Class Technologies Launches Class Cares To Support Students In Need

Class Technologies | August 27, 2021

Class Technologies Inc., the company enhancing virtual and hybrid classrooms by adding teaching and learning tools to Zoom, has launched Class Cares to support students and communities in need.

"Class was founded from a desire to help people," said Michael Chasen, education software pioneer and Class co-founder and CEO. "Class Cares is a long term initiative that takes our team's desire to help and puts it into action through volunteering, donations, and partnerships to help students in need. We're committed to helping people in need around the world."

As part of the initial Class Cares initiative, DC-based Class employees volunteered to pack hundreds of backpacks full of needed school supplies. Helping students go back to school, Class Cares is providing:

200+ backpacks filled by Class team members and brimming with supplies benefiting DC Public Schools (DCPS) students in southeast Washington, D.C.

150+ backpacks provided through a partnership with Kids in Need Foundation (KINF) to students at the American Indian Academy Charter School in Denver, Colorado.

"These backpacks carry with them our belief that education is the key to a better future," said Natlee Green, Vice President of People at Class. "It is fitting that our first initiative helps kids right here in our hometown in Washington, D.C., where 25% of people live below poverty. At least 1 in 5 children in the US who live below the federal defined poverty line cannot afford back to school supplies. Class is here to help."

Class Cares is a long-term corporate social responsibility program that aims to address education and community needs around the world. The company is committed to planning and participating in ongoing future Class Cares initiatives. The next project is planned for October, when Class Cares will partner with  Habitat for Humanity to build a home to commemorate World Habitat Day.

About Class Technologies Inc.
Class is software developed by Class Technologies Inc., a company founded by education software pioneer Michael Chasen. Class adds teaching and learning tools to Zoom and makes the virtual classroom feel like a real classroom. It helps teachers take attendance, hand out assignments, give a quiz or test, grade work, proctor exams, talk one-on-one with a student, and more. Class is headquartered in Washington, DC with staff around the world.


Education lights every stage of the journey to a better life, especially for the poor and the most vulnerable. Education’s unique power to act as a catalyst for wider development goals can only be fully realized, however, if it is equitable. That means making special efforts to ensure that all children and young people – regardless of their family income, where they live, their gender, their ethnicity, whether they are disabled – can benefit equally from its transformative power.


Education lights every stage of the journey to a better life, especially for the poor and the most vulnerable. Education’s unique power to act as a catalyst for wider development goals can only be fully realized, however, if it is equitable. That means making special efforts to ensure that all children and young people – regardless of their family income, where they live, their gender, their ethnicity, whether they are disabled – can benefit equally from its transformative power.

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Today FocalPoint Education, ( a successful edtech innovation firm announced their new strategic partnership with ClassLink, ( a leader in single sign-on, class rostering, learning resource analytics, and account provisioning solutions. The new partnership provides greater access to FocalPoint’s LearningTree AI-empowered adaptive learning LMS through ClassLink’s App Library, extending FocalPoint’s wide SSO (single sign-on) capabilities to an even larger spectrum of solutions. ClassLink’s customers will see FocalPoint’s SSO tile to click for easier access, the same as FocalPoint’s existing clients do today. “This is exciting stuff. “LearningTree uses xAPI data and AI to create true adaptive learning pathways based on each students’ proficiencies. Our ClassLink partnership furthers our strategy to provide education and strategic content partners the full spectrum of FocalPoint’s solutions seamlessly.” Kiran Athota, CEO of FocalPoint Education The LearningTree solution is used extensively by both education agencies and strategic partners. It represents a complete re-thinking of the underlying technology used in most e-learning LMS and assessment platforms. The LearningTree technology represents an extraordinary advance in learning experiences, replacing a traditional architecture that originated in the 1990s when the LMS was invented to manage the distribution of curriculum. "Newer LMS solutions show significant evolution and improvement, yet they are built on an old foundation," says Randall Dennis, FocalPoint's Chief Strategy Officer. “The old foundations are ‘long in the tooth’ and struggle to sustain the needs of education in a post pandemic reality. Kiran Athota and LearningTree helps partners build a fresher, stronger foundation.” ABOUT FOCALPOINT EDUCATION FocalPoint Education is a metro-Atlanta based firm with extensive experience in educational technology innovations. FocalPoint has successfully deployed bespoke enterprise statewide solutions for Georgia, Rhode Island, Maine and North Dakota, as well as school districts in 14 states. FocalPoint provides their innovative xAPI (Xperience API) platform as a service (PaaS) to education organizations to measure and manage teaching and learning. The platform includes LearningTree (an Adaptive Learning LMS leveraging next-gen AI technology), LENS (learning analytics with a recommendations engine and data warehousing), AssessCloud (a solution allowing educators to develop and manage assessments), and Backpack (a blockchain-enabled credentialing portfolio maintaining credentials for life). FocalPoint’s solutions deliver advanced learning analytics to drive student engagement, match digital resources with targeted student needs and support data-driven, personalized learning. All FocalPoint solutions seamlessly integrate with countless third-party edtech solutions. ABOUT CLASSLINK ClassLink is a global education provider of access and analytics products that create more time for learning and help schools better understand digital engagement. As leading advocates for open data standards, we offer instant access to apps and files with single sign-on, streamline class rostering, automate account provisioning, and provide actionable analytics. ClassLink empowers 17 million students and staff in over 2,200 school systems.

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On June 13th, premier education technology solutions provider Bluum announced the release of a complete cybersecurity solution for schools. In recent years, schools have witnessed an evolving cybersecurity need, especially those brought on by remote learning and virtual schooling solutions. Cybersecurity breakdowns have affected more than 3 million students since 2018 with over 1,300 publicly disclosed attacks. Since February, this has cost educational institutions $2.73 million to secure themselves from ransomware attacks. "With limited budgets, highly skilled IT personnel and time, K-12 organizations are hard-pressed to create a solid cybersecurity plan. Cybersecurity is an incredibly technical and extensive area in IT that is rapidly evolving and needs to stay ahead of ever-evolving attack methods. Historically, school IT budget constraints have resulted in ineffective and outdated systems, so Bluum has developed comprehensive countermeasures to fill that void." - Andre Vashilko, Bluum Vice President of Product Strategy and Growth When cybersecurity concerns arise, whether through internal or external threats, Bluum offers preventive measures that can mitigate the risks during and after the attack. Bluum has started by rolling out easy-tu-use solutions that help schools assess their cybersecurity needs and identify solutions to address them. Bluum will also offer vulnerability scans and penetration testing to detect any areas of concern and exposure risks in the infrastructure. The self-assessment will also help schools communicate their specific needs to Bluum in order to provide a tailored solution.

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On June 8th, Parchment, prominent academic credentials management provider, announced that it is teaming up with EAB, a leader in education research, marketing, and technology. The partnership will enable EAB undergraduate institutions to integrate Parchment to request transcripts and other supporting admission documents. "For more than 30 years, EAB has worked to reduce barriers to student enrollment. Partnering with Parchment gives our college and university partners another way to reduce friction in the application process to help boost their enrollment." - Chris Marett, President of Marketing and Enrollment Solutions at EAB Educational institutions who are currently using Parchment will get a seamless integration of these new applications into their existing workflow. It will allow administrators to save time and significant resources, as well as have the peace of mind that learner data and records are secure. "The people at EAB and Parchment believe that postsecondary education transforms lives. We are excited about this partnership as it smooths the path for learners in pursuit of their postsecondary goals. Our platform was built to create a seamless exchange of credentials and our partnership with EAB will help Admissions Offices efficiently collect and process applications, getting decisions to learners faster and increasing their likelihood to enroll." - Kevin Martin, General Manager of Higher Education at Parchment "High schools and districts are under-resourced and strapped for time. Giving Counselors and Registrars a streamlined way to support their learners' college pathway will give them back much needed time to engage with their learners in meaningful ways." - Sarah Kiley, General Manager of K-12 at Parchment

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