are thrilled to now offer a tool that expands accessibility as well as affordability,We believe that everyone has a right to this education, which is key to achieving profound change. Now, from the palm of their hands or within their homes, folks can participate in the in-depth analysis required to understand intersecting oppressive systems that exist in our workplaces with our E-learning tool." Hanna Naima McCloskey, founder and CEO of Fearless Futures. Initially developed to support schools' DEI efforts in 2014, Fearless Futures was founded by Hanna Naima McCloskey, now a seasoned facilitator and educator, to give students the tools to engage with the nuance and complexity of oppression. Following the organization's initial success, Hanna expanded Fearless Futures' teachings to cater to leaders in the corporate world in 2016, a demographic in urgent need of anti-oppression training. Since then, Fearless Futures has served employees of all levels, from c-suite leadership to junior staff working in organizations across a variety of industries including technology, finance, media and more. About Fearless Futures Fearless Futures is a diversity, equity and inclusion training and consultancy firm that facilitates transformative learning experiences by actively challenging the root causes and intersections of inequities as well as their lived realities. The firm serves daring companies across sectors including tech, finance, media and more who are unafraid to engage in courageous analysis and actions and are committed to deep change across their organizational ecosystems. Fearless Futures envisions a world in which each person and organization possesses and actively practices the skills and tools to design equity into their everyday lives in service of affording access to freedom, legitimacy, dignity, safety and belonging for those who live with inequity. Founded in the UK in 2014 by Hanna Naima McCloskey, Fearless Futures specializes in globally relevant, robust analyses of inequities in the workplace and how they produce unequal and harmful outcomes for marginalized groups, applying its intersectional methodology to design equitable policies and processes.

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UnifyWork Launches Technology Platform to Power Cleveland's Talent Network

UnifyWork | November 15, 2022

UnifyWork announced today the launch of its workforce intelligence platform, the first of its kind in the market. Its patented skills-based technology powers local talent networks by coupling the market demand for skills development with equitable hiring to remove the barriers associated with the traditional labor market. A Harvard-Accenture study in 2021 found that there are more than 27 million hidden workers who could work or find better work, but are not considered by the current methods of talent acquisition and development in the U.S. These hidden workers already have, or could acquire the skills needed to succeed. However, there is a siloed system of skills-based education and training in the U.S. that is misaligned, and UnifyWork is fixing it. UnifyWork's platform replaces the time-consuming resume and application process with a brief assessment that identifies job seeker skills and interests. The platform's skills-based matching algorithm then presents select in-demand jobs – including detailed job descriptions and pay ranges – that align with the candidate's unique abilities and preferences. By leveraging UnifyWork to fill job openings, employers gain access to an untapped talent pool of prequalified candidates that will not find them on traditional job boards. The platform also masks candidate identities until a match between the employer and job seeker is made - minimizing bias in the hiring process. Beyond connecting employers and candidates for the careers of today, UnifyWork is helping ensure the long-term viability of full employment in the region. With UnifyWork, educators, workforce and economic development organizations can get real-time insights on job supply and demand, and assess opportunities to upskill or re-skill talent to meet current and emergent needs, addressing the historic labor shortage head on. "Across the state, Ohio is creating jobs faster than employers can find people to fill them, and we welcome solutions like UnifyWork that have the ability to match Ohioans with meaningful careers, while supporting local business owners and entrepreneurs, It is critical for companies and institutions from both the public and private sector to collaborate on promoting transparent and impactful hiring practices, and this platform will work to generate a more robust and accessible labor market for all of Cleveland." Ohio Lt. Governor Jon Husted. UnifyWork is the fourth breakthrough technology company founded in Cleveland by local tech entrepreneur, Stephen McHale. With his deep experience in big data, machine learning, and leveraging supply chain workflow models, he and his team are determined to transform hiring for good. I love Cleveland and wanted to create a technology that would benefit everyone," said McHale. "That might seem overly ambitious, but I want to support individual and collective thriving in our area. Nothing touches everyone quite the way that work does, whether you are a job seeker, an employer, educator or a professional in workforce or economic development - you care about people being in the right work for their lives. In celebration of its launch, UnifyWork is welcoming its most active users, employers and partners to attend their exclusive launch event on December 7th at the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse. Attendees will hear from community leaders, and walk away with two tickets to an upcoming Cavaliers game, with a chance to win courtside seats. About UnifyWork UnifyWork is the first workforce intelligence platform powering regional talent networks through its patented skills-based technology. The platform enables more equitable hiring practices, and provides real-time data on job market supply and demand to help regions unleash their full economic potential. Headquartered in Cleveland, OH, UnifyWork is a spin-out of Unify Labs, a 509(a)3 non-profit founded in 2017, with the mission of powering inclusive prosperity.

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