Adobe Education Exchange Releases Valuable Distance Learning Resources

Adobe | May 05, 2020

Adobe Education Exchange Releases Valuable Distance Learning Resources
  • The transition to remote learning is being made easier for colleges and universities with help from Adobe’s online platform for educators.

  • They updated that material as necessary, and they reached out to educators they’d worked with previously and asked them what they could use the most.

  • When the new site, Adobe Distance Learning Resources, was launched, Adobe made sure it had plenty of content on products and strategies.

There isn’t a college or university in the country that hasn’t been affected by the coronavirus crisis. For many, of course, the pandemic has changed everything: Campuses have closed, students and faculty are home, and all class instruction has been shifted online. The transition hasn’t been easy, to put it mildly, and many in higher education are wondering what’s next.

It’s the kind of situation, notes Brian Johnsrud, education curriculum strategy lead at Adobe, that few educators could have imagined at this time last year. But now that it’s happened, reality has set in, “and there’s an urgent need for immediate solutions.. With that in mind, Johnsrud says, his team got together back in mid-March and held a brainstorming session around what they could do to help. They focused their effort on the Adobe Education Exchange (EdEx), an online platform and community that since 2010 has provided educators with free professional development courses and resources.


“Distance learning was already a part of that content, because even before the current closures a lot of universities had at least some online offerings,”.

~ Johnsrud says

In November 2019, for example, they’d posted a course covering flipped classroom strategies and tools for helping students experience learning in nontraditional ways. “So we looked at everything and decided we could provide all of those resources in one place. Basically, we’d create a kind of distance-learning hub where an instructor could find almost anything they’d need.”The team began by curating what they already had that specifically targeted distance learning, including blog posts, videos, webinars and the like. They updated that material as necessary, and they reached out to educators they’d worked with previously and asked them what they could use the most.

“Obviously, that’s really outside of academics, but it’s still an important part of the college experience. So we developed a new post on how to hold a virtual graduate showcase, and then others around things that students can do,”.

~ Adobe

When the new site, Adobe Distance Learning Resources, was launched, Adobe made sure it had plenty of content on products and strategies “that have the broadest accessibility,” Johnsrud says. Adobe applications like Spark, Rush and XD all qualified because they can be used across a range of devices and don’t require a student’s institution to have a license for Adobe Creative Cloud; they also included posts linking to non-Adobe companies and organizations like Google, Microsoft and UNESCO.

Today, the site features everything from a webinar by a professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on how to use Creative Cloud as a “mobile makerspace” to a video on videoconferencing best practices from a lecturer in creative writing at Stanford. There’s a course on “pivoting to online teaching” that explores research-backed practices faculty and staff can use to move to distance learning “while enhancing student success and engagement,” and there’s a link to a Google Docs spreadsheet listing the distance-learning resources more than 250 universities have offered their faculty. Johnsrud’s team is adding about 30 new resources to the page every week, he notes. And they’re trying to be responsive to any feedback they receive from educators, tailoring their posts to address their needs..




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A well-detailed introduction on what a learning management system (LMS) is and the benefits that an LMS platform can offer to your employees, students and clients/partners.