Cariloop Launches New Capabilities to Help Employees Navigate the Education System

Cariloop | July 21, 2022 | Read time : 02:00 min

Cariloop, the Caregiver Support company that pairs caregivers and their families with dedicated Care Coaches as they plan for and manage the health and well-being of their loved ones, is launching an entirely new education support offering in response to the demands from employers and employees during the pandemic.

“In the early days of 2020, we began helping employees and their families with more pediatric care cases, and then COVID-19 brought this incredible need to assist with finding child care options as school closures as well as daycare and babysitter availability changed daily,” said Wendy Whittington, Chief Care Officer of Cariloop. “We realized that we had discovered an untapped need amongst employees in helping them navigate the complexities of the education system more effectively. Similar to the healthcare system, the education landscape presents its own challenges and requires a deep level of expertise in understanding it.”

To provide the highest quality of service for employees navigating the education system, Cariloop assembled a Center of Excellence with Education Coaches who all have highly relevant backgrounds, credentials and experiences, including masters and doctoral level educators, guidance counselors, school social workers, school nurses, school administrators, and subject matter expertise in ESL and special education.

In addition to coaching members and answering general education-related questions, the Cariloop Education Coaches will be more hands-on as they navigate the education landscape alongside the families. For example, they can attend IEP and 504 meetings as a companion to the parent; assist members with the application process and provide insight into approaching college application essays; finding available scholarship opportunities or financial options; and provide more customized support or care options for children with specific learning challenges or behavioral difficulties. This will allow working family members to stay more focused and productive at work, and relieve the burden of caregiving related to educational needs that contribute to mental stress and well-being issues.

“Over the last several years, millions of working parents have been forced to become education system experts with a vast majority of them worried about the long-term development plans for their children. “With these new capabilities online, we are now equipped and stand ready to help provide that peace of mind to all parents, students and caregivers who have been trying to solve these challenges totally and completely alone. ”

Michael Walsh, CEO of Cariloop

In addition to its new education support offering, Cariloop can also help working caregivers navigate the healthcare system with its team of Care Coaches specializing in pediatrics, adult and elder care support.

About Cariloop
Cariloop provides a human-powered Caregiver Support Platform to help working caregivers and families plan for and manage the care of their loved ones. The Platform pairs caregivers with a dedicated, experienced Care Coach who guides families through the many decisions they make over the length of their caregiving journey, all while collaborating on a digital care portal that helps families securely communicate across all their devices and store important health, financial and legal documents.


Interested in studying early childhood education and care? VU offers students the chance to complete a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care at VU Polytechnic before transitioning to our Bachelor of Early Childhood Education.


Interested in studying early childhood education and care? VU offers students the chance to complete a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care at VU Polytechnic before transitioning to our Bachelor of Early Childhood Education.

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