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Class Technologies Launches Breakout Room Enhancements For Use in Education

Class Technologies | September 20, 2021

Class Technologies Inc., the company enhancing virtual classrooms by adding teaching and learning tools to Zoom, today unveiled new breakout room features and functionality for Class software.

  • View all breakout rooms at once in one place.
  • Monitor activity in breakout rooms at the same time.
  • Send chat messages to and from individual breakout room groups.
  • Share web pages, videos, and files with specific breakout rooms.
  • Launch individual teaching or training activities to specific breakout rooms.
These features will make it easier for instructors to facilitate group collaboration online and enhance learner engagement and success with online learning.

"Schools and corporations across the globe are navigating the return to in-person learning and work environments unlike any other period in history," said Michael Chasen, education software pioneer and Class co-founder and CEO. "Class is releasing new breakout room features that make virtual instruction more like face-to-face learning environments."

"As we head back to school, educators must be prepared for in-person, hybrid, and virtual learning scenarios to ensure continuity of learning," said Dr. Kurt Hoffman, Class Strategic Advisory Board Member and Senior Vice President of Instructional and Student Affairs at Allegany College of Maryland. "Class brings the real classroom to life online. For educators, assigning students to work in small groups is an important strategy to foster collaboration and engagement. Class bringing this ability online is a natural extension of their work to make the online classroom work seamlessly across all hybrid and virtual learning environments."

This new functionality also helps to improve the online corporate training and learning experience.

"With so many companies mapping out return to work scenarios, many have found virtual training to be so efficient and effective that they're never going back," said Marcia Nuffer, Class Strategic Advisory Board Member, Founder and Principal of BlueShor, and former Chief Learning Officer at McKinsey. "In so many learning and development programs, employees are broken up into small groups to enhance workflow and collaboration. The new and enhanced breakout rooms from Class merge the best from virtual and in person training, and can foster connection and community amongst employees. This will help organizations better upskill and retain their best talent."

Class is a Gold Sponsor of Zoomtopia 2021, where it will showcase its solutions in the virtual expo hall.

About Class Technologies Inc.
Class is software developed by Class Technologies Inc., a company founded by education software pioneer Michael Chasen. Class adds teaching and learning tools to Zoom and makes the virtual classroom feel like a real classroom. It helps teachers take attendance, hand out assignments, give a quiz or test, grade work, proctor exams, talk one-on-one with a student, and more.


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Join Professor Brian Hallett, an expert in Visual Communication and Branded Content, as he unveils the transformative power of AI in education at IE University. Discover how IE University empowers students to embrace AI as a valuable tool for creativity and critical thinking. Witness real-life examples where AI enhances students' inventions and analyses, raising the bar for excellence. Experience the future of personalized learning, where AI and humans collaborate to create a dynamic and enriching academic environment. Hit play now and unlock your true potential with AI-enhanced education at IE University! IE University

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Littera Education Now Offers the Delta Math RtI Program to Help Michigan Students Complete Unfinished Learning in Math

Businesswire | August 03, 2023

While Michigan test scores declined sharply during the pandemic, the new MI Kids Back on Track program is working to tackle unfinished learning by providing $150 million for individualized tutoring and academic support. To help Michigan schools and districts get students on track in math, Littera Education has partnered with Ottawa Area Intermediate School District (ISD), the developers of the Delta Math RtI Program, to integrate the evidence-based Response to Intervention (RtI) curriculum with high-impact tutoring delivered through the Littera Tutoring Management System (TMS). “Now more than ever, districts need proven ways to support students who have fallen behind in math,” said Justin Serrano, CEO and co-founder of Littera. “We’re excited to welcome the Delta Math RtI Program to Littera’s growing portfolio of curriculum partners.” The Delta Math RtI Program focuses on high priority readiness standards from first grade through Algebra II to prepare students for success with grade-level content. Using the Littera TMS, Littera virtual tutors can deliver the Delta Math curriculum to students in 1:1 or small group tutoring sessions. As tutors log feedback in the Littera TMS, districts can monitor student progress in real-time. “Delta Math resources have been used with success since 2009,” said Mike Klavon, who leads the development and implementation of Delta Math for the Ottawa Area ISD. “Through our partnership with Littera, I look forward to many more students benefiting from these materials in tutoring sessions with experienced, highly-trained professionals." About Littera We believe every child deserves the care and attention of a great tutor. Littera customizes high-impact tutoring for K-12 schools and districts by supporting any student, subject, schedule or staffing model. With our virtual tutors, curriculum partners, and the Littera Tutoring Management System, schools can reach every learner with individualized support. About Delta Math The Delta Math RtI Program, developed by the Ottawa Area Intermediate School District with support from Alt+Shift, integrates accelerated learning strategies within an MTSS framework to help students complete unfinished learning in kindergarten through Algebra II.

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Noodle Acquires Meteor Learning, Strengthening Noodle's Consulting Practice

PRnewswire | August 24, 2023

Noodle, higher education's leading strategy, services and technology partner, has completed the acquisition of Meteor Learning, a Certified B edtech corporation based in Burlington, Massachusetts. Noodle, also a Certified B corporation, welcomes Meteor Learning's higher education and employer partners into its network. This addition strengthens Noodle's ability to help its partners be more resilient, responsive and efficient. William Rieders and Donna Ritchie, Meteor's founders, will join the Noodle leadership team and will head Noodle's consulting practice, driving strategic insights and operational effectiveness for Noodle partners. "Meteor extends our capacity and reach, and I am very excited to work with Bill and Donna, who bring tremendous insight and experience to the team," said John Katzman, Noodle's founder and CEO. "This acquisition will expand our consulting practice with leadership and expertise, methodologies and proven results to solve a unique challenge – how does higher ed best leverage technology and data to execute against their strategic goals?" With this acquisition, Noodle now supports more than 65 top US and UK universities through aligned learning design, marketing, recruiting, support, strategy and technology services. Noodle provides these services, along with internal resources at its partner universities, to address challenges and opportunities that higher ed faces. "This acquisition will provide Meteor Learning partners with additional scale, expanded services and innovative new models to support greater flexibility, efficiency and internal capacity building," said William Rieders. "Universities are looking for a strategy, services and technology partner to help navigate the rapidly changing post-secondary market. The combination of the two organizations gives us that much more capacity to be their strategic partner." Meteor's focus on skills-based programs provides a strong catalyst for Noodle's University-to-Employer service, addressing some of the most significant workforce challenges in such areas as Nursing and Education. About Noodle Noodle is higher education's leading strategy, services and technology partner. Founded in 2013, Noodle has developed infrastructure and online enrollment growth for some of the best academic institutions in the world. Our vision is "to empower universities to change the world." We achieve this vision by offering our partners various products and services that help them become more resilient, responsive, efficient and interconnected. Noodle is a Certified B edtech corporation. About Meteor Meteor Learning is a leader in addressing the vast skills gap. Meteor is uniquely positioned to serve learners with its broad portfolio of skills-based programming developed and validated with higher education and employer partners. Led by seasoned educational technology and service executives, Meteor Learning is a high-growth company with deep expertise in serving the needs of adult learners. Meteor Learning is a Certified B Corporation, Boston Business Journal Fast 50 Company and Inc. 5000 award winner.

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Talent Development

Black Belt Community Foundation and Hatch Early Learning Partner to Empower Education in Underserved Communities

PRnewswire | August 09, 2023

The Black Belt Community Foundation (BBCF) is delighted to announce its collaboration with Hatch Early Learning, a leading provider of educational technology solutions. This strategic partnership aims to advance the mission of BBCF and bring transformative educational opportunities to the Black Belt Head Start program in underserved communities. BBCF is a non-profit organization committed to creating positive change in the Black Belt region of Alabama. Their mission is to improve the quality of life and foster opportunities for growth and development for the residents of the Black Belt community. In 2017, BBCF began administrating six separate Head Start schools in four counties of the Alabama Black Belt (Choctaw, Dallas, Marengo, and Wilcox). The Black Belt Head Start program has recently implemented broadband access in their facilities as part of their ongoing commitment to enhancing education. This significant step will bridge the digital divide and provide students and teachers with unprecedented access to resources and information. To complement this broadband initiative, the Black Belt Head Start program has invested in twenty cutting-edge IgniteTables from Hatch Early Learning. The IgniteTable is an innovative educational tool designed to engage young learners through interactive and immersive experiences. BBCF Head Start schools will be the first schools in Alabama to adopt this new learning tool. The introduction of the IgniteTables, combined with the implementation of broadband, is expected to be game-changing for the students and educators in the Black Belt community. Students will be better equipped to develop critical skills and knowledge essential for their future success with enhanced access to educational content and interactive learning materials. "Hatch Early Learning is thrilled to be partnering with the Black Belt Community Foundation to support their mission of providing quality education and opportunities in underserved communities," said Sam Bonfante, President of Hatch Early Learning. "We believe that every child deserves access to a high-quality education, and through this collaboration, we are proud to contribute to the positive impact on the lives of young learners in the Black Belt community." According to BBCF President, Felecia Lucky, "Head Start focuses on the whole child with an emphasis on education, health, nutrition, and social-emotional well-being, while preparing them to enter elementary school. In addition, we provide family support and promote family involvement. Being able to equip our schools with the latest, state of the art learning tools helps us to ensure that our Head Start students have every advantage we can make available for them. Being the first schools in Alabama to adopt this technology is doubly exciting!" Taquila Monroe, Director of the Black Belt Community Foundation Head Start Program, expressed her enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "This collaboration with Hatch Early Learning represents a major milestone for our community. The introduction of broadband and the implementation of the IgniteTable solution will revolutionize the way our students learn and provide our educators with powerful tools to inspire and engage young minds. We are grateful for Hatch's support in advancing our educational initiatives and making a lasting difference in the lives of our children." To mark the beginning of this transformative partnership, Hatch Early Learning will be coordinating a press event on August 11th in Selma, AL, in collaboration with the Black Belt Community Foundation. The event will include on-site training sessions and provide an opportunity for guests to meet with Sam Bonfante, the President of Hatch Early Learning, Taquila Monroe, the Director of the Black Belt Community Foundation Head Start program, and leaders of the Black Belt Community Foundation board of directors. This momentous occasion signifies a step forward in educational innovation, equipping young minds in underserved communities with the tools they need to succeed in an increasingly digital world. About Hatch Early Learning Hatch Early Learning is a leading provider of educational technology solutions designed to foster interactive and engaging learning experiences for young children. With a commitment to transforming education, Hatch offers a range of innovative products tailored to enhance early childhood education. About Black Belt Community Foundation The Black Belt Community Foundation (BBCF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in Alabama's Black Belt region. BBCF provides support to community efforts in education, health and wellness, economic development, and cultural heritage preservation.

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